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Unger 4

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Published by David Adelman

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Published by: David Adelman on Sep 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love, War, and Medicine
#138Sunday, August 25
Dearest girl,It’ s a lovely day today, not too hot, though the sun
is shining brlght~ly again after yesterday’s rain. Justfinished lunch ~ beef, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower,bread and butter and jam. You see we’re not starving.Was looking over my diary of last year. Do you wantto read a bit of it? My entry for August 23rd was:’Packing day. (We moved next day from Flanders to Cambrai
sector.) Rain in A.M. and showers intermittently. Slept
a little. ’
For August 2~th: ’Awoke at 12:30 A.M. A terrificstorm. Rain leaked through tent. Had tea at l:15 A.M.
At 2:30 A.M. in driving rain mounted horse (’Kaiser
Bill’) and rode to E , seven miles. Had breakfast
near station. Train ~e from 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.
We went through Arras. Saw many trenches and dugouts.Got out at Bapaume and rode ten miles to camp (atLeschelle) by motor. Territory for miles around deso-
late, houses in ruins, trees cut down, no inhabitants.’
In return for this quotation, won’t you quote somemore of yours? You see I never have put more than abare outline in mine - as to put down my thoughts, etc.would entail too much work and take too long.Last night we staged a bridge game and your hubbyhelped win two out of three rubbers and incidentallyseven francs. Here, as in B.E.F., it is a sort of un-written law never to play for more than one franc ahundred points and you have to go some to win or losemore than ten francs. That is the second bridge gamewe’ve had in the seven weeks I’ve been here. Don’tworry, dearest, your boy is not developing into agambler. But bridge is a good game and is very pleasant,and you must play for a small stake in order to eliminate
reckless bidding.
I need help: Won’t you come to the rescue? What’s
wrong? Why, I’ve got two buttons to sew on and a ripto mend - that’s all. But I’m a pretty good surgeonnow and so I’ll manage O.K. But you Just wait till Ihave you by me. Then I simply will hand you the garmentand loftily say, ’Two buttons here, please.’ Will youmind my bossing you that way, dear? In return I sup-pose you’ll go out and buy a couple of hats and say tome, ’Here’s a couple of bills for you to pay, please.’
Your loving hubby,
LeeTue sday, August 27
Rather quiet day with only two more gas cases - onlysneezing and eye tearing. No moon and therefore no visits
Love, War, and Medicine
from Boche aeroplanes. The next day also quiet; playedbridge with officers Wilder, Winter and a new M.O. namedFurman from Akron, Ohio. Our troops doing wonderfully well.
Deare st Hubby
Do you love me? Do I love you? Well -Just close your eyes honey. So. Now I’m in your
lap and l’m Just getting comfortable; I have placedone of your arms about my waist and the other is rest-ing lightly upon my knee; I put my arm around yourneck and hold you to me while with my other hand I
tousle your hair. You like that, don’t you dear?
Occasionally I bend forward and kiss a lock. You
are almost asleep, but that is what I don’t want -Just yet, so I kiss your eyes and then your cheeks
and finally your lips and boy l’m holding you tightly
to me because I want to feel your heart beat against
mine. I kiss you again and again and I actually lose
myself in every one. Soon the spirit moves you and
you can no longer resist and I’m crushed in both yourarms and oh Lee you are so strong. Please, honey, I
want to catch my breath. Just a moment. Once more
our lips meet and this time we both give each our soul -we are no longer ourselves.
Hubby, the devil is in possession of me again or
I’m in its clutches.
Today I had lunch with Frieda Silberstein, a friend
of ours (Stella’s and mine) and during the luncheon sheasked if I would marry you before the war is over and I
answered truthfully ’Yes.’ She asked why. I told her
that if you came back crippled I’d marry you because
in my heart we are already one. As long as I felt thatway there was no question about it so far as I was con-cerned. Also that the flower of our nation is in thiswar - all our picked - physically fit - men and I can
see no reason why we should wait until they can come
back to flourish such a nation. Thereupon she said
that’s the point - a child might be born. I laughed
and said ’That’s the natural consequence of true love
and if a child were born I would support it.’ ’And
what would happen to the child while you were out.’’I should probably earn $25.00 a week and so could
have a maid at $30.00 per month for the child if neces-
sary but Mother would be there or I’d be near his Mother.’She thought it was wonderful to feel that way because
Love, War,
would never consent to shoulder such responsibility.It seems that when something like this comes up I
realize how very much I love you. Why, boy, I simply
don’t belon~ to myself. My heart, soul and body are
They say ’There’s a little bit of bad in every goodlittle girl’ and, perhaps, all my badness and goodnessis being thrust upon you. Honey, if it is bad to wantto give you my body as well as my heart then l’m bad tothe core, because unless you own me all you cannot be
in my company, as I couldn’t give you---~y hand to grasp
without offering my lips to be kissed - I couldn’t kissyou good night unless I knew I could fall asleep inyour arms and wake up in the morning to find you at myside. Dearest, I am yours day and night.Never have I lost my head when in the company ofthe male sex, but I’m frank to admit to you that I wouldnot be responsible if in your company without being mar-
ried. Take this evening - you would own me. What I
can’t understand is why have you so much control overme, when there isn’t another man living who could evenmake me kiss him?Sweetheart it is 2:00 A.M. and I must be up at 7:00
o’clock. Good night, hubby. Soon the time will come
when my boy and I will spend our evenings together andI will listen while he teaches me something about hisprofession. When the lesson is over the teacher willget his compensation fittingly and wiley will insistthat we have recess so that she may cuddle up to hubby.Soon we’ll both sleep in each other’s arms only toawaken to another day of bliss and perfect unity.Sweetheart I am patiently waiting to become
Your own wife
Darling I adore you.
My own Sweetheart
Honey, it is morning. All are asleep. May you
Join me? Well rather! Dearest, let me sit in your
lap - it looks so inviting. There, oh boy, when Ihold you closely to me my heart throbs violently andI’m amazed at the fact that it doesn’t Jump out ofplace. .My kisses must scorch you for I’m parched.The warmth of your body against mine infuriates meand I draw closer to you. You seem so wonderful that
I want to be near you always, and Judging from the way
you are holding me, you want me as much as I do you.

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