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Fragments of the Life of Sheikh Uthman (Osman) Siraj ud-din Al-Naqshbandi

Fragments of the Life of Sheikh Uthman (Osman) Siraj ud-din Al-Naqshbandi

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Published by Arfan Shah

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Published by: Arfan Shah on Aug 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fragments of the life of Sheikh UthmanSiraj ud-Din Al-Awal Al-Naqshbandi
 He is Uthman (pronounced as Osman in other cultures) ibn Khalid ibn Abdullah ibn SayyidMuhammad ibn Sayyid Darawish ibn Sayyid Mashraf ibn Sayyid Jummah ibn Sayyid Zahir.Sayyid Zahir is one of the blessed Sayyids, he is the son of the master of martyrs Al-Hussain ibnAli ibn Abi Talib may Allah be pleased and content with them. They are from tree of theProphethood from Fatimah Az-Zahrah, may Allah be pleased with her, which grew, flourishedand blossomed into fruit whose roots are firm and branches are in the sky; lofty, extended andenlightened. Uthman Siraj ud-din lived in the village called Quryah Tawilah known for theloyalty of its people, the smell of their fragrances and cleanness of its water.The mother of Sheikh Uthman is Hamilah bint Abu Bakr. From her name is an indication that we know a deep faith of a family of Islam; they are known by desired Islamic names. Abu Bakrslineage arrives to the jurist Ahmed Ghazai Al-Baghdadi which (itself) arrives to Al-Hassan Al-Mujtaba ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with them). The lineage of Siraj ud-dinarrives to the noble Prophet may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him, his family and hiscompanions. These pure tributaries (Euphrates and Tigris) flowed into one spring but theperfection of the deportment did not make the lineages one rather with certainty did it grow byaction and sincerity, quicker that the lineage.The jurist Uthman began to seek the designation of jurists by seeking sacred knowledge, thiswas beloved term given by his spiritual guide our master Sheikh Khalid Al-Naqshbandi (mayAllah sanctify his secret). His life was habitual reciting (the Quran) for which he was renownedand exceptional, and memorising the noble Quran and the religious knowledges. He journeyedto the plantation of Khawamal (Iraq) and the Kharabani School which he frequented withstudents from all directions. The signs of his righteousness, virtue, abstinence, exertion duringhis lessons.He journeyed to Baghdad by the way of Sulimaniyyah (city) for the religious schools and thesafety of the princes of Baban (Iraq). He studied in the province of Al-Kaylaniyyah with intenseapplication. There he met the great spiritual guide our master Sheikh Khalid Al-Naqshbandi(may Allah sanctify his secret) and took the spiritual path upon his hand. He returned toTawiliyah where the soul of his homeland was waiting for rain and relieve from thirst for thisrenewing high lofty path impatiently. According to the rules of Adamic nature the sprits arewarriors, so if they know each other are harmonious. Siraj ud-din became the first candle forour master Al-Wahaj in his area in the year 1226 and was given permission to guide in 1228.After the migration of his spiritual master to Syria Siraj ud-din became responsible to guide, befirm and establish his deputies. He became the focus for the seekers and his associates heestablished guidance, faithfully for more than forty years in the Tawiliyah and Sulimaniyyah.

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