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Why does art matter? Intellect's Visual Arts supplement

Why does art matter? Intellect's Visual Arts supplement

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Published by Intellect Books
In our third subject area supplement we ask our community of visual arts scholar's and practitioners why does art matter?
In our third subject area supplement we ask our community of visual arts scholar's and practitioners why does art matter?

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Published by: Intellect Books on Aug 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Intellect |
publishers of original thinking
Why art matters
Creative aCtivity in the virtual worldthe point of artfashion and artwhy we make art
f r e e
We are oten skd ‘hw ds Illc ciu  ublish s my w bks d juls?’ My sw is h Illc is lucky ugh  ublish i subjc s wh hg  cdmic quiy cius  ich d gw, vidig us wih vib dxciig ids d  gic cmmuiy. My di ms d scs  h visuls  sd i u li – imi, shi, hghy, dcumy, duci – bu h lis is by  ms xhusiv d h is sill ly  sc gwh.Hwv, gwh i h s is hd by h cu clim  usiy: w mh v h is  d  d d ss why  ms. as lquly gudby h cibus  his mgzi, h myid ss why  ms  vs dmulicd. th visul s  cssy  ush budis, cug w wys hikig,  clb  lm h hum cdii. th imc  h visul s is  jus dmsbl i h idusis h hy d d su, bu ls i h clssms,cmmuiis d culus wihi which hy  ixicbly mshd.a Illc w  csly isid by u cmmuiy  uhs, dis, viwsd ds d hi cmmim  dms why  ms.
Sarah Cunningham
T ia at aca t dai, ca a  tii,t cat  att a cditi.
hE point of art
Jonathan Day
, auh,
Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’: The Art o Documentary Photography 
tHe poInt o ? Wh kid  qusi is h?Whil u bs hilshs  iig u hwul
i u iis  hsm bis  culu (lgug, , c.), is’ iuil, i  idiic,  hik w c sblish hi  yhig?Shll w s?th  cficig vics vywh. Iwd whh w migh lk sidwys  lild sk u  his my-sidd mysy, hldigll is civiy sill  h slighs  mmsd hby dig sm hmy i h cymbl-clshig di?I’m  gig  s  h bgiig. Wliv i h ‘md wld’,  myb i’s ‘su-md’  ‘smd’  smhig lik h. Sl’s s wih  mdis. Kl Mx, h musscilis hik, sw h bsics  hum li,h lly im su, s i, w, d dshl. ths  h udis  u livs, u‘cmic cssiis’. evyhig ls – ligi,, music d hilshy – is  ‘susucu’blcd ciusly  . I yu’ sugglig cc his, y cmig h wlh  msiss  h wlh  ms bks. oK h,bu suly  chdl,  Mz’s
, picss’s
Demoiselles d’Avignon
hs  b mh jus h bubblig  h suc  d?th ld wisdm,  ll, sys h ‘m cliv  bd l’. I hik h ld wisdm islkig bu lv  : h s gysis  S, xml, cy  iigs  sculus ihi iy, cwdd bs. Mx ds’ lv ih, hugh. a ll, gysis musly sig.pl divd  y cmic w, dvg, c chigly buiul ls smhig b. thy sig u h wld: lc wh vy  is wid m hi ysd hi hly  hlis cis ‘vgc is mi’ hi sss. Mx ss hs cis sh ‘cy  h ssd cu’:  cssyfci  d ci   u--ji wld.H uh gus h wh dm cms dssi is lid, ligi d ‘’, lg wih llh ‘is’, will b dd  m.S, ds his big us   udsdig? I hik idich nizsch c hlmv us . H  dscibs  s  kid  ‘cy’.Lik Mx, nizsch ss culu s schizhic,biucd, bu , his im, bcus cmics. H ss isd  wld lld wihbld d lh, d i h d clw. H ks hm  Diysius, h asi/Gk gd  wi,wildss d dbuchy, d lis i h. this‘Diysi’ wld is  much  us hums b, h gus. W d  sc, smwh u . H ss higs lik Gd, y, music mic lv s y illusis, sdy hlsi which  hid m h cg. H ms hiswld  ccis  all, h Gk gd y.  nizsch w  sill cus ssi, bu his im ssd by hubbl buliy  u wld. a is u icm  buy u hds d g.Wll