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Know Yourself (Eng)

Know Yourself (Eng)

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Published by Amaan Rashid

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Published by: Amaan Rashid on Aug 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Revised Edition
Translated by  ALI JUNAYD TARI 
Dedications and Quotations
‘As with all my printed works, this book is not copyrighted and, as long asit remains faithful to the original, it may be freely copied, printed,reproduced, translated and published.For the Knowledge of Allah, no payment is due.’Ahmed HulûsiSay: ‘I believe in Allah and then remain firm on the straight path.’Hz. Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him)‘Having an enquiring mind is half way to acquiring knowledge.’Hz. Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him)‘Whether you think you know the reality of yourself or you know Allah,say Allah and then leave all the rest! If you wish, you may continue tospend your whole life with gossiping instead!’Ahmed Hulûsi
Editor’s note 5Translator’s foreword 6Introduction 8The meaning implied by the name Allah 11The difference between Prophet and Rasulullah 13The key to spiritual awakening 17Important note for the second edition: Were our 'Souls' created before our biological bodies? 22Comprehending the supreme significance of the initial letter ‘B’ is the foremost issue 24Fundamental principles 26The importance of living in the present moment 30Mankind is asleep; only when they die, do they wake up! 32Extinction of the self in Allah (Fanafillah) is impossible! 47The spiritual path deviating humanity from the truth is nothing more than a religiousorganisation48Unless imaginative faculties (Wahm) are abandoned, Unity (Wahdat) can never be attained 49Sufism is the pursuit of self-conscious people 50The key to knowing one’s self 51On the subject of beholding the Divine Truth (Al-Haqq) 53The spiritual path demands complete surrender to the Sheikh 56The lion tattoo 60The Concept of Unity (Wahdat) according to Imam Ghazali 61The Concept of Unity (Wahdat) according to Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani 63Understanding of the Oneness of Allah 64There is nothing in existence except the Manifestation of His Divine Glory 65He reveals Himself in whatever form He pleases 67The concept of Man and the Homo-Sapiens species (Modern Humans) 68The Divine Truth is immutable reality; what about the man? 71Does the Divine Truth ever worship? 74People will suffer the consequences of their own actions 77Taking the Quantum Leap in Consciousness 79Whirlpools 82Stations of the Self (from a classical perspective) 85Our enemy, the faculty of imagination 91The Spiritual Ascension 94A detailed explanation of the Spiritual Ascension 101On the subject of the Angels 110

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