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KAL 007 - McDonald Assassination

KAL 007 - McDonald Assassination

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Published by Hal Shurtleff

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Published by: Hal Shurtleff on Aug 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Communists Asassnae
by John
A 1:00 PM. on Tesday, Agst30th, the regary schedled KoreanAr Lnes Fght Seven rom Kennedynternatona Arport or Seo, SothKorea, departed wthot ncdent nboard the packed Boeng 747 mbo etwere 269 peope. There were at east 61Amercans, ncldng severa smalchldrenAmong the Amercans, sttng n a
Te eview
Te NEWS Sepembe , 983
orward ase seat, was Unted StatesCongressman awrence Patton Mc­Donad. A member o the HoseArmed Servces Commttee, charmano The John Brch Socety on whoseNatonal Conc he had served omany years, and onder and presdent o the Western Goals Fonda­ton, Donad was one o the worldsmost mportant antCommnst lead
ers. e was en route to outh orea topartpate n meetngs and ere­mones surroundng the 30th annversary of the sgnng of the oreaDefense Treatyrom the tme he too hs oath of offe n 1975 unt the moment of hs death ongressman MDonadhad systematay arred out a ampagn aganst the ovet ommunstsof a sort whh no other  eetedoffa had ever done on hs ownarry MDonad had methodaydoumented and exposed the use bythe ovet ommunst regme of terrorsm, subverson, and an entre rangeof andestne atve measuresamed at destabng the ree Wordand espealy the "man enemy, theUnted tates of meraongressman MDonad organedand ed the ongressona fgt to restore the ouse nterna eurtyommtee and he wored onstantyto eep the fats of ovet nvove­ment n subverson and terrorsm be­fore a bera domnated ongresse and the ate ongressman onshbroo, who aso ded under barrerumstanes reated the mate nwhh a aw protetng the denttesof  ntegene offers waspassed Ths resuted from MDonalds arefu doumentaton of theovet and uban tes of the Phlpgee apparatus. Dsredted, te geegang and ts funtons were trans­ferred to ommunstruled Naragua.To the ommunst eft and tsales n mera arry MDonad was
te foa pont and eader of a dan­gerous group of ntegene experts nthe prvate setor who, deang strtywth fats, exposed ovet ontro andmanpuaton of the "peae and ds­armament movements MDonald andhs frends ad exposed onnetonsbetween the nfuenta proovet nsttute for Poy tudes, the ubanand ovet ntellgene serves, andhgh U overnment offas theyrepeatedy brought to the meranpeope nformaton that thwartedar
manpuate nd­vduas and pub opnon agan andagan drvng the remn and ts oaborator to paroxysms of furyrom the moment that arry MDonads nternaseurty team wentnto operaton n 975, the eftwored unstntngy to sene and dredt hm There were physa attas, nudng terrorsm, as when theongressmans frend, anthomendpomat  Tabataba was assas­snated Threats aganst the fe of ongressman MDonad, hs famyand hs sta were made repeatedyby terrorst and revoutonary groupsassoated wth uba There were asoattas through the ourts fromgroups ted to the ovets and ubaThese were beaten ba tme andagan nd there were amost weeyattempts at haracter assassnatonfrom
Te Nation,
Atanta Jouna
Constitution Te Spotigt NewSoidaity,
Los Angees Times,
Viage Voice, Izvestia Pavda,
and soonut a ts faed to shae arry
e evew
e EWS Seeber 14 1983
Congressman Lawrenc.Paon McDald, mmbr of th Hous Armed Servics ommitte,caiman o T IW Society, and on o e wod's most·impotantanti Comunistleadrs, waJ�ded bytSovis in a cod-bloodd assassinaion
McDold fom h picple Heeood h he vehemece of heck w  dec eliohipohe effecvee of hi effoHe eme ded d coo­heed de fe povdg chcoe, ppoive,d ehi­c edehp h hoe he led dd owve, coied o fgh bck, dwo mpo vcoe. The m­be gew, d hp fo The JohBch ociey whoe effecveledehp he w oly  beggo me wee odly bed dce o be eve moe effeive.Above  McDod' wok  ex­poig he ove ole  he "pece "clefeeze moveme hdeioly dmged he cedbiy of 
e eiew
Te NEWS, Sepeme 4, 983
he mo mpo ove cive­mee pogm of ece ye,dwgg em Idee, wheLy McDold boded A.L.Fgh eve he w plg  mjock o key opeio of he .Comm p whch e pceedg,  fo whch del e yecofde l.The fc h he leg
veg o e o ece I­deed he ogil cedle hd beefo eo eve ymm (R.Idho)d Repeeve Col Hbbd(D.Ktcky) o vel wh McDo­d o Fligh eve h evegIf he ove expeed wh heck of cce  ecigMcDo

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