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My story by God

My story by God

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Published by Infinity Being
My Story By God
My Story By God

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Published by: Infinity Being on Aug 30, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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 My Story 
(As emailed to Alan Macmillan Orr)
Chapter One
Welcome to my World
here have been so many stories written about me,so much conjecture, so much killing in myname, and to be honest with you, I've had enough of it, so I'm here to set the record straight.And if you wonder how I'm writing this down and sharing it with you, no, I'm notchannelling it through a human, have you never heard of email?
So, where shall I begin? At the beginning? No, that would be too complicated for your smallhuman brains to comprehend. But let me just say this. There is no beginning, in the same way thereis no end. Confused?On earth, your scientists and religious leaders have been arguing over whether the universestarted with a “big bang” and life magically started to evolve over billions of years after a randomevent created “the earth” or whether I created the earth in 7 days. Well, do you know what? Neitherare in fact “truth”. As I said in my first paragraph, the human brain in its desire to understand where“it” was created has limited itself, by the very question, causing only a feedback loop, that agreeswith whatever “you” are predominantly thinking about.So back to square one.Lets start with the premise that an almighty (excuse the pun) explosion took place “somewhere”and “created” a dark space filled with swirling gases, and matter, and that matter eventually cametogether to create the one and only earth, where life gradually evolved and man left the sea beforeeventually creating facebook and twitter. Yes, I can see how that would make sense!OK, what about this? “I” as a supernatural being, one who is infinite and eternal, decided on awhim one day that life in the universe wasn't complete and I had to create a murdering cruel speciesand call it “Human”, and create it in my own image (not saying a lot about me is it?), why do youthink I would have done that?In the last interview I did on earth they were asking me why it took me 7 days to create the earthand I replied “Yeah, I had to work pretty hard creating the intrinsic relationships between all thespecies, developing food chains, but I put in some extra hours and then rested on the 7
day.”“But” I questioned, “If I am eternal and infinite what does a human day or hour mean to me?”They couldn't answer, but I told them.

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