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Will we all survive until November 5?

Will we all survive until November 5?



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Published by thereadingshelf
Featured in the October 1st edition of Main Line Life - found on the web at www.mainlinelife.com
Featured in the October 1st edition of Main Line Life - found on the web at www.mainlinelife.com

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Published by: thereadingshelf on Oct 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Posted on Tue, Sep 30, 2008Will we all survive until November 5?By Carla J. ZambelliNovember 5 will be a day I celebrate like a holiday. Why? Because on Nov. 5, 2008,election season 2008 will finally be over. Will we all survive until then?Theglossy mailers are arriving at a fast and furious pace. I've got "green"candidates, "positive" candidates, "reforming" candidates, "community service"candidates, and candidates with "vision". Everyday, it's political Christmas in mymailbox.Of course, I also am getting literature dropped by hand by little political footsoldiers on a mission. Now, I have gone door to door during election seasons. Itis hard, granted, but I know the first rule you must follow: respect. Translation:if someone says they aren't interested for whatever the reason, apologize fordisturbing the person, wish then a pleasant day and move on. Its not rocketscience.Some of these new breed of political zealots aren't even dropping literature inthe right township or county. When I ask them to stop for that reason, or try toexplain that I am experiencing election overload, sometimes these people politelyfade away, and others are argumentative wanting to know "why" I don't want moreliterature from candidates, and why I am tired of door to door soliciting. Alsoamusing is if you tell these folks they are pretty much wasting their time theysay "We go where we are told," which begs an additional host of questions we don'thave time for here.In addition to feeling absolutely bombarded by forests of glossy politicalliterature and politicians' little helpers, there are also radio and televisionadvertisements to be considered. They come rapid fire one after the other and areas welcome as Mr. Sham Wow commercials.Finally, because we are creatures of an electronic age, there is also e-mail. Irecently learned for example, that for a mere $7.00, I can personally stop a U.S.Presidential candidate. Wow, imagine that? Who would of thought it possibleft Whata bargain! Can I use Pay Pal? And just today, out of the tired old repertoire ofpolitical dinosaurs, I actually got an e-mail about "Hanoi Jane." Seriously,what's next? A robo-call from Richard Nixon from beyond the grave in time forHalloween?Buzz words dance in my head like sugarplums. "Liberals," "Conservatives,""Change," "County First." Is there a vaccine available to cure political buzzwords?What a time we live in. Vice presidential candidates are hiding out inPhiladelphia, yet have time to go drinking at the Irish Pub. And oh, I got an e-mail Joe Lieberman was in town. Swell, but how can a U.S. Senator have time to behere when he should be in Washington seeing that the Great American Bailoutdoesn't end up The Great American Disaster?And that is what is also disturbing - wondering if any of these Presidentialcandidates have the foggiest notion how to really address the economic woesthreatening this country? Do they really have a clue as how to stem the crimsontide of the U.S. Economy bleeding out from coast to coast? How many generationswill be paying for this down the road and why can't both political parties admittheir culpability in the problems that plague us as a country to begin with? Theseproblems weren't merely created by one political party, or one administration.There is more that enough guilt to go around.

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