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Venezuela's Chavez Has Done Little to Meet Expectations

Venezuela's Chavez Has Done Little to Meet Expectations

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Chavez has squandered Venezuela’s massive oil wealth
Chavez has squandered Venezuela’s massive oil wealth

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Published by: Jerry E. Brewer, Sr. on Aug 31, 2011
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Hugo Chavez has done very little in his past 12 years to further Venezuelan
s expectations of muchneeded prosperity and a quality of life that they have a right to. Venezuela was a rich country under truedemocracy- both rich in wealth, as well as rich with a proud nation of citizens and true patriots. Whathas resulted is sickening poverty, decaying infrastructure, and a substandard lifestyle that is well belowneighboring nations of this hemisphere.Chavez has squandered Venezuela
s massive oil wealth and severely mismanaged the nation
s nationalgovernment. He has recklessly subjected a fine Venezuelan citizenry to shame with his massivespending on weapons and his complete
disregard for the rule of law and human rights.Chavez constantly undermines popularly elected officials- centralizing power, ignoring the constitution,and trampling public order. His cozy relationships with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran,Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, former Libyan leader Muammar el Qaddafi, and his life mentor FidelCastro, speaks volumes of a political (dictatorial) illness. He has drawn much ridicule from a free worldmedia, and rationalizes the reports that criticize him and his Bolivarian socialist government byconsistently blaming the United States. He sees CIA and U.S. invasion in his sleep and constantlyregurgitates this fantasy to what he believes is a gullible Venezuelan people to
see it his way.
E D I T O R I A L and O P I N I O N
Chavez uses his own deception to snatch the food out of the nation
s mouths and subject citizens toinfrastructure squalor. In his mind, this justifies giving Venezuela
s wealth to Russia, China, and otherdictators to further his own personal agenda and posture himself as a tough guy that is in actuality, justanother masked rogue world leader. He, like the others, eventually fall, and a once proud nation mustlearn another lesson in history of the suffering and misery that must be endured under such regimes.Although some are amused at his buffoonish nature at times, Hugo Chavez remains a menace and adanger to the hemisphere. As one ponders the merits of such overt claims of criticism against Chavez,one must ask oneself in all sincerity-
Why does this President not denounce terrorism, drug trafficking,arms proliferation, and other guerilla activity?
 Instead, Chavez chooses sides consistently with those that oppress their people, disregard human rightsand the rule of law, and kill citizens with impunity as they demonstrate and petition their government forfree speech and related activity and the right to be heard.Although Fidel Castro
s Cuba has never risen above the poverty line with his decades of Cubanrevolution and communist/socialist ideology, Chavez seeks to emulate this failure. Castro
s decades of revolution and murder throughout Central America should have been a clue to an astute human beingthat he is not a leader one would want to worship, praise and follow.The recent incidents of Cuban women chanting anti-government slogans on the steps of the Capitolbuilding in Havana in a protest drew stunning support from passers-
 by, who shouted “bully” and“scoundrel” at police.
A video recording of the event recorded an astonishing show of public and vocal
support for the four women, in a country where passers-by normally remain impassive as feared StateSecurity agents and pro-government mobs crack down on dissidents.
“It shows unquestionably how the Cuban people are on the side of the pro
-democracy activists. No one
was cheering the authorities,” said Mauricio Claver 
-Carone, head of the anti-Castro U.S.-CubaDemocracy political action committee. Police eventually dragged the four women into patrol cars anddrove them away.Chavez, a protégé
of Castro and his mentor
’s revolution, is a lot of smoke and mirrors
in his quest forarms with Venezuela
’s wealth from natural resources, and ho
ards them like a crazy person with a creditcard. His intense diatribes and hatred of the U.S. and his popular theme of fearing U.S. invasion is fromCastro
s playbook of keeping a world eye on his well-being.Another of Chavez
not so clever
deceptions was in kicking the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA) out of Venezuela, accusing them of spying and conspiracy to bring down his regime. This, quitea heady dialogue from Chavez- one who went to prison for two years for leading a coup d etat in 1992against President Carlos Andres Perez. He would return again to seek the Presidential office bymanipulating, deceiving, and making false promises to the poor. They elected him and they remainpossibly worse than they had originally been- other than the fact that they gave away their freedom anddemocratic nation to this charlatan.Chavez uses oil revenue of the people like his own personal credit card as food perishes sitting in theharbor and rolling blackouts of electricity rob the people of modern day electricity. Too, Chavez hasbecome quite a wealthy man in much contrast to

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