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KAL 007 - Her Sad Journey

KAL 007 - Her Sad Journey

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Published by Hal Shurtleff

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Published by: Hal Shurtleff on Aug 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mrs. Larry McDonald Reports On
Kathryn McDonald
is the widow of the ate Congressman Larry McDonad,who was murdered by the Soviets aboard KAL Fight
007 .
She is presidentof the Larry McDonad Memoria Foundation and of Southeastern Service
refer to orget theSoviet barbarism that eded the ivesof269 ioet eoe aboard KoreaAr Lies Fight 007 o Setember 11983 Keeig that memory aivemight destroy the ew sirit o
with Mosow Ad so what haeed to KAL 007 s or mostAmerias oy a dim memory sadwihed i the ast amid yesterdays
ews about Beirut ad Greadaere ad there of ourse s a sad
emoria to the vitims A tree ded
iated to a 269 aboard that ight
was ated o the east aw o the
CaitoA dogwood tree was
ated i the same area to hoor myusbad Cogressma LawreePatto MDoad (DGeorga) the
ost oitiay romiet of the
murder tms Neter dedtottrted mu ttetoI Georg, poty dtemembers of te egsture from teortwester prt of te stte fougtefforts to me  Lrrys memorytt prt of Iterstte Hgwy 75w psses troug te SeetCogresso Dstrt tt e rep­reseted for most  dede yter  umos effort by egs­tors from or ome outy te prtofI75 w trerses Cobb Cotyws desgted Te Lrry M­DodMemor reewy At tt,t took tereto by Setor SmNu to ut trog feder red tpefor s ppro Tus fr, oy oesm sg s bee ereted to formmotorsts tt tey re bot totre o te sort seto of rodmed  memory oftt remrkbeAmerIt ws wt ts bkgrod md tt I reety eft o  joureyto Jpd Sot Kore Te mprpose of te trp ws to spek bot Tokyo d Seo bot te ms­sre It wod so be  e to tkpersoy wt utortes bot tt d ppeedWe te oets brougt dowte gt Boeg 747 s t strekedross te gt skes oer te Se ofJp, tey took te fe of my us­bd d te fter of my two smdre Tey so eded oe of tebrgtest d most promsg ogresso reers  my yers,d put  t to Lrry MDodsbref teure s rm of Te JoBr Soety d s tertoefforts s foder d rm ofWester Gos odtoMy questos were  my md,d my ert ws f of forebodg s I eft Att for te r Est Aompy me were two of Lrrysmost trusted ogresso stffersd ogtme freds Tey re Mrs8Lrry (Croy) Pre of Mrett,Georg, d Toms (Tommy) Toesof Rome, Georg wo ws Lrryspress seretry Neter ooked for­wrd to tt sd joureyTe rst stop ws t Los Agees,were we et Lrry Jr d Lurewt my moter d stepfter Tetrp wod be too og d dfut formy dre, d I woud mss temgretyTe we borded  Jp Ar Les747 for te 1/ our gt to NrtIterto Arport er TokyoWe were met by ofs ofte WordMed Assoto, ost for te Jp­ese porto of te ourey, d es­orted to Te New Ot Hote  teert of TokyoTe Word Med Coferee,sposored by te Assoto, wste seet to be ed Appromtey s dred reporters, ed­tors, wrters, teeso orrespodets, ews eetes, d pro­duers from egtye tos were ttede Aso o te progrmwere Terry Do of te NtoCoserte Pot Ato Commttee, d Jmes Wtt, former USSeretry of te Iteror Oter prtpts ded Ambssdor r­s LDe pubser of te
LosAngeles Herald Examiner;
Arud deBorgre, otor of
The Spike
te Reered Greg Do, pstor of Te Bptst Tempe dpos Pedro J Cmorro,edtor of
La Prensa
 Nrgud, Robert Wusser, eeute epresdet of Turer Brodstg SystemTe pery sesso of te WordMed Assoto Cofereeopeed wt udreds of reportersd edtors  ttede  te mbroom Some of te spekers ­uded Ambssdor Dogs MArtr II, former US Ambssdor toJp, Begm, Austr d Ir
An mposing memorial to CongressmanLarry McDonald and the 268 others murderedaboard K.AL Flight 007 has been built outsdeSeoul. It was there that hs widow fnaly founda place to lay flowers in her slain husband'smemory before delivering the address he hadplanned to give on September 1, 983.
the Hooabe Nobusuke Ksh fome Pme Mste of Japa; adDJacques Sou stee fomeVcePeme of Face"Meda Cedbty ad Soca Resposbty was the topc fo thecofeece Ad  foud  Tokyo ahgh eve of awaeess ot oy bythe ews meda but by the Japaesepeope as to what had happeed toKAL 007 The seach fo thedowed pae was based o Hok­kado Japas othemost sadJapa s of couse  the SovetUos backyad ad has beefaced wth ceasg oveghts ofts tetoy by Sovet mtay a­caft The Japaese have shot dowoe of those ghts!Whe  was pepag fo my ad­dess at the cosg peay sessoTommy Toes was gettg eady totave to Hokkado Whe he etued ae two days thee  eaedthat oe of the debs fom AL007 that was washed up o thebeaches aoud the Hokkado cty ofWakkaa beoged to my husbadThe Japaese Govemet hasstoed these tems  Hokkado's cap­ta cty of SappooWhe at Wakkaa Tommy e­ceved a key to the cty o my behafas we as maps of the AL 007cash aea betwee SovetoccupedSakha ad Moeo Isads The
maps dcate the cash ste s  aaow eg of teatoa watesbetwee the Sovet Uo's "ofcabodes aoud the two sadsThe Japaese ada base thatpcked up the Sovet ghtes pusug Lays ght s ocated o a koabove the Wakkaa Cty Ha Thees a Japaese A Foce base at Chtose o the southe sope of Hokkado ad Japaese ghte acaftae based at that ste oy mutesyg tme fom whee the Sovet at­tack took paceIwas tod that the Japaese Sef­Defese Foces dd ot eaze the Sovets wee chasg a passegepaet appeaed to the Japaese mtayada opeatos that a Sovet taspot was beg escoted by Sovetghtes Oy whe the "taspotdsappeaed ad Japaese cvaatafc cotoes bega u­g about the mssg AL ghtdd the Japaese mtay eazewhat had happeed The mtay ada opeatos ad the cva cotoes wee ot coected dectyy ado o teephoeFo may moths the Sovets keptS ad Japaese seach acaftad shps out of the aea whee theght was dowed They eve keptWakkaas shema away fom theste These sheme dcated to methat fthey had bee aowed to the

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