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Ben Greenfield Podcast 157

Ben Greenfield Podcast 157

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Published by bengreenfield
Listen to this podcast http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/08/episode-157-the-death-of-gatorade-should-you-stop-using-electrolytes-during-exercise/
Listen to this podcast http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/08/episode-157-the-death-of-gatorade-should-you-stop-using-electrolytes-during-exercise/

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Published by: bengreenfield on Aug 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Podcast#157fromhttp://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/08/episode-157-the-death-of-gatorade-should-you-stop-using-electrolytes-during-exercise/ Introduction: In this podcast, should you stop using electrolytes during exercise,do oats have gluten, gluten-free cereal, how hot should you getcoconut oil, mysterious leg cramps, is 2% or 1% milk better, training with osteitis pubis, when should you use glucosamine-chondroitin,is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy effective.Ben: Hey, folks, it’s Ben Greenfield here. Hydrating with my cup of black coffee. Beautiful morning! Today we are gonna be talking abouthydration and electrolytes, and you’re going to get some ground breaking news about electrolytes, about hydration, and aboutcompanies like Gatorade. So whether you’re out exercising or you’re just sitting back and listening in, be ready for some brandnew information that you probably haven’t heard before. Inaddition, we’ve got a great Q and A, and a few specialannouncements, so let’s go ahead and jump right in to this week’scontent fromBenGreenfieldFitness.com.  Special Announcements:Ben: Alright folks, so it has been a busy past couple of weeks with me being in hospital 2 weeks ago from a strange infection that spreadout in my arm, to traveling all last week and I finally feel like I’m back here home base with you, podcasting and bringing you theinformation that I love to bring you. So, really there’s not too muchin terms of special announcements. So I just wanna tell you about afew things. First of all, I did release my brand new Rev Diet andthat’s available over at RevDiet.com. What that diet is, it’s designed to clean out your system, initiate fat loss, kind of reinvent youreating and then gradually bring you through a series of mealplanning phases where you end up being able to progress the diet tothe point where you could go and do higher levels of activities like amarathon or Ironman triathlon or something in that nature. So, inaddition to that, I’ll be shooting all the photos at the end of thismonth for my new 400+ page manual on strength training fortriathlon. Really, it’s going to reinvent the way that you approach your strength training in your weight training if your involved inendurance sports. The next thing is that I am also working onanother book that will be done on the September 20th that’s gonna be put out by a Macmillan Publishing. The title of that book isunder wraps for now but I can tell you right now that is a hugeproject. The biggest book I’ve ever done in terms of publicity, sothat should be interesting. Will still wait for that to come out. Andthen finally, for those of you who are part of my VIP text club, I’m
involved in a little side project that I’m gonna let you guys know about next week end. So if you’re not part of the VIP text club yet, you wanna make sure you’ll join that for free. Alright, we are gonna jump right in to this week’s content after a quick specialannouncement that tells you about the VIP text club.Listener Q & A:Rishon: Hi, Ben! My name is Rishon & I was calling about oats and glutenand my question is whether or not oats have gluten. And I’ve heardit’s only from a contamination at the mill or something like that thatoats don’t really have gluten. But they get it from milk that hasprocessed wheat. And if so, then does that amount of gluten matterfor information and stuff like that?Ben: Ok, it’s a great question. I actually cut Rishon off right there because he proceeds to give me his phone number and emailaddress and personal contact information. Remember folks, when you leave a question for the podcast, you don’t have to leave thatstuff because all I have to do is cut it out. So, Rishon to answer yourquestion, you are correct. Oats do not have gluten in them but they might have gluten on them, and what you mentioned about themilling is correct. A lot of people have thought that oats havegluten. There was one time or I think I even mentioned on thispodcast that oats had trace amount of gluten and really it’s not thatthe gluten in the oats, it’s that the gluten is on the oats. They’re amajor agricultural product, they are handled by the same mills, thesame processing plants, the same grain elevators that handle thingslike wheat and barley and rye, which does have gluten and if youhave celiac disease, there’s enough gluten contamination of the oatsthat could cause an allergic reaction or an inflammatory reaction if  you have celiac disease. In addition to the milling and theprocessing, there is a possibility that if oats are grown in a field, thatpreviously had other gluten containing grains growing in it, some of the other gluten containing grains would naturally grow in the oatfield the next year and so that could cause the oats that areharvested from that field to be contaminated. So, that could be inissue, as well as the possibility of the actual harvesting equipmentused to process the grains having gluten and generatinginflammation but, ultimately, folks, we’re talking about traceamounts that are really only an issue if you have celiac disease. It was the same reason that celiacs have to be careful with things likecorn containing products like corn chips or corn tortillas becausethese are also processed around gluten containing grains andaround products that have a lot of gluten cross contaminants. So, if  you’re trying to go a 100 % gluten free, because you’re convincedthat there’s something right the paleo diet is the way to go, oats
aren’t that big of a deal if you are doing this because of gluten. If  you’re trying to be gluten-free because of celiac disease that would be something to avoid. So, great question. And we have anotherkind of gluten related question that came in from Craig.Craig says: I am looking for a gluten free cereal that I can just dump in my cereal bowl in the morning. I’m adding blueberries and almonds tomy cereal now.Ben: Well, there are certainly gluten free cereals out there. Some of themmight surprise you like General Mills. If you get any of GeneralMills rice check cereals, those are gluten free. You can get it inchocolate or cinnamon or honey nut or regular flavor, or anything you’d like. Another cold one, a cold cereal that you know you’dpour milk over would be like natures path. Nature’s path does a lotof kind of health products and they do make a gluten free cereal.It’s sweetened with fruit juice, you can get like maple sunrise or vanilla sunrise or honey corn flake or any of those other sunny healthy sounding flavors and they also have a line of organic glutenfree kids’ cereals like frosted flakes and stuff like that. Fruity pebbles and coco pebbles, those are also gluten free eat your heartout and there’s also a manufacturer called Glutino that makesgluten free cereals. Now in addition to that, you heat a gluten freegranola, place like Trader Joe’s and maybe health food stores they make gluten free granola, but folks I am not pretending that any of this stuff is healthy. It is loaded with sugar and still has in many cases a high amount of preservatives in it, and other things that aresimply gonna put your blood sugar through the roof just becausethis gluten free does not mean that they don’t use a process freeradical laden vegetable oils in it so you need to be careful. If youlook at the Trader Joe’s granola, it’s got corn flour, evaporated cane juice, juice sugar, rice flour, rice bran, raisin juice, canola oil, a bunch of seeds and nuts that I can’t guarantee haven’t been roastedand heated and processed thus producing a lot of these rancid freeradical type of products and it’s made on equipment that alsoprocesses things like milk and eggs and peanuts and tree nuts andsoy, and I am not a food Nazi. I’m really not a food Nazi. I recordmy daily diet for all my clients and all the people in the BenGreenfield Fitness Inner Circle. I take a photograph of everything Ieat and people will tell you. You know, there’s lasagna and beer and wine and pizza and all sorts of things like that that show up on my diet, completely not a food Nazi. But, it is a pet peeve of mine if  you’re trying to eat healthy, if you’re choosing products that aresimply “gluten free” or healthy or fat free, but then you turn aroundand they’re loaded with sugar and loaded with vegetable oil so if  you’re trying to go for gluten free cereal, we just got talking aboutoats go find a gluten free oat product and you can buy gluten free

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