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16. Luftwaffe Division Normandy

16. Luftwaffe Division Normandy

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Published by ptimms
OOB for the Division from zetterlings
OOB for the Division from zetterlings

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Published by: ptimms on Aug 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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16. Luftwaffe Division
This division was formed in December 1942, initially with two thre-battalion infantry regiments, oneantitank battalion, one artillery regiment (three battalions) and an engineer battalion. The division wasmoved to the Netherlands in February 1943, where it remained until the allied invasion.
In November 1943 the division was takem over by the army. It was reorganized into three two-battalioninfantry regiments and a Füsilier Battailon was formed.
The structure of the division looked like this on 1 June 1944
All infantry battalions had 56 machine guns and eight mortars (8 cm). The AT company of each infantryregiment had six guns. In the 31. Rgt. they were 7,5 cm, while the other two regiments had 5 cm guns. Alsoeach AT company had three 2 cm Flak guns and 18 Panzerschreck.
The Panzerjäger Abteilung had the following equipment
1. Kompanie: three 5 cm guns and six 7,5 cm guns, all of them towed (motorized)2. Kompanie: two StuG 7,5 cm3. Kompanie: twelve 2 cm guns, all of them towed (motorized)
The artillery regiment had the following equipment
1. Batterie: No guns2. Batterie: four 7,62 cm guns3. Batterie: four 7,62 cm guns4. Batterie: four 7,62 cm guns5. Batterie: No guns6. Batterie: four 7,62 cm guns7. Batterie: four 12,2 cm howitzers8. Batterie: four 12,2 cm howitzers9. Batterie: four 12,2 cm howitzersThe Pioniere Battailon had 33 machine guns and six flame thowers. The Füsiliere Battailon was organizedlike the infantry battalions except that it had one company on bicycles and only six mortars.
At the end of May 1944 the division numbered 9 354 men.
The division began the march to Normandy 16 - 24 June. Exactly how many men it brought along isunclear. One document states that the division had a strength of only 60 - 70 men in each company, since itleft soldiers in the Netherlands to man static weapons there.
However, another document states that thedivision left the Netherlands with 9 816 men, 28 artillery pieces and 32 AT guns.
The latter documentthough is dated 30 August 1944, more than two months after the transfer to Normandy. It is quite possiblethat the division left a considerable number of men in the Netherlands, but who later joined the division in Normandy.When the division moved to Normandy by train, it was not subject to air attack, and its losses during themarch was negligeable.

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