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Word Play With

Word Play With

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Published by kapil

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: kapil on Aug 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Word Play with
Lyons + Mankiewicz = Monica Lewinsky + Z
 Did Disney do this deliberately?Words sometimes have hidden meaning. For over 30 years, I¶ve been sharing puzzles withWill Shortz. Many of these I¶ve found with
, such as
computer user = supreme court
, and Will has used them inhis weeklyNPR puzzle segment. Anagrams have of course been popular for many years. A 1936 tour de force byDavid Shulman is a sonnet where every line uses the letters of ³Washington Crossing the Delaware.´ The NationalPuzzlers League maintains alist of best anagrams. Also,anagrammy.comregularly ranks new anagrams as they are found. Here are some good ones:
Centenarian == Near ancient.
(Dan Fortier)
Heel claims == me, Achilles.
(Paul Pan)
Remains hot == in a Thermos.
(Adrian Hickford)
True friends == endure rifts.
(Joe Fathallah)
Homo sapiens == Ape¶s son, IMHO.
(Noam D. Elkies)
Internet spam == It¶s permanent.
(Tom Myers)
Rats and mice == in cat¶s dream.
(Joe Fathallah)
Metamorphosis == Promises a moth.
(Andrew Brehaut)
A marble statue == Mute alabaster.
(Rosie Perera)
Borderline case == Reconsiderable.
(David Bourke)
Slices of bread == describes loaf.
(Dean Mayer)
I¶d do anything! == Had no dignity.
(Tony Crafter)
Valentine amulets == Sentimental value.
(Allan Morley)
Designated driver == Danger is diverted.
(Mick Tully)
American education == An academic routine.
(Jesse Frankovich)
Gone with the Wind? == Then weigh it down!
(Toby Gottfried)
One thousand kilos == Oh, sounds like a ton!
(Hans-Peter Reich)
Classified document == Found access limited.
(Adrian Hickford)
A domestic housecat == Does it catch a mouse?
(David Bourke)
An appointment diary != Pop in at any darn time.
(Larry Brash)
Spaghetti & meatballs == Best light pasta meal.
(Toby Gottfried)(A quick note on notation: I¶m using ³==´ when the meanings of the two sides of an anagram are roughly equivalent or apposite, ³=´ when the only relation is the component letters, and ³!=´ when they are opposites.)Recently, I used
to find well-mixed transposals among Wikipedia entries. Here are some of the longesttransposals.
Patron client relationship = Phil Spector InternationalAshland County Courthouse = Odontorhynchus aculeatusPortuguese Marine Corps = Singapore Supreme CourtHuman genetic history = Youth Training SchemeBisoprolol fumarate = Super Mario FootballElectron irradiation = Trilinear coordinateChristmas Tree Lane = Thermal resistanceOperation Slapstick = Top sirloin cap steakDiarrheic verbosity = Victoria DerbyshireEnglish literature = Euler straight lineMicrowave heating = What More Can I GiveNatural gas price = Triangular spaceArtificial organs = Raising factorialBravais lattice = Static variableArc de Triomphe = Picard theorem
 I also had
look for well-mixed near misses.
National Security Adviser = East Carolina University + DPresidential Motorcade =
Spoiled Rotten America
+ DApartment building = Pandigital number + TSenator John McCain = Nanomechatronics + J
Contemporary music = Computer acronyms + IPrincess Charlotte = Sharp Electronics + T
 How does
find these? It checks a word list.
gives a well-studied list of 92,518 words. There are alsopuzzler.org word lists,Wikipedia databases,wiktionary indices,crossword lists, and Moby words, among others.First, I read in a word list. After that, I can sort the letters in each word, and use that to find words with the same list of letters.The longest transposals look rather boring, since they are all minor variations:
congregationalists congregationalistscongregationalist congregationalistalgorithmically logarithmicallyrepresentatives representativescongregational congregationalestablishments establishmentsegocentrically geocentricallycertifications rectificationsconsolidations disconsolationconservatoires conservatories
 The well-mixed transposals can be found by having
toss out the transposals that share too many shortsubstrings.With the above code, we can list the longest of the well-mixed transposals.
antiparticles paternalisticconservatoire overreactionsaristotelian retaliationsobscurantist subtractionsdefinability identifiablyarthroscopes crapshooterscolonialists oscillationsenumerations mountaineersimportunates permutationscounterspies persecutionscapillarity piraticallyanimadverts maidservantcalendering greenlandicgrandnieces reascending

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