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Latina Christiana 2 - Lesson 19 Student Notes

Latina Christiana 2 - Lesson 19 Student Notes

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Published by Julieanne Miller

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Published by: Julieanne Miller on Sep 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© 2011 by Julieanne Miller Latina Christiana Level 2, Lesson 19
Name:___________________________ Date:__________________ 
Latin Saying:
_____________ _______ ____________________.
Carthage must be destroyed. ~Cato the Elder) 
Latin Word/Genetive Singular Form English Translation
panis/panis m.
custos/custodis c.
tentatio/tentationis f.
pes/pedis m.
dux/ducis m.
libertas/libertatis f.
arbor/arboris f.
sol/solis m.
caritas/caritatis f.
passio/passionis f.
Latina Christiana II Student Notes
Lesson 19Third Declension Nouns
Vocabulary: Third Declension Nouns
© 2011 by Julieanne Miller Latina Christiana Level 2, Lesson 19
Latin word Meaning Derivatives Meaning
bread 1. companion 1. someone you would consider a __________, whom you would invite toeat bread or a meal with you.guard 1. custodian2. custody1. person who takes care of or ________ a facility2. to _______ or own/guard somethingtemptation 1. temptation2. tempt1. something that ____________ orentices us2. being lured or _____________ foot 1. pedal2. pedestrian1. something you use your foot or _________ to help move it2. someone who _________________ leader 1. duke (male)2. duchess (female)1-2: person of ___________ rank; aleader in a _____________, from themiddle ages.freedom,liberty1. liberty 1. _________________ tree 1. arbor2. arboretum1. an area in a ____________ that hasa tree or some plants.2. a place to go to __________ trees;they may be grown purposefully forpeople to study them.sun 1. solstice2. parasol1. time of year when the _______ reaches its farthest point from theearth2. similar to an umbrella, to provideprotection from the rays of the sunlove, charity 1. charity 1. giving or offering your ________ tohelp someone else.suffering 1. passion 1. a great yearning or __________ forsomething
Vocabulary: Derivatives

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