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Latina Christiana 2 - Lesson 15

Latina Christiana 2 - Lesson 15

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Published by Julieanne Miller

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Published by: Julieanne Miller on Sep 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© 2011 Julieanne Miller (www.JoyInOurJourney.com) Latina Christiana Level 2, Lesson 18
Name:___________________________ Date:__________________ 
Latin Saying:
__________ _______________________ ____________ .
(I sing of arms and a man.) 
Latin Word Infinitive Past Tense Past Participle English Translationdefendo defendere
vinco vincere vici victus
edo edere
tollo tollere
cano canere
mitto mittere misi missus
scribo scribere
dico dicere
clauderepeto petere
(Skip to the next section and then come back to this at the end of the lesson, please.) 
I was ruling we were ruling you were ruling you (pl.) were rulinghe, she, it was ruling they were ruling
Latina Christiana II Student Notes
Lesson 15Third Conjugation Verbs ~ Imperfect Tense
Grammar: Third Conjugation Imperfect Tense
© 2011 Julieanne Miller (www.JoyInOurJourney.com) Latina Christiana Level 2, Lesson 18
Latin Noun English translation Derivatives Meaningdefendo, defendere 1. defensive2. defense3. defendant1. to protect yourself against someonewho is ____________ you2. the opposing ___________ or side3. one who is standing up for himself(typically, in a courtroom)
vinco, vincere, vici,victus1. convict2. invincible1. to declare someone __________ of acrime2. unable to be __________________ 
edo, edere 1. edible 1. able to be _________________ 
tollo, tollere 1. tolerance 1. to bear or withstand something
cano, canere 1. canticle2. cantata1. a _________ or a __________ 2. musical ______________ in whicha story is actually sung out.
mitto, mittere, misi,missus1. emit2. omit3. admit1. to ________ or give off2. to __________ something out3. to _________ or agree to something
scribo, scribere 1. scribe2. describe3. Scripture4. postscript1. someone who ___________ something down or takes notes2. to give ___________ about it3. the most important ____________ in the world4. a little bit of info. written at theend of a _______________ (P.S.)
dico, dicere 1. dictionary2. dictator3. predict4. verdict1. book that tells us meanings of ______ that we don't know2. someone who ___________ hispeople; single ruler making all decisions3. guess or say what you __________ to happen4. decision or judgment of a _________ or _________ in a court case
claudo, claudere 1. closet2. close3. clause1. closed space for storage2. to ________ something3. group of words with a __________ and a verb, but it isn't a completesentence
peto, petere 1. petition 1. a _______________ to do something(often, a written request)
Vocabulary and Derivatives

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