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6 Step Acidity Alkalinity

6 Step Acidity Alkalinity

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Published by kousalya_bala

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Published by: kousalya_bala on Aug 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vibrant Health &Energy
A revolutionary program GUARANTEED toproduce extraordinary results in your body.
By Mark Anastasi
Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
In light of the information presented here about how health problems are due to over-toxicity and over-acidification, let’s examine what is
happening in regards to specificailments:
“Genetic diseases”
Here is the truth about so-called ‘genetic diseases’.First of all know this: when it comes to genetic weaknesses or ‘genetic diseases’, you arenot condemned to experience the same ailments as your forbearers.A lot of the things we think of as being ‘genetic’ really aren’t genetic at all! We simplyinherit and duplicate the lifestyles and habits of the people we live with!Could it be that you are modelling your parents’ lifestyle (their beliefs regarding health,food, nutrition, exercise, recreation, smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.)? Could
produce asimilar result, a similar 
in your body?Think about it!Furthermore, what tears your body’s processes down, apart from any initial geneticweakness, is
the acid
.Have you ever seen what acid can do to a block of marble? Now imagine that acid goingthrough your organs and your tissues!Acids go to the weakest parts of the body, weakening something that is already in trouble
(the cells and tissues there are not as ‘strong’ or as efficient at getting rid of acids and toxins/poisons).
If you have a genetic weakness, say, in the prostate, or in your breasts, or your liver,
where the acid will go and where you’re going to experience the biggest problems.The acid will settle in the
weakest part of your body, because that part of the bodycan’t clean up the mess as quickly.Flu
Most people are afraid of getting infected by some ‘flu bug’. They are afraid of “catching” acold from someone.That is utter nonsense. You didn’t
a cold, you
a cold by your lifestyle! Youbuilt up so much poison that it came to the point where your body had to get rid of it!What are the symptoms of the flu?
What Causes Specific Health Challenges? 
Fever, diarrhoea, sweats, fatigue, lymph nodes enlarging… in other words the symptoms
Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
of your body trying to eliminate excess toxicity.Most people get the flu around January, after the Christmas period’s heavy drinking andover-eating! Turkey and gravy and cakes and ice-cream and alcohol… your body is atthreshold!If you have the flu, simply get some rest, eat healthy live foods, and drink loads of fluids, toaugment the flow of poisons coming out of you.
Conventional medicine tells us that science doesn’t really know what causes cancer. It’s just a genetic lottery. It is pure bad luck some of your cells turn cancerous, and that’s that.That is utter nonsense, which is costing millions of lives and billions of dollars inhealthcare.Cancer is due to having a toxic ‘inner terrain’ arising from your inverted way of living (themodern, unnatural lifestyle).In such a compromised inner environment, nutrients and oxygen (that your cells NEED)don’t flow as easily. This causes your cells to mutate and
in order to get thenutrients and oxygen they need to SURVIVE.Remember all these movies about Swamp Man, or Godzilla, etc?These were creatures that mutated because of the toxic or radioactive environment theywere in. Their bodies HAD to mutate, in order to
to this environment, in order to
.The EXACT same thing happens with your cells!Life does not want to give up!
what cancer is. It is actually life moving
, as our cells adapt to the toxicenvironment we have created for them.Your lymph system – the ‘sewage system’ of the body – will try to protect you by wrappinglymph around the toxins inside of you. That’s what a tumour is – toxins wrapped in lymph,isolating them to protect the body’s integrity, until the body has enough energy to break itdown.Cancer is in fact one of the easiest diseases of all to overcome! Proper nutrition makes it apiece of cake – and this is entirely within your control.
Give your body what it needs! 
You need to provide your cells with a cleansed, alkaline environment (inner terrain), andprovide them with the oxygen, water, and nutrients they need, maintain cells’ ability toeliminate their own waste, and make sure you avoid things that can
your cells,
Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.

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