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Dark Future - Legand of Lone Star 1

Dark Future - Legand of Lone Star 1



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Published by jadrax
An Apocalypse Then scenario for Atomic Highway
An Apocalypse Then scenario for Atomic Highway

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Published by: jadrax on Aug 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Apocalpse then CampaignThe Legand of Lone Star (Part I)
Version 1.1
Page 1
The Legend of Lone Star – Part I is an ‘Apocalypse Then’campaign scenario set in Arkansas, for PCs that havealready played through the Scenario Hero’s Maid. Itprovides a critical Plot Point for the Atomic Highway:Dark Future Apocalypse Then campaign. It assumes thatthe PCs are Sanctioned Operatives, and have somemode of transport.
 A Little History
The Cherokee named Lone Star first came to nationalattention in 1993, when he was a popular insurrectionistin the ‘The Casino Conflicts’, where the Cherokeenation clashed with the National Guard over governmentattempts to shut down illegal Cherokee gambling dens.He and his brother led a campaign of terror onGovernment forces, clashing with the US Cavalry andeven the Feds. This campaign ended a year later,following the death of Lone Star’s brother by the PlagueRider Gangcult of Illinois. Lone Star then earned himselfan amnesty by joining the Sanctioned Operative agencythe St Louis Blues, who were recruiting outlaws to takethe fight to the Plague Riders. This was not popular withmany citizens of St Louis, as Lone Star had a reputationfor savagery in his campaign of vengeance against thePlague Riders, and many felt he would not conform toagency’s rules of engagement. Nevertheless, Lone Starproved one of the St Louis blues most successfuloperatives, until his disappearance a few weeks ago. Hislast known location was an encounter with the PlagueRiders on the Interstate 44, just outside of Springfield.Some say he was killed, but as his Interceptor was neverfound, his fellow operative Jules Mason has been lookingfor the missing Cherokee ever since.
This scenario starts with the PCs talking to Jules Mason,a Sanctioned Operative who is part of the St Louis Bluesagency based in Missouri. This can either be introducedbecause Jules Mason directly contacts the PCs, orbecause the PCs decide to ask around about the PlagueRiders (see Hero’s Maid) and are told that Mason hasalso been asking a lot of questions about the gangrecently. Either way, Mason arranges to meet them inthe Bartertown of Springfield, or alternatively the Filterof Chicago or St Louis if the PCs prefer somewhere moresecure. He Mason will explain that he has been ordered
Jules Mason
Originally, a Private detective hailing from thePoliced Zone of Miami, Jules Mason was always aloner, who had difficulties with corporateauthority. Forced out of the city due to Mafiacorruption, he found a new home in St. Louis,where he is instrumental in preventing Mafiainfluence spreading. Unlike most of the Blues, hecan normally be found operating solo, engaged ininvestigation rather than combat.
: Remnant (Miami PolicedZone)
: Sentinel
Muscle 2Understanding 3Tenacity 3Appeal 2Nimbleness 2Toughness 3Senses 3Skills
: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Drive 2, Heal 1,Intimidate 2, Lore 3, Melee 2, Notice 3, Persuade3, Shoot 2, Shoot 3, Stealth 2, Tech 2
: As Weapon /
: 2 /
: 16
: Light (Ballistic Kevleather Jacket)
: Heavy Handgun, Nightstick (MediumBludgeon), Knife
: St. Louis Police Uniform, Binoculars, Gasmask, Geiger counter
Customised G-Mec Interceptor
Muscle 3Nimbleness 3Toughness 2Speed 4Passengers
: Driver
: 8
: Heavy Machine Gun (fixed, forward), twinLight Grenade Launcher (linked, fixed, forward),twin Light Machine Gun (linked, fixed, rear)
: Onboard Computer, Oil SlickDispenser
Page 2Atomic Highway - Legand of Lone Star
to drop his investigation into what happened to LoneStar by his superiors, due to other needs on his agenciestime. However, he has one last lead that he has notfollowed, and wants to hire the PCs agency to chase itup on his behalf. He offers $12,000 for the location ofLone Star or evidence to what happened to him. If thePCs agree, he will reveal that his lead is that he hasbeen informed that a man named Milton Durgher wasasking around about Lone Star in a place calledFayetteville, located somewhere in the west ofArkansas.
