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Pasco Case Study Web

Pasco Case Study Web

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A Customer Successfrom the Experts in
Business-Critical Continuity 
A Customer Successfrom the Experts in
Business-Critical Continuity 
Home to approximately 475,000 residents, Tampa Bay-areaPasco County provides technical services and support – includingserver functionality and telephony/communication needs – toapproximately 4,000 users ranging from emergency personnel
to government ofcials. Pasco County’s continued IT growth anddependence, coupled with the budget constraints of a taxpayer-
funded entity, led to a need for a cost-effective and highly-
available data center update.
Pasco County
Pasco County is Florida’spremier county forbalanced economic growth,environmental sustainability,and first-class services.The County administration’smission is to provide excellentcustomer service to itscitizens in a lean, efficient andaccountable manner.
Case Summary
Pasco County, Fla.
•Emerson Network Power’s SmartRow infrastructure solution
Critical Need
Update the data center environment to align withincreasing IT needs and a limited budget, while maintaining safetyand availability.
Achieved savings of 60 percent over a traditional computer room
by implementing the SmartRow offeringSaved $80,000 in installation costs, completing the project withinfour months (bid to deployment)Reduced potential re suppression system costs by $28,000Raised IT productivity as a result of the solution’s remote
monitoring system
Created a data center where people could work safely andcomfortably due to the SmartRow offering’s internal re suppressionsystem and low noise factor
The Situation
As Pasco County experienced increased IT growth through server
virtualization and other applications, the facility sought to upgrade
its data center operations by adding a reliable backup system thatcould provide high availability, accommodate capacity growth andreduce its taxpayer-driven bottom line.
Pasco County created a data center where peoplecould work safely and comfortably due to the SmartRow offering’s internal fire suppression system and low noise factor.
Pasco County’s new data center requirements
included:Greater cooling capacity to support the
implementation of blade serversIncreased power redundancy to provide theavailability needed in a backup systemRoom-neutral design, to utilize an existing spacethat lacked IT-grade cooling and re suppressionHigh-security features to support PCI compliance
for credit card transactions
Personnel-friendly application, with internal resuppression and low noise“As far as IT operations and growth are concerned,Pasco County is making leaps and bounds towardnewer technology going virtual in our server space,and moving away from mainframe,” said ToddBayley, technical architect for Pasco County’s ITdepartment. “Virtualization of desktops and serverscoupled with right-sizing are in the future. A exible,greener data center space and reduced capacity weretop priorities for us.”
The Solution
After soliciting bids from multiple vendors, theIT department worked with Computer SupportProducts, a local Emerson Network Power data
center design expert, to determine the right solution
for Pasco County’s needs.The IT department found that the SmartRow
infrastructure solution, part of the Smart Solutions
family from Emerson Network Power, aligned withthe facility’s IT challenges and offered the costsavings Pasco County was seeking.“We found the SmartRow offering to be a muchmore affordable system aimed at the small tomedium sized-business category,” said Bayley. “Wesaw signicant cost savings from utilizing the Liebertcooling and UPS systems inside the racking system,as well as the interchangeability of the componentsand the serviceability of the entire solution – allsignicant factors in our decision.”Specic characteristics – like built-in remotemonitoring and the convenience and exibility of interoperable components made the SmartRow
offering more cost-effective than competitive
solutions.Its redundant rack power conguration with dualUPS systems and PDUs, coupled with temperaturesensors to regulate cooling, made the SmartRowapproach nearly maintenance-free. This enabled
Pasco County to reduce the amount of time spent
on break/x events and to redeploy IT personnel tohigher level activities.
Much of the cost savings that Pasco County gained
with the SmartRow infrastructure came fromthe ability to implement it without expensiveroom upgrades, such as adding a raised oor,upgrading the re suppression system or installingdedicated cooling. The solution’s self-contained re
suppression system gave Pasco County the peace
of mind that its personnel would be protectedfrom a potential re suppression system activationwhile working in the same space as the computerequipment.
Furthermore, the simple, rapid deployment of the
SmartRow offering allowed Pasco County to easilyadd backup to its data center.
“We saw significant cost savings from utilizingthe Liebert cooling and UPS systems inside theracking system, as well as the interchangeability of the components and the serviceability of theentire solution – all significant factors in our decision.”
Todd Bayley, technical architect for PascoCounty’s IT department
The Results
As part of the Smart Solutions family, the SmartRowoffering provided Pasco County with signicantadvantages in terms of greater IT control, systemsinteroperability, economy and efciency.“Using the SmartRow aproach, we did not have tosacrice availability, and we gained efciency, so wefound that the SmartRow offering gave us the best of both worlds,” said Bayley.The IT department gained greater control over itsenvironment through built-in monitoring and a KVMover IP system that enables personnel to remotelytrack and adjust equipment operating parameters,preventing costly downtime and reducing the
amount of time spent monitoring and managing the
system. Security controls also were improved, withlockable cabinets and contact closures.Together, monitoring and security features enabledPasco County to meet stringent PCI securitystandards.Interoperability of the system’s components – fromhardware to software to servicing – also droveeconomies and efciencies.By integrating cooling, power management,
monitoring and control technologies and security
features in a self-contained solution, the SmartRowoffering reduced costs and signicantly increasedefciencies compared to using disparate room-basedsystems that may not effectively operate together.The SmartRow offering also offered savings by
helping Pasco County avoid heavy investments
in room upgrades typically required for newIT environments. No additional cooling, resuppression, raised ooring or ramping were neededto deploy the system. Pasco County saved 60 percent
over the potential cost of converting the room to
meet IT requirements. Installation cost savingsamounted to $80,000, and the integrated resuppression system saved $25,000.
“The SmartRow offering has enabled us to set upthe system, set our operating conditions withinit and forget it. And it’s not a set it and forget it mentality – it’s an install it, equip it, allow it to run, and we can focus and concentrate our efforts on other business aspects.”
Todd Bayley, technical architect for PascoCounty’s IT department

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