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Tatar language

Tatar language



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Published by Linar1984

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Published by: Linar1984 on Oct 02, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is the rst version of the chapter. It still needsediting, proof-reading and design improvement.
The Republic of Tatarstan
Tatars: General Information
Te atar language is one o the urkic languages along with such languages as urkish, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Azeri, Uygur etc. It is spoken throughout the territory o modern day Russia, and there are atar diasporas in mostormer Soviet Union republics (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine), urkey, China, Japan, Poland,Finland, USA, Australia etc. Te atar language is one o two ocial languages in the Republic o atarstan, whichis a part o the Russian Federation.Te atar people have a long history, which connects toancient urkic states such as the Hunn Empire, urkicKhanates, and Te Great Bulgaria. In the VII-IX centuries Volga Bulgaria was ormed on the territory o modern a-tarstan. Te ocial adoption o Islam in 922 played a bigrole in the atars’ history. Along with the religion, theatars also adopted an Arabic script and a lot o Arabic words. In 1236 the Mongols conquered Volga Bulgariaand added it to the Golden Horde. With its collapse inthe XIV century, the Kazan, Siberian, Astrakhan andKasim khanates continued their existence as successorstates o the Golden Horde. In 1552 Ivan IV “the er-rible” invaded Kazan, and since then atars have lived asa part o the Russian Empire. In 1920 they created theatarstan Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic, andthe script changed rom Arabic to Latin and then romLatin to Cyrillic. Te vocabulary also underwent bigchanges because o the inuence o the Russian language.In 1990, with the collapse o the USSR, the Republic o atarstan became a sovereign republic within the RussianFederation. atar diasporas around the world appeared indiferent eras starting with the Golden Horde period (orexample, atars in Lithuania and Poland), the RussianEmpire period (atars in urkey and Finland), the Rus-sian Revolutioniary period (atars in China, urkey and Japan), and the Soviet period (atars in the USA, Austra-lia, Canada, and ormer Soviet Union republics etc.)Now Kazan, the capital o atarstan, is a cultural center o the atar people. Every two years, atars rom all over the world gather or World atar Congress in Kazan.Te atar language has three dialects: Kazan, Misharand Siberian. Historically the Kazan dialect serves as theliterary language or all atars. While communicating with diferent atars rom diferent parts o the world,one may hear diferent, easily understandable variants o atar which can be explained by the historical appear-ance and location o the diasporas. For instance, the atardiasporas that moved beore the Soviet Union period donot speak Russian and do not use the vast amounts o Russian borrowings that atars in Russia use.
Printed Cyrillic Alphabet
Handwritten Cyrillic Alphabet 
 АаӘәБбВвГгДдЕе Жж ҖҗЗзИиЙйКк Лл МмНнНңОоӨөПпРрСсТт Уу  Үү Фф Хх ҺһЦцЧчШшЩщъЫыьЭэЮю Яя

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