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Published by pahal

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Published by: pahal on Oct 03, 2008
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INFOSYS PAPER ON 5th JANUARY 2008Hi, friends this is Amit Kumar Singh a student of (ECE) F.E.T, G.K.V., Haridwarand now also an Infosyian. I got selected for Infosys through the Pool placementdone by it, at COER, Roorkee on 5th and 6th of January. Here I am mentioning aboutmy experience during the whole placement process.On the first day, first of all they gave the presentation which was really verygreat and very well presented. After that the aptitude test was held which startedsomething around 12:40pm and was of 1hr 15min duration consisting of twoundermentioned parts.1. Logical and critical reasoning test 30 questions 40 min2. Verbal reasoning and English test 40 questions 35 minLogical and critical reasoning test1-5Q ------- The question was based on direction in which a person was moving indifferent directions and we had to answer few quetions related to that.2-10Q ----- The questions were figure related in which we had to find the correctfigure in sequence.11-15Q ---16-20Q --- The question was related to DI in which a table showing number ofstudents in different branches during 6 years were given and we had to answerquestions having lot of caculations. So I suggest you to do it at last.21-25Q --- The question was puzzle type in which 5 peoples A,B,C,D,E lived in 5consicutive flats and each having vechicles which they parked in garage belowtheir flats. Few conditions were given like no one parks his vehicle just below itand so. We had to answer questions related to it like who parks below E and so on.26-30Q --- The question was syllogism type. In this 6 statements were given withfour combination choices like AFC, ACF etc and we had to find the correctlogically related combination.(I recommend you to just go through R.S. Aggarwal Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning.But prepare well for it. As its one of the deciding factors in clearing Aptitudetest.)Verbal reasoning and English test1 ---- There were two paragraphs. It will take time so attempt them at last.2 ---- There were questions on sentence correction in which we had to find correctreplacement for underlined part in passage.3 ---- There were questions on finding the correct sentence among 4 givensentences.4 ---- There were questions on filling up the blanks with suitable grammaticalwords.5 ---- There were questions related to theme dectecion from a small passage.(The questions are generally easy and related to basic grammar, just once gothrough prepositions, tenses, verbs, adjective and subject-verb relationship fromany grammar book, Wren & Martin preffered. Also go through few theme detection andpassage comprehension type questions given in Barron's GRE or any other MBApreparation material. But its all easy not much preparation is required.)The results of Aptitude was declared at around 5:30pm in which 340 students wereselected from around 1200 students of different colleges. From our college 34 wereselected among 120 students. I was one among the selected students for HR. We weretold to come on following day for our HR interview at 8:00am.)HR Interview
We were initially made to sit in a room from where we were directly taken beforeHR for interview around 11:30am. Inspite of preparing a lot I was feeling a lackof preparation before entering for interview but in the end everything went wellfor me. Here I am describing my enconter with HR.HR - Amit Kumar Singh.I - May I come in sir.HR - Yes come in.(He stood up and shaked hand with me)I - Good afternoon sir.HR - Good afternoon, Okay! Amit give me a copy of your resume.(I gave a copy of resume.He took my signature at few places and then gone throughmy resume.)HR - Okay! Amit you have mentioned about a project on BUS ARBITER WITHMEMORY(which is my project) in your resume.I - Yes sir.HR - Explain about the project along with your contribution in the project and theresult of it.I - Introduction.....................Actually sir, in today's world there isgrowing demand of fast processing for which multiprocessors are used. And forpower saving a single memory is used utilising singlememory.........................................................few technicaldetails...................................it is having 2 components bus arbiterand SRAM..........................................my contributionin in projectdevelopment........................................Our instructor gave the initialidea about Bus Arbiter. We then collected information about it from internet andrefrence books...........................HR - Why are you mentioning WE ? Who are WE here ?I - Actually Sir I did the project in group of two.HR - Okay! then what was your contribution in project development and who wasleader among you two?I - I gathered initial idea of project from all possible sources. Then I designedthe components with the help my instructor. I also encorporated a change byinterfacing SRAM with Bus Arbiter..............................................Weboth did project in group and both of us contributed equally for it.HR - But there has to be a director, a leader of group, who was he in your group?I - I did most of works but my partner supported actively and very well to me.HR - So, you did most of the work .I - Yes sirHR - Okay! how did you kept yourself updated during the project?I - I used internet and refrence books suggested by our instructor.(just tell nameof any book)HR - Whether the books were textbooks?I - Actually sir, I have attended VLSI traning programme through VHDL programming.So, there were no textbooks or so.HR - Suppose you are struck in any problem and you are not getting out of it. Thenwhat will be your approach to solve the problem, tell me the steps you will try tosolve the problem?I - I will first of all analyse the problem the problem on my personal level.Actually sir I am in a habbit of analysing and thinking about all my day to dayactivities before going to bed.If then also I did not find the solution to my problem I will consult to someother person who will be having more knowledge regarding the problem and try tosolve the problem.If then also I did not find the solution, then i will leave the problem (HRinterrupted)

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