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Published by silbermint_z

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Published by: silbermint_z on Sep 01, 2011
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To sponsor a bulletin, please send an email to ShomreiTorahEmailer@gmail.com,along with the requested week
Benjamin Yudin, 27 Av, 5771 August 27, 2011 Andrew Markowitz,Rabbi Assistant Rabbi
Erev Shabbat Candle-lighting: Early: 6:22 PM Zman: 7:22 PM
Mincha: Early: 6:07 PM Zman: 7:27 PM
Daf Yomi: 8:00 AM
Shacharit 7:45/ 8:45/9:00AM
Sof Zman Kriyas Shema: 9:38AM
Pre Mincha Shiur w/ Jonathan Bloom 6:25PM 
Mincha: 7:10PM
Dvar Torah at Seudah Shlishit w/ Shalom Zharnest
Shabbat ends: 8:33 PMParsha
: Artscroll: p998 The Living Torah: p924 Hertz: p799 / 
: Artscroll: p1199: The Living Torah: p1233 Hertz: p818
This week we read Perek 6 of Pirkei Avos.
Kiddush upstairs
follows davening.
Young Couples Kiddush
follows davening
Youth Minyan Kiddush
is sponsored by the members of the youth minyan in honor of Aharon Schreiber and ZackSchreiber who are always ready, willing and able to step up and do whatever it takes to keep the minyan going.
Seudah Shlishit
follows Mincha.
 Thank You to:
Elli Bloom for giving Dvar Torah at Young Couples minyan
Deena & Daniel Jarashow for sponsoring a Torah Tuesday on Thursday (8/25) in honor of Zev putting on Tephilin for thefirst time.
Rabbi Menachem Rosenfeld for giving Dvar Torah before Mussaf at the Upstairs minyan
Torah Tuesday learning group for sponsoring a Torah Tuesday (8/23) in honor of Rabbi Lapp on his 80
Shalom Zharnest for the Dvar Torah at Seudah Shlishit
Mazal Tov to:
Juliana and Elie Addi on the birth of a boy. The Shalom Zachor will be at the Addi house at 2-26 Lyncrest Avenue from 9-11PM.
Rene and Abe Fishweicher on the engagement of their daughter Dana to Ori Rackovsky. Mazal tov to the grandparentsRabbi Israel and Sarah Fishweicher and Ruth and Isaac Reifer.
Pearl & Milty Frank on the birth of a granddaughter Avery Madison to Andy & Sivan in London.
Judy and Arthur Goldberg on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson Yona Goldsheider.
Bracha and Zvi Loewy on Ephraim's engagement to Aurlee Reich.
Ephraim's grandparents Sara and Shmuel Shicker and Cele Loewy
on Ephraim’s engagement to Aurlee Reich
Liz and Dov Mintz on the engagement of their daughter Shani to Yaakov Greenman.
Pam and Yisrael Simchi on the marriage of their son Ari to Penina Siegel
Condolences to
Jack (Chaim) Alster on the loss of his brother Joseph.
Refuah Shelaimah to:
Bernice Grossman (Breina bat Leah), Judy Goldberg ( Yehudis Razal Bas Sarah), Evelyne Hait
(Esther Frimmet bat Raizel)
,Ceil Heller (Tzivia Rivka bat Naomi Chedvah), Regina Klepfisz (Rivka bat Tzipporah Sima), Jeff Packard (Chayim Zelig benSarah Rivkah), Stuart Schochet (Shimon Yaakov HaKohen ben Chava Sheindel), Lola Weisfeld (Leah Devorah bat PribaTziral), Talya bat Yehudit Shlomit & Avichai ben Rivka,
In Our Shul:
We are preparing the Rosh Hashanah Scroll and 2011-2012 calendar. To enhance our calendar, we invite all to list yourspecial dates. Forms have been sent out by e-mail as well as US mail to those who do not have e-mail and are also in theshul rack. Checks should be made out to Sisterhood of Shomrei Torah and sent to Beverly Bloom.
The Deadline isTuesday August 30, 2011
Torah Tuesday (8/30) is sponsored by the Torah Tuesday Learning Group in honor of Jake Blatt, Rabbi Sonny Gershon,Michael Heller, Joseph Jarashow, Ephraim Loewy, Rabbi Andrew Markowitz, Arie Schnipper and Rabbi Avaraham
Weintraub, for filling in for Rabbi Yudin’s Torah Tuesday class.
Women's Tefillah class lead by Sara and Rabbi Andrew Markowitz will begin again on Monday September 12th at thehome of Marilyn Barth 4-25 Lyncrest Avenue at 8:15p.m. . For information please contact Marilyn Barth at 796-5902
Save the Date:
Sunday September 18th for the Sisterhood Dinner honoring Allyson Paris! PLEASE RSVP--Invitationshave been sent out via email (or US mail if we don't have your email address). If you would like to be a "SPONSOR" or"PATRON" please remember to include this on your RSVP. If you have not received an invitation or have any questionsplease contact Lynn Bloom (201) 797-9461.
