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Published by kksdas

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Published by: kksdas on Oct 02, 2008
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KKS Lecture Transcript -Caitanya Caritamrita 4.18230
June 2002 parT 2
If there is in our inner core of our heart some other feeling then weare battling with ourselves indevotional service which is thenormal state that most of us areexperiancing, the conditionedstate of devotional service. Sothis conditioned state odevotional service is a struggle, because many times we find acontradiction in our heart. Sosomehow or other we can serve,then we can make a lot oadvancement and especiallyserving the vaishnavas, we canmake the most advancement,especially the senior vaishnavas,that is the recommended process.Yes there is no real… there is noalternative because other thanKrishna Consciousness what isthere?... There is nothing there.Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu wastotally transcendental and in his pastimes His every single act wastaken as mercy by the devotees.
Whether he was kind upon them by speaking gentle words owhether he was chastising them,the devotees were accepting it asthe mercy of the Lord. WhenLord Nityananda kickedSivanenda Sena in the Chest,Lord Nityananda had beenwaiting a long time andSivanenda Sena was suppose toarrange passage on the road passed the ..toll post..somethinglike that…something like thecustoms, not exactly that butsimilar, you have to pay tax, atoll..yeah.yeahSo anyway they had to wait thereand Lord Nityananda had to waitthere very long because somehowor other because Sivanendea Senatook very long to arrange the payment….so when he came back finally Lord Nityananada was soupset that he said what isthis?you are keeping us waitingall this time” He kicked him inthe chest. Full on kick…Bang!And then Sivanda sena, he wasvery happy “Lord Nityananda haskicked me in the chest” but hiscousin Sri Kantha was very upset,very upset that how could He dothis to my uncle this isoutrageous, no respect at all , heworked so hard and this is whathe got, this is a spiritual personality. So, but the cousin or nephew, I think it was thenephew, the nephew was in..Maya, he was in illusion hedidn’t understand the mercy of Lord Nityananda. So in this waywe take it like that, that somehowor other whatever comes, whether it is gentle or strong, the mercy of the Lord is coming in variousways, somehow or other, to bringus to that point where we have tosurrender and it is, it is like that.Yeah this chapter is very exaltedand it has many many importantdescriptions about Rasa Lila,about the nature of the exchanges between Krishna and the Gopis.Prabhupada, of course felt that weshould not really spend too muchtime and energy on discussing allthese topics because one has tofirst purify, the inner chamber of the heart and only when that isdone one can understand these
 pastimes properly, otherwise it isdifficult, therefore I am inclinedto go to next chapter, which begins to describe the glories of Lord Nityananada.Because it is said that RadhaKrishna, it is said…sansktrit…Without the Lotus feet of lord Nityananda one can not approachRadha and Krishna so therefore itis explained here that Lord Nityananada is the SupremePersonality of Godhead whoseopulence is wonderful andunlimited. By His will even afool can understand his identity,This is the only way that we canever be Krishna conscious, by themercy of Krishna and thereforeour process is based on devotionalservice on pleasing Krishna withservice and then Krishna willreveal himself.Without Krishna revealingHimself one can not knowKrishan…Sanskrit… Because theProblem is the Lord has coveredhimself, He has covered himself from all the conditioned souls.We are all here in the materialworld and say that the Lord isinvisible, we can not see Him andwe can not perceive Him. Howdo you know that Krishna reallyexists and how do you know thatHe is God.. It is difficult.Because Krishna is the SupremePersonality of Godhead and Hecan only be known when Hereveals Himself to Hissurrendered devotee, that is the process , now it is to beunderstood that Lord Chaitanyaof all incarnations is mostmerciful, most magnanimous  Namo Maha Vadanyaya….soLord Chaitanya is giving out the

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