I hik w  gig smwh, bu hs dk imgiigs, ’ hy? Wh bu hlvly iigs  u wlls  hm, hmy i md i? Suly sm is guig   s simlysmhig buiul d li hcig? Guillmallii is my vui. H ws id d mg picss d h pis schl  is. H blivdh iss  l wh c ‘cgiz h symblswihu which humiy’s divi viw  h uivscllss wih dizzyig sd’. alg wih Mx dnizsch, h ss  s  kid  visiy wvig:s cgizig d sig mms h hlus cmhd u mysis. H lis hs visiysis  h lvl  h divi.S much  h   h l wih d lywy-s cuy, hugh, hs siglly hig d wih h divi. W hv bk bds lld wihcdms,  sl i md  bld, ig m by fis, which h di, d  m hug by his bldig v h sg m his w sli wiss.Is h diviiy h? rlly? B w bcmcmlly mid, I hik h hilsh GgHgl c hl us wih his  cdici.H gud h i my culus,  d ligi civly h sm hig. S h cv iigs Lscux i c, h mls  Khjuh i Idi h Hbid Bk  Klls c b ickdi s s h s ‘ligi’ d ‘’.oc ligi d  bcm sd, s i usciy, wih h m big h  cc hlgis d hilshs, h hiks h  lssis scil w d sigicc. Chls Schividcs his lss wdully: i his ‘Ssis’xhibii, h ly hig likig h vius wks disly ws hi iy. th u dus    h im hd bcm s uci,s csd, h h ly su wy  cgizsmhig s  ws  s  blid wshdli skig IS tHIS art? Qusiig is uiiclly scud i s such.Hw did his h? Hw did iig dsculu bcm s divcd m scil us?th fg w u, I susc, wih h ly wih-cuy ch is Mcl Duchm. Wh hlcd  -h-shl il bwl, sigd wih ciius is’s m, i  glly, h md cch i   s h ci   ‘is’. Hisii my hv b iic, bu h hlssicd h s–rissc eu lvi ‘iss’ m ymus csm i clbiis:i  s is  ‘is’ (d h smhwdi d scil) h whv hy d iscssily ‘’. th dy ccc which llwdh êig  Duchm’s jk ld, ivibly, gllis lld  jus wih billic d wd, buwih h mud d ilss, cud by lvly ccd wih img, sii d shi;i sh, l dly id   ‘gig i’ (vwh h ws hig  ‘g’). ev m sidcis w u, vy shuig ‘ is v h’.pl usid  his isic wld culd lylk , cusd d bwildd. By shisicigi  h i  icmhsi, hs csigvics wv  imbl wll ud ‘’, s hblids bcm,  my l, h bis dlblls. a, ssilly, hd  isl.Iiclly, hugh  suisigly, his ml hssuld i  chm, s is i  s sis  scilly mdid cics hs gw. audic id  hdlis,   s pr,  hllwiusss d bld, sms m d mcd  dmsis  c skill d dxiy,i s diilly cgizd s chcizigh ‘is’. Gllis i my w w  lld wihdwig, iig, xils d cmics, mslydd wih gui. I  wy, his is h ldivc, mvig  m h c  u wld,s h ci  dms d siis,  m lss y dmsis  h msy  mdi,dig h cgii  h ‘divi’ symbl  hl  dci.S is h i? Wll l’s ish wih  ls vic.th i pi Mdi cd sm vy mushighly-bscd wks. Mdi sigiclydicd h lm, lvisi d hghy wuldlc iig i h ul imgii. I yud   his, cm h umbs  lssig hugh h ds  h gllis wih humbs ssig hugh cim bx-cs, subscibig  slli bdcsig. H blivd hs l ud wy m  hy wuld u h hs.I w my bk
Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’:The Art o Documentary Photography 
bu  Swisshgh wkig i amic i h 1950s. k’swk cis billi d smil hghs hmbdy xcly wh Mdi ws lkig bu.tk gh, his imgs  hs h sdscii d lysis I’v v s  amic, hdmi culu  h wld i  which I ws b.k’s bk hld m udsd mysl, by cmig  udsdig  h wld h md m. His is sluly lcd i h discussi  bli dmig, hsly cdig d xmiig wh hsw. nw hs m h  y im sic i wsublishd, w d his bk. I is  mi, fcigvisi d wisdm bck  us m u gi’smiv dys. ‘ths wh ig h s dmd   is misks’, h ld wisdm sys.I hs dgus d dicul dys, w hv d wks h hl us udsd wh w , whw cm m d wh w  gig. Sm mighgu h his hs lwys b h i  .
Jh Dy | Bimighm Ciy Uivsiyauh:
Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’: The Art o Documentary Photography 
, ISBn 9781841503158
At, tia,ad at it.

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