Shomrei Torah is once again in the process of compiling a updated Yizkor booklet which we hope to use G-d willing,starting with this coming Yom Kippur. The revised booklet will contain the Yizkor prayers and will be utilized each time wesay Yizkor collectively in Shomrei Torah. As always, it will also contain a list of the people we want to remember during therecitation of this prayer.
The deadline for receipt of the names you wish to have recorded in the Yizkor booklet isMonday, September 12, 2011. Please make every effort to return your forms no later than that date.
Positive Jewish Parenting in Shomrei Torah September 16-17, 2011
. Alex Bailey, Ph.D. and Lauren Roth, LSW willlead sessions and give talks on Friday Night at 9:15PM at the Sheps and Fishweicher residences and on Shabbos morningafter davening as well as in the afternoon in the shul at 5PM. Sponsorships are available.
Volunteers are needed to present and host the women's Rosh Chodesh Shiur. Please support the program and volunteer.Contact Roza Gandelman at rozavw2002@aol.com or (201)773-0030.
The next Simcha Kiddush is September 17. Please contact Alla Kavesh or Lina Fleyshmakher to be a sponsor.
Rabbi Y
udin’s shiurim on Wednesday
Morning as well as Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings will resume the firstweek in September.
Please note the following
Simcha Kiddushim 
Nov 19, Dec 24, Feb 18, 2012, March 17, April 21, May 19 and June16, 2012. To sponsor a Simcha Kiddush, please contact Alla Kavesh or Lina Fleyshmakher.
Lockers are available in the shul to rent or buy.
If interested, please contact Peter Weissmann atpete1801@hotmail.com or call at 201 797-1949
High Holiday Seats: *Credit Card payments are available* Once again seats will only be sold through the mail.Forms are located in the lobby and have been sent by e-mail and US mail. For info call (201)791-7910 option 8.
Reminder: There is no parking in the mikveh spots after 7PM.
Rabbis email service for non urgent halachic questions is:  shomreitorahrabbis@gmail.com .Look forward to hearing from  you! 
 In our community:
Hold the date
: Mark Rosenberg Memorial Lecture Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 8 pm at Congregation AABJ&D 700Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052. The lecture will feature Rabbi Shlomo Weissman. Rabbi Weissmann was aclose friend of Mark Rosenberg, A"H.
TorahWeb Yomim Noraim Leil Iyun / RCBC Teshuva drasha will IY"H be Sunday, September 18, 8 PM, in Beth Abraham(in the main shul).
8:00 PM - Rav Mayer Twersky - Teshuva: It's Not Just About ME, 8:45 PM - Rav HershelSchachter - Serving Hashem HIS Way, Not Mine.
Pachim K’Tanim from Rabbi Yudin
n honor of Parshas Re’
ah and the mitzvah of tzedakah. The late Rabbi Moshe
Feinstein Z’TL with
receiving thousand of halachic questions often bemoaned the fact that people did not ask enoughquestions in certain areas of halacha including tzedakah. So to sensitize all of us a hospitalized patient who does not getvisitors repeatedly asks for visitors. The hospital is however far away, and travel costs are approx. $100 a visit. Can
ownmaaser money be used to defray the costs? The Rama Y.D. (249:1) rules that maaser money; giving 10
of one’s income to
charity is to be used exclusively for the poor. The Shach in that chapter of Shulchan Aruch says one can use maaser moneyfor mitzvos for someone else. Like making a wedding or a bris for a poor person. Here, while one is obligatory to do BikurCholim, they are not necessarily obligated to spend money as found in the Bava Metzia (30A) one is not obligated to losemoney to refund a loss object. Therefore if the carfare is challenging to the visitor, money may come from his maaser account.
28 Av 
29 Av 
Rosh ChodeshElul
30 Av 
Rosh ChodeshElul
1 Elul 
2 Elul 
3 Elul 
4 Elul 
Parshiyot Shoftim
Earliest Tallis & Tephilin:
6:30/ 7:008:00/ 9:00AM5:45/ 6:30/7:45AM5:35/ 6:30/7:45AM5:35/ 6:30/7:45AM5:45/ 6:30/7:45AM5:55/ 6:30/7:45AM7:45/8:45/ 9:00AM
2PM/ 7:15PM7:15PM1:30PM7:15PM1:30PM
: 6:12PM
: 7:11PM
: 5:57PM
Shabbat ends:
S. ALTERDAF YOMI7:45AM6:30AM8:00 PM6:30AM8:00 PM6:30AM8:00 PM6:30AM8:00 PM6:30AM 8:00AMGEMORAH 7:30AM 7:30AM 7:30AM
Torah Tuesday on Monday
Ladies Tehillim
9AM Torah Tuesday
TorahTuesday onThursday
Rabbi’s Shiur 

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