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September Family Newsletter HQSVC Co

September Family Newsletter HQSVC Co

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Published by: 2d Marine Logistics Group on Aug 31, 2011
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Family Readiness Officer Mr. José L. Padilla, Jr, 910-451-1284, Cell 910-352-0919, or email  jose.l.padilla@usmc.mil,  2d MLG (Fwd) website http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/default.aspx
 2: Baby Budget Workshop (0900-1030)Workforce Learning Center, Bldg 5246: Beyond the Brief Workshop #1: When Coping is More Difficult Than I Thought / Separation –The Stress, The Anxiety, The Fear (1830-2030) 9: Kids In The Midst Workshop (1800-2000)12: Cooperative Parenting and Divorce (0800-1500)13: Spanish LINKS for Spouses (0900-1530)13: Beyond the Brief Workshop #2: Safe and Sound  Home (1830-2030)15: Luncheon for Spouses of Deployed Marines and Sailors, Ball Center (1100)16: Command Team Meeting, CLR-27 (1330)19: Jump-N-Jax Potluck for Families of Deployed  Marines and Sailors (1800) 20: Beyond the Brief Workshop #3: Understanding Money (1830-2030) 27: Beyond the Brief Workshop #4: Casualty Assistance Process (1830-2030) 29: Kids-N-Deployment Workshop
1830-2000) For a Full Calendar of 2011 Events and Description of  Programs, Visit Marine Corps Family Team Building(MCFTB) at 2011 Marine Corps Family Team Building Event Calendar 
451-1299 MCFTB
Headquarters and Service Company2d MLG (Forward)Family Newsletter 
Volume 2, Issue 1 SEPTEMBER 2011
A mind always employed is always happy. This is the true secret, the grand recipe, for felicity.
Thomas Jefferson
From the Company Commander / Calendar of Events
From the Chaplain / Family Readiness Officer
From the Company First Sergeant
Opportunities and Resources
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
From the Company Commander 
Major John P. Flynn
the symbolic end of Summer. Swimming pools areclosed, school is in session, and the beginning of football season is here. Half of our company isturning over, and we have crossed the midwaypoint of our deployment. Those who are servingthe 12-month tour are taking turns on rest andrelaxation leave. We have already welcomedaboard 25 percent of those deploying to join ourefforts in support of Operation Enduring Freedom11.2. We are bidding “farewell and followingseas” to some Marines and Sailors assigned to ourheadquarters and most assigned to our servicesdetachments (Disbursing, Food Service, Marine
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August reminded East Coastresidents of the importance of electricity, as fallen trees took downpower lines. With Septembercomes the first day of Autumn.Traditionally, Labor Day iscelebrated by most Americans as
Family Readiness Officer Mr. José L. Padilla, Jr, 910-451-1284, Cell 910-352-0919, or email  jose.l.padilla@usmc.mil,  2d MLG (Fwd) website http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/default.aspx
Corps Community Services, Postal, and PersonnelRetrieval and Processing). For those redeploying,return and reunion is an especially emotional time forboth the family and the Marine or Sailor, and itrequires patience and understanding on the part of everyone during this readjustment period. Best of luck to all facing this joyous time and challenge.September is full of patriotic events as we celebrateAmerica’s productivity by kicking off the month withLabor Day. We then commemorate the 10
 anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks onPatriot Day. A week later, our nation expressesappreciation for those sacrifices that prisoners of warand those missing in action have made, on NationalPOW/MIA Recognition Day.Be sure to take advantage of Marine Corps FamilyTeam Building’s four Beyond the Brief workshopsdesigned for participants to gain a deeper insight tothose issues that most concern families before, duringand after a deployment. All participants areguaranteed to meet other family members with whomthey share things in common with
learnsomething, whether this is the first or fifthdeployment.Last but not least, as highlighted in green on the frontpage of this newsletter, on Thursday, 15 September,the FRO has scheduled a luncheon for spouses of deployed Marines and Sailors, and on Monday,September 19, another Jump-N-Jax potluck dinner, just for our families. As always, I encourage you totake advantage of at least one opportunity in thisnewsletter, whether it is family, financial or physicalfitness.Semper Fi!John P. FlynnMajor, USMC
This nation will remain the land of the freeonly so long as it is the home of the brave. ~Elmer Davis
Prayer Works
Chaplain Michael Tomlinson
As hurricane Irene headed toward NorthCarolina, I was reminded of how little controlwe have on the forces of nature. But I can attestto the power of prayer and God’s love.While serving with 1
