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A Case Study on Mobile Medics Healthcare

A Case Study on Mobile Medics Healthcare



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Published by abhilashravishankar
A case study on Mobile Medics Healthcare, one of the most exciting BITSian startups to come out in recent times. Written by the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL), BITS Pilani, India. [www.celbits.org]
A case study on Mobile Medics Healthcare, one of the most exciting BITSian startups to come out in recent times. Written by the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL), BITS Pilani, India. [www.celbits.org]

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Published by: abhilashravishankar on Oct 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Amruth B.R .Keerthikiran.K, Prathish Jose,A.V.S Karteek, Saurav Neel Patyal, Rachit Chandra
A Case Study on Mobile Medics HealthcarePvt. Ltd.
The role of Business Plans in a start-up
Étude de cas,Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership , BITS Pilani 
Étude de cas
, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, BITS Pilani.
Introduction :
Business plans have always been looked upon as the starting board for asuccessful business, there have been issues with teams spending a lot of time andeffort to develop a business plan in the early stages of a startup. But with all thediverse opinions around a business plan, they remain an essential component of astartup and provide direction and assist teams in identifying the potential of theiridea and business.But is developing a Business Plan worth the effort that goes in to it? Does itcripple the team’s flexibility while making decisions? What is the role of B-plans ingetting funding, building a team and launching an enterprise?Sriram and his team were one such group of undergraduates from BITS Pilani,India who faced these questions on their way to founding their rural healthcarecompany – Mobile Medics Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.Mobile Medics plans It is essentially a private healthcare system that cancomplement the existing government infrastructure. A van equipped with testingequipment and drug supplies will carry a doctor and nurse and reach the village.They plan to charge each patient Rs.50 ($1.25) as consultation fees.The system ismodeled as “treatment at doorstep”, saving the villager from the long andcumbersome journey to the major hospitals.
Étude de cas
, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, BITS Pilani.
During a visit to his grandparents’ village, Sriram was struck by the villagers’ dire need of basicmedical amenities. The penetration of healthcare facilities was minimal to say the least. Hewanted to do something, but he himself being a management student knew charity was not theway out to improve the situation.To improve the situation, he knew a sustainable business was needed. This is what started along journey called Mobile Medics.Back then at BITS Pilani, Business plans, Start-ups were still farfetched ambitions. But, for him,the problem was too close to the heart to give up on. Here, he started to convert this problemto a business opportunity. He researched. He got information from all the sources he couldthink of. He talked to his professors; read all the books he could lay his hands on. BITS Pilaniitself being situated in rural India helped his cause. All the information told him there was anunderserved market waiting to be explored. He was trying to turn a social problem into abusiness venture.
:Conquest, the national level Business Plan competition of BITS Pilani, being organized aroundthe corner and he decided to make an executive summary out of his idea. Back then very fewpeople knew how to write an executive summary. So, he had to take the refuge of the internet.Although, it helped him to write the summary he lacked the insight to support the assumptionsmade in the b-plan with credible information. This was because of the generic advice he gotfrom the Net. To fulfill the Conquest requirement of having a minimum of three people on theteam, Sriram randomly picked his team amongst his friends.Sriram consulted the President of 
Center of Entrepreneurial Leadership 
see exhibit 5
who identifiedthe potential of the idea and suggested that in order to make the business successful, he wouldneed the support of the right team. After the conversation, Sriram realized the need to have awell-balanced team to handle all aspects of the business.Sriram knew knowing the importance the human resources his team would require andapproached Kavikrut (Kavi), who had the network to put this team into place. The teamconsisting of Srikanth PNV,Amit Mirchandani,
Rajashekhar MV was finally in place

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