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Published by jtpatel

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Published by: jtpatel on Sep 02, 2011
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Web Site: www.youngisraelwh.org
  Y   O  U  N   G  I   S  R   A  E  L   O  F   W  E   S   T  H   A  R   T  F   O  R  D
Rabbi’s CornerThank you to all those who inquired aboutthe conference that I attended this week. It was agreat opportunity to do some learning, share ideaswith other rabbis, and spend time with mentorsand rebbeim. I feel so privileged to be part of thisprogram and I gain so much from it.I would like to present to you the followingletter containing information about the Young Is-rael Cemetery Association. I think it is importantto know of its existence and to know what it is allabout. No one likes to think about end of life is-sues but it is so important to do so. The followingletter was written for our shul by Bob Harris whois the treasurer of the Association.Shabbat Shalom – Rabbi Weinberg------------------------------------------------To All Members of the Young Israel Community:As most of you know, the Young Israels ofWest Hartford and Hartford maintain a CemeteryAssociation. This Association has been in existencefor about 40 years and is a separate associationfrom the Young Israel Synagogues. To be a mem-ber of the Cemetery Association requires activemembership in one of the Young Israel Syna-gogues. The Cemetery Association owns land offof Tower Avenue in Hartford.This letter is being written to acquaintmembers of the Synagogues with the facts of theAssociation so that anyone interested in becominga member will understand how the Associationworks. Once one becomes a member, that mem-ber and his/her spouse and any minor children areentitled to a plot without further charge exceptfor modest fees for monument and perpetual care.Continued on page 3.
בוט לזמבוט לזמ
to Esther (Wolfe) & Nosson Lange on theirrecent marriage.
בוט לזמ
to Vera Schwarcz & JasonWolfe; Gavi, Vicky & Ruby Lev; Elie, Eliora & NoamWolfe.
בוט לזמ
to Nosson’s parents Rabbi Yosef &Leah Lange, and the entire Lange family.
בוט לזמבוט לזמ
to Rivkie Elbaum on her engagement toJoshua Schickman of Berkley, CA.
בוט לזמ
to Sarah,Zvi, Estie & Pinney; Rachel, Raffi, Zev, Chaim, Yehuda& Avraham Berkovic.
בוט לזמ
to the entireSchickman family!
בוט לזמבוט לזמ
to Nathaniel & Adeena (Schlussel) Cohen ontheir recent marriage .
בוט לזמ
to Anita & Tsion;Tzippy, Daniel, Orli, Adam & Lily; Michal, Moshe,Jacob, Maytal & Keira Abehsera; and Naomi, Noah andMarcus Moss.
בוט לזמ
to Adeena’s parents, Sara &Richard Schlussel and grandparents Phyllis & JosephEisenman, and