Battalion, 2d Marines(1/2), I learned quickly there was a morale killer1/2 couldn’t influence – the weather. During acold December field exercise (FEX), they wereworried we’d get freezing rain. To reassurethem, I said, “You don’t have to worry aboutrain as long as me and ‘RP (Religious Person),’my assistant, are with you.” I probablyshouldn’t have been so bold, but the BritishSpecial Air Services motto is, “(He) WhoDares, Wins!” I told them, “I know the Godthat controls the weather and he’ll answer myprayers.” I may have been presumptive, butGod was generous, and it never rained on 1/2while RP and I were with them. Throughoutthe year, it snowed, and it was hot with bugs,but it did not rain on us in the field.In war, there will be deaths and injuries (that isthe nature of war), but even in war, Godperforms miracles. The other day, I was talkingto a Marine dog handler (a good Christian fromthe Lutheran Missouri Synod) whose canineMarine literally laid on an improvised explosivedevice (IED) to save his and two other Marines’lives. The Marine told me, with misty eyes anda sense of awe in his voice, “It wasn’t anaccident.” What was it? It was an act of loveand a miracle of one Marine sacrificing to saveother Marines. Know that prayer works evenwhen you least expect it.Remember to respect others and insure they’reready to listen before sharing. That way youboth can benefit from the wisdom of thePatriots who gave us our Constitution – theguarantor of our freedom and liberty.
Family Readiness Officer Mr. José L. Padilla, Jr, 910-451-1284, Cell 910-352-0919, or email  jose.l.padilla@usmc.mil,  2d MLG (Fwd) website http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/default.aspx
From the First Sergeant
1stSgt Jerry Lopez
September is here, and we arehalfway through our deployment.Some of our Warriors finished theirdeployment in August, and othersbegan theirs. As we continue long work days,these Marines and Sailors show constantmotivation to accomplish the mission and ensurethat their replacements are set up for success.The past month was another great month for the2d MLG (Fwd) headquarters as we added somenew additions to our Warrior family, and someoutstanding Marines and Sailors were recognizedfor their hard work and accomplishments. I wouldlike to welcome our newest members to the 2dMLG family: Ariya Leger, daughter of CorporalJonathan and Nakyshi Leger (Landing SupportDetachment), born on August 9. Also, RaymondEdward Peel, son of Sergeant John and FranchelyPeel (MCCS), born on August 10.Congratulations to these families, and we wouldlike to welcome our new baby devil pups to thefamily. Sergeant Hill from Landing SupportDetachment (Landing Support Det) was recentlyselected for the Marine Corps League’s “SergeantHarry D. Myers Award” for logistics excellence.Sergeant Hill will receive this award in October2011. We also conducted several boards this pastmonth for Combat Meritorious Corporal andSenior Sailor of the Quarter as well as Blue Jacketof the Quarter. Lance Corporal Jarmarus GreeleyIII (Disbo) and Lance Corporal Charles ShoenfeltIII (G-6) won the Combat Meritorious Corporalboards at both levels, at both the Company andGroup Levels. The Blue Jacket of the Quarter (3
 Quarter) was Hospitalman Joshua McFarland(Enhanced Partnering Team), and HospitalCorpsman First Class Patrick McElhinny (EPT)won the Senior Sailor of the Quarter (3
Quarter).Both of these outstanding Sailors won at theCompany Level and are currently competing atthe Group Level. Last but not least, I want tothank our family and friends for their constantsupport and motivation.Semper Fi!Jerry E. Lopez1stSgt Lopez, USMC
From the Family ReadinessOfficer (FRO)
Mr. José L. Padilla
Greetings! We pushed through August,school has started and we are recovering fromHurricane Irene’s visit to Eastern North Carolina.We are in the process of moving replacementsforward and welcoming back a portion of thosedeployed in the January to March time frame.Information flow with the small groups that havereturned has been exceptional, and I expect it willcontinue as the groups get larger. Our delivery of homecoming information to each of you hinges onyour Marine/Sailor’s designation of you as acontact and our receipt of a valid email addressand contact information for you. As soon as Ihave your Marine/Sailor’s arrival information, Iwill contact you with this information.Please continue to “Like” our CLR-27 Facebook web page: 
We post to this page almost daily concerninggeneral information, available resources, articles,links to flyers and other websites and anythingelse that may interest or assist our Marines,Sailors and their families.If you have any comments, questions or concernsor need assistance, please contact me at 451-1284or email me atjose.l.padilla@usmc.mil. God Bless, José

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