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English 10(H) 2011-12 Disclosure

English 10(H) 2011-12 Disclosure

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Published by Kate Taylor

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Published by: Kate Taylor on Aug 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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English 10(H) Disclosure
Dr. TaylorCourse Description:This course is designed to prepare students for success in AP Language and Literaturecourses taken in 11
and 12
grade and ultimately in the college classroom. Cultivatingcritical thinking, careful reading, and good writing habits are the major goals of the course,which will also introduce students to British literature from the 7
to the 20
century. Bylearning how to observe texts carefully, notice patterns, ask questions, and developtheories, students will create original arguments about the texts we read. They will alsoimprove their abilities to support those arguments with evidence and analysis, both in classdiscussion and in essays. Honors students will receive more challenging reading andwriting assignments, with a broader view of historical context, and will be expected to bringan enthusiasm for the challenge of these more difficult assignments. I also expect a higherquality of writing, annotation, and discussion from you as honors students.Our major texts for the upcoming Fall term:
, translated by Seamus Heaney
illiam Shakespeare
Selected poetry, essays, & short storiesAdditional course materials:Paper & binders: Please use a 3-ring binder for this class with at least 4 dividers and binderpaper for notes. Label your dividers with the following sections: class notes, handouts,quizzes, drafts & essays.Pen or pencil: You are expected to take notes in your books and on binder paper duringclass. I will periodically check your books and notebooks for annotations and notes.Computers in class:
e will occasionally be using your laptops to complete class work, so please bring themwith you to class, but they must stay closed until needed. If you must leave class to get yourlaptop after class has started, I will mark you tardy. Do not take your computers out oropen them unless directed or given permission to do so by me. Students who prefer to takenotes by computer must demonstrate responsible computer use (no chatting, no games) or Iwill deny them this privilege. Please contact me if you feel you need to take notes on yourcomputer rather than on paper.Late papers:Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date, including essays, which must besubmitted in hard copy form and stapled.
hen you have finished your paper, as a precaution youshould e-mail it to me as an attachment before class begins. Then print your paper and submit it at the beginning of class. If, for some unexpected reason, you cannot print it before class, I will not take points off if you have sent me an e-mail with the paper attached. In this case, for full credit youmust still print and submit a hard copy by 3:00 pm of the day it is due. Anything else is consideredlate. Essays not e-mailed or printed and submitted by the time class begins will be docked 5% perday late. Essays e-mailed but not printed and submitted in hard copy by 3:00 pm will be docked 5%per day not printed, including weekends. All late papers must be submitted in hard copy. If not submitted in printed form, your essay will continue to lose points. After five days, I will not accept the work except under special conditions to be agreed upon in conference with the student andparents. In case of emergency or extenuating circumstances please come talk with me and I willwork with you. Do not wait until the due date. Procrastination is not a reasonable excuse.
 Excused Absences:Talk to me before an anticipated absence to arrange make-up work. If you come to school, but leavebefore attending English, turn in homework due before you leave campus. For extended absences,consult the homework page on the class website through Veracross as well as your printedschedule and communicate with me via e-mail to keep up with work. I will abide by theconsultation days schedule for make-up work due dates. Class discussions cannot be "made up,"but talking with me, with classmates, and borrowing notes for missed classes will be helpful.E-mail:I am happy to accept questions by e-mail within reasonable limits. I may not, however, respond toe-mails sent after 9:00 pm, and I will not discuss grades through e-mail. Please maintain a politetone and use your proof-reading skills when writing e-mails. I promise to do the same.Participation:Active listening, note taking, and participation in discussion are required in this class. You will beasked to evaluate your own participation several times during the term and I will be assessing yourparticipation as well. See the attached Class Participation Rubric for a detailed explanation of yourresponsibilities as a student in any Rowland Hall English Class.Class Rules: **
trying t 
h t 
Arrive early and be
prepared to begin
class when the bell rings, or expect to be marked late.Prepared to begin class means: Binder, pen or pencil, book, and homework on the table in front of you when the bell rings. Points for periodic unannounced book checks and material checks will beadded to your participation grade.2.
Dont disrupt the class with off-topic talking.4.
Respect each other personally and intellectually.5.
The use of technology during the class should be on-task, appropriate, and non-disruptive. Usingthis technology during class is a privilege not a right.Final Grade Breakdown:15% Homework (vocabulary prep, annotations, small assignments)15% Quizzes (vocabulary tests & reading quizzes)40% Papers (and projects)15% Participation (graded student-led discussions, self-evaluations, teacher evaluations)15% Final Exam-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sign the statement below and keep this signature and disclosure in your English binder.I have read the above disclosure and understand the goals, expectations, and rules of this class.______________________________________________________Student Signature DateThis disclosure, along with a schedule and other supporting documents can be found at the class website onVeracross.

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