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Freedom's Sons, Volume 1 by Harold Covington

Freedom's Sons, Volume 1 by Harold Covington

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Published by downboy

Harold Covingtons latest book

Harold Covingtons latest book

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Published by: downboy on Aug 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Freedom’s Sons
by H. A. Covington
©Copyright 2011 by Harold A. Covington
Remember, Remember, the First of November
(10 days after Longview)
They were the men with a vision, the men with a cause,The men who defied their oppressor’s laws,The men who traded their chains for guns. Born into slavery, they were Freedom’s Sons.
-Irish song from the Easter 1916 Rebellion
At 7:30 sharp on the morning of November the first, an artillery shell froman eight-inch howitzer ripped through the air with a sound like tearing cardboardfrom the Washington side of the Columbia River. The shell crashed into the Union positions along the Oregon side, and vaporized a mobile home business officestanding on a side street behind the scorched and crumpled ruins of the PortlandExpo Center. The shell blasted dirt and shrapnel through the air, and drove a flyingfour-inch nail into the buttocks of United States Marine Corps lieutenant AbdulMalik Johnson.
screamed Johnson in pain and rage. He turned to his fellowAfrican-American lying in a prone position beside him, Sergeant Alvin Pettibone,who was wearing the blue-black uniform of the Federal Anti-Terrorist PoliceOrganization. “Racist muthafukkas done shot me in de ass!” he howled. Then hesaw that Pettibone’s head was gone. “
I tole you not to look up when yougots incoming, fool!”The Washington side of the river began to flash and smoke, and thunder rolled across the water like a gigantic hollow drumroll as the rest of the Nationalistguns and rocket launchers opened up. Great geysers of concrete, asphalt, brick andwood leaped into the air all along Marine Drive, and projectiles plowed craters intothe golf courses and parks where the Union artillery was dug in. The battle for Portland had begun.* * *On October 22
, the Northwest American Republic officially came intoexistence as a homeland for all white people the world over. The Treaty had beensigned five years to the day after the first open revolt in arms against the UnitedStates since 1861 occurred in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.The historic document was the culmination of ten weeks of increasinglystrained negotiations at the peace conference in Longview, Washington. There had
 been a breakthrough at the last minute, when it had appeared that the talks wereabout to collapse, and the American delegation had signed the Treaty—some saidat gunpoint by the delegation from the Northwest Volunteer Army. There hadapparently been some kind of fracas prior to the signing, although the storiescoming out of Longview were muddled. [See
 A Mighty Fortress
by the sameauthor.] Under the terms of the Longview Treaty, President Chelsea Clinton hadordered the withdrawal of all American legal, military, and governmental personnel from the territories in the Northwest designated by the treaty,specifically the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and the westernthird of Montana. Almost all of the American forces were now in the process of complying.Here in Portland, though, USMC General Delmar Partman, a buzz-cutAlabamian and Christian fundamentalist of the Zionist and neoconservative 700Club variety, had repudiated the Treaty. He refused to evacuate the City of Rosesand hand it over to the new government. For the first time in the history of theCorps, a senior Marine officer mutinied against an order from his commander inchief. Partman delivered a long and meandering speech on live television just after the signing of the Longview Treaty, wherein he stated that his conscience wouldnot allow him to hand over his command to “the forces of darkness and hatred.”He alone would stand up for “the conscience of history and the soul of America” by declining to deliver sovereign U.S. territory to “a gang of back-shooting whitetrash criminals.” Partman had then closed his TV address with an imprompturendition of 
 Jesus Loves the Little Children
. The world was treated to the sight of atall, leathery soldier in dress blues, his chest full of decorations, with tearsstreaming down his face as he sang
“Red and yellow, black and white,They are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world!”
 No one in the media and no one in either the liberal or the neoconservative political élites seemed to find this behavior odd, nor did they see any irony in thefact that Partman was about to demonstrate Christ’s love for all the little childrenof the world by sending tens of thousands of men, women, and children of all racesto their death in a brutal battle for a city that now legally belonged to someone else.Or if they did, they didn’t mention the fact. There was already a move afoot on the part of elements in both the Democrat and Republican parties to draft Partman astheir nominee for President in the next national elections.In the first official directive issued on behalf of the government of the new Northwest Republic, the Council of State—up until ten days ago the NVA Army

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