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DWF Teaching Companion for Asian Studies

DWF Teaching Companion for Asian Studies

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Published by Lisa Lewin

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Published by: Lisa Lewin on Sep 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Guide toUsingDivided We Fall in Asian StudiesCourses
Thank you for downloading thisteaching companion for thedocumentary film,
Divided WeFall 
. We are excited to offer youthis resource and hope that youfind it valuable and easy to use.The activities in this lesson areguidelines to inspire yourteaching; they may be appliedflexibly. Visit our websitehttp:// www.dwf-film.com/ for morelesson guides, multimedia, andsupplemental resources. If youhave any questions about thisguide, please contact Jodi Elliottat jodi@dwf-film.com.
Intended Audience
The activities in this guide are designed for college level Asian American Studies, Asian Studies, CulturalStudies, and Religious Studies courses. They may also be adapted and used as an introduction to Sikhism forhigh school students or general audiences.
Lesson Objectives
Upon completion of the lesson, students will be able to:Describe the basic tenets of Sikhism.Examine the experiences of Sikhs in United States history.Define the terms Sikhism, gurdwara, and Panj Kakars,Explain the religious significance of the Sikh turban. Additionally, the lesson facilitates exploration of these questions: What is Sikhism? What is it like to be Sikh orSikh American in the United States? What are some commonalities that Sikh Americans share through theiridentity and community? What are some differences?
 Teacher Tips
This lesson can be taught before or after students have viewed the film. However, we suggest completing thebrainstorming activity (Activity 1) before showing the film whenever possible. If time is short, the short film
TheSikh Religion: Beyond the Turban (10:25)
can substitute for a screening of the entire film. If time is plentiful,you may wish to assign students to watch the entire film plus the two short films about Sikhism on the DVD,
The Sikh Religion: Beyond the Turban
Becoming American: The Journey of an Early Sikh Pioneer (10:43)
. These shorts will enhance students’ understanding of the Asian immigrant experience during the earlyhistory of the United States.
 Activity 1
1Give each student a copy of Handout 1 (Brainstorm: The SikhReligion). Allow students 5 minutes to fill in their ideas aboutSikhism in each column.2After the students have had time to brainstorm, ask them to sharewhat they wrote and record a composite of their answers where allcan see. At this point there is no need to filter or correct wronganswers, unless you deem one harmful. Tell students to record theirclassmates’ responses on their own paper.3Show students the short lm
The Sikh Religion: Beyond the Turban(10:25)
, from the
Divided We Fall 
DVD. Instruct students to correctthe responses they have written down on the handout as they watchthe film. If the statement is incorrect, they should cross it out. If thestatement is correct they should put a check mark next to it.Students may also record questions in column 3, What I’d Like toKnow. Questions that are not addressed in the film can be handledby the instructor afterwards or assigned to students as homework.3
Written by Irene Yeh and Marisa Jackson Hedges. Produced byMindgate Media.
© 2011 New Moon Productions. All rights reserved.

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