Act One
Fayetteville, Arkansas is a so-called ‘Safetown’, theclosest thing many states have to a PolicedZone. Whilethere is no Corporation presence here, the town’scouncil have spent a small fortune on protection, andthe whole town has many modern resources, such asrunning water and Datanet access. Fayetteville isreachable by road, following the Interstate 540.However, this road is badly marinated and north ofFayetteville, it is little more than a dirt track in places.A large motel and gas station stands at the heart of thetown, the converted remains of a University. In commonwith most of the businesses in Arkansas, the motel issegregated and has separate foyers for ‘Whites’ and‘Non-Whites’. It is technically against the states rulesfor the two groups to visit or stay in the others rooms,although no one at the motel enforces this. A non-segregated branch of MacDee stands between the twofoyers, which sponsors the motel’s security staff. Askingaround town about Lone Star will just draw blank looks,although asking about Milton Durgher will have moresuccess. Indeed, almost everyone in town seems toknow of ‘Weird Milton’, and will mention he can befound at Maxine's Tap Room. Maxine's Tap Room is anancient building, with only one tiny window and a 50-foot long bar that stretches nearly the entire length ofthe building. The bar caters for the rougher element ofthe town’s populace, most of who wear FayettevilleMilitia badges on their jackets. Milton Durgher drinkshere most nights, between around 5pm until 11pm. Heis not popular among the other townsfolk, who knowhim as a liar, coward and general snivelling cur. Ifpressed, Milton will confess that Leo Forrest has paidhim to spy on the citizens of Fayetteville - in particular,Milton is to look out for a Native American named LoneStar and tell Forrest immediately should he show up intown. None of the regulars in the bar will aid Miltonagainst the PCs, regardless of what threats they make,although they will intervene to stop actual torture. IfMilton is made to confess in front of witnesses, thelocals will administer a beating to him as soon as thePCs are out of sight. Asking around Fayetteville aboutLeo Forrest will reveal that he is the local leader of theAmerica Alone Alliance Army, who have a camp at placecalled Ponca to east of Fayetteville, deep in the OzarkMountains. Most folk have a low opinion of the AmericaAlone Alliance Army, generally regarding them asdangerous out-of-towners.
Act Two
The PCs arrival in Fayetteville and questioning aboutMilton Durgher has not gone unnoticed and when theyreturn to the Motel (or wherever else they parked theirvehicles), they will find a message from a man namedAloysius Hym, who requests to meet them in his motelroom. If they decide to meet him, Aloysius Hym is asmall tidy man, who looks to be in his 30s, but styleshimself much older. He is dressed in an out of fashionsuit and speaks with a precise educated New Yorkaccent. Hym will ask if they are looking for a NativeAmerican. If they reply in the affirmative, he will saythat he saw a group of A4 thugs kill a Native Americanwhile driving here from Little Rock two days ago, andthat the Native American had an expensive blue car,which he thought had a sign on it saying it was from StLouis. He will offer his commiserations, and say hehopes he did not witness the execution of their friend.
Secrets and Lies
Aloysius Hym saw no such thing, and his entire tale is apack of lies from start to finish. Hym is actually fromPhiladelphia not New York, and is a member ofIlluminated Brethren of the Silver Twilight, a rivalGangcult to A4. His objective here is to close down theinvestigation into Lone Star, by convincing the PCs thatLone Star is dead. If the PCs decide to investigateAloysius Hym further, they will quickly find he seldomleaves his room. A Datanet search will turn up that aDoctor Aloysius Hym is a Reader in cultural history atthe University of Pennsylvania. If the characters decideto break in or confront Hym (Apocalypse Cultist, page100), all the interesting information is contained withinhis Briefcase (see the Conclusion).
Optional Encounter
The Hyksos (Raiders, page 103) are among the largestcykegangs in North Arkansas, centred on the renegadeBartertown of Jonesboro, northwest of Memphis. ThePCs could run into a group of five to ten Hyksos almostanywhere while travelling in Arkansas. While thiscykegang has no love of Sanctioned Operatives or A4,this group is actually scouting the area followingrumours that a Missouri Gangcult has recently crossedthe Arkansas border in large numbers, and will notattack the PCs unless provoked. The leader of eachscouting party will have a $4,000 bounty.
Page 3Atomic Highway - Legand of Lone Star
Act Three
A group called the ‘America Alone Alliance Army’ or A4controls most of this region of Arkansas, andFayetteville is one of the few Bartertowns that theorganisation has not yet taken over. They have severalbases scattered around the barren Ozark Mountains,which that cover northern Arkansas and southernMissouri. The United States Government officiallycategorises A4 as a Terrorist organisation, although theirideology of freeing America from the JapCorps and Pan-Islamic Congress is very popular with many Americancitizens.A4 have established a base at Ponca in an abandonedPark Ranger compound, with ferrocrete offices,barracks and medi-centre forming its heart, along witha two wooden dormitories, for male and femaleIndentured Servants, either side of a brick built toiletand shower block. Barbed wire fences surround thecompound, with wooden towers at each corner. Acorrugated iron barn lies at one end of an airstrip,which lies under sand covered tarpaulins, to conceal itspresence from satellite photography. However, when thePCs arrive the camp is far from in perfect condition, assome force has clearly already stormed it. A4 securityforces and guard dogs lie dead on the ground, and bulletholes riddle the scorched buildings. Alongside them aredead Gangcultists from the Plague Riders, who appearto have been the attackers. If the PCs wish toinvestigate further, they may search the followinglocations:
: In the foyer of the office block is a dead man,hung by a noose as if he had been lynched. His A4uniform proclaims him as General Leo Forrest, thehighest-ranking body the PCs will encounter. Theraiders have smashed the buildings computerequipment before setting it on fire. One of thedownstairs doors is reinforced and has an eye andstar symbol embossed into it. The raiders havecovered the door in the most obscene graffiti,although have been careful not to scrawl upon theembossed sign. PCs can open this door with bruteforce [an Arduous (3) Muscle roll], equipment [aMuscle/Tech roll], Lockpicking [a Nimbleness/Criminal roll] or using the key, which rests in GeneralLeo Forrest’s pocket. Behind it runs a set of stairsdescending to a cellar.
Office Cellar
: The cellar leads down into a small roomcarved out of the bedrock, which seems to be someform of primitive temple. Red drapes emblazonedwith Swastikas and Imperial Eagles line the wall. Atthe far end, a three-headed totem pole stands carvedfrom stone, with the heads of an eagle, a human skulland a cyclopean bat, running from top to bottom. AKris knife and bronze bowl full of dried blood rest ona small table, alongside a carefully placed Sim-Chip(see the Conclusion). If the PC’s took any of the ritualparaphernalia, such as the Totem Pole, they may beable to find a buyer who will pay $500 to get hold ofit (for example, Papa Wedo from the Samadhi NightFever Scenario).
: All the members of A4 seem to have slept inthese barracks, which has individual small rooms. Theraiders have clearly been here, and have taken themajority of effects. Several corpses rest here, manyare dismembered.
: The raiders have forced open everycupboard and case in the medi-centre with brutalforce. What has not been looted has been smashed,while purple and green graffiti has been sprayed overthe walls. This takes the form of crude images of thebiohazard sign, skulls and phrase ‘Plague Riders’.Additionally, one of the cupboards has a small traprigged up inside it, and if opened a spring loadeddevice will fire a syringe at the forehead of who everopened it (i.e. the first person to search the room).This requires an Arduous (3) Dodge reaction to avoid,and does 4L Damage if it hits. If injured the PC mustseek medical attention or, after a number of daysequal to his Toughness have passed, will suffer fromviolent sickness.
: The squalor of the dormitories predatesthe fore raiding the compound and of all thebuildings, the dormitories seem to have taken theleast damage. Shackled lie discarded here, cutthrough by bolt cutters.
: The showers here are clearly only for use bythe Indentured Servants, although they are farcleaner than the dormitories. Anyone thoroughlysearching the equipment in the shower block canmake a Senses/Tech roll. Success allows them torealise that the Showers have a somewhat unusualfeature – at a flick of a switch, the showers willdispense Poison Gas rather than water. The gas isstored as a green liquid in three large plasticcontainers. Each of these is worth around $3,000 onthe Black Market, but transporting them could proveproblematic (Unless properly secured, there is a onein six chance of a container rupturing during anyvehicle combat or other particularly bumpy ride).
: The barn is really a hanger, but the raiders havealready extensively stripped it of tools and fuel. Thewreckage of a small executive jet rests here, nowbereft of fuel tanks, seats and equipment.PCs Scavenging from the base can roll on any tableapart from Medical.

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