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Published by ismahaidara01
Linux professionnel Institute exam preparation
Linux professionnel Institute exam preparation

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: ismahaidara01 on Aug 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Quels types de disque durs doivent être utilisé en LBA-mode?
Choose the best answer.O Harddisks with more than 1024 cylindersO Harddisks with more than 1.2 GByteO Harddisks capable of UDMA66O IDE-harddisks which are used as masterO IDE-harddisks which are used as slave
2.How can you detect, which PCI devices are connected to your computer?
Choose every correct answer.O Using the readpci commandO Using the lspci commandO Using the getpci commandO Using the pci_info commandO Using the file /proc/pci
3.Which command would you use to set the speed of a serial interface?
Choose the best answer.O setbaudO setspeedO setserialO setcomO set_comport
4.Why is it usefull to have a separate partition for the /boot Directory?
Choose the best answer.O Every computer on the net could use the same booting information
O The /boot directory should be backuped dailyO A separate boot partition can be placed below the 1024st cylinderO If the /boot directory would be placed in the root partition, it's content could be destroyed duringthe recovery processO It is not possible to have a separate boot partition
.When do you need to run the lilo command?
Choose every correct answer.O After every bootO After every modification of the lilo configuration fileO After installing a new kernel with a new name in /bootO After overwriting the old kernel in /boot with a new oneO Only the first time after installing LILO
6.Which statements concerning the program gunzip are true?
Choose every correct answer.O After decompressing a file with gunzip, the compressed file is removedO gunzip is a replacement for tarO gunzip is a replacement for cpioO gunzip is just a link to gzipO gunzip is used to extract files from a zip archive
7.Whichprogramm is used to maintain the file /etc/ld.so.cache?
Choose the best answer.O ld.soO ldcacheO lddO ldconfig
O libconf 
.You want to deinstall a rpm packet foobar from your system. What would be aproper command?
Choose the best answer.O removefoobarO removefoobar.rpmO rpm remove foobarO rpm -e foobarO deinstallfoobar
9.You are the system administrator of a RedHat box. After checking your system, you found a filenamed foobar. What command would you use to get the information from which rpm packet thisfile was installed?
Choose the best answer.O rpm -qffoobarO rpm -f foobarO rpm -l foobarO rpm -qlfoobarO rpm -qLfoobar
10.What set of scripts is included in a debian packet?
Choose the best answer.O install,configure,deinstall,deconfigureO preinst,postinst,prerm,postrmO install,configure,libinst,libconf O checklib,checkdep,checkfree,checkspace
11.Which of the following commands results in mailing the content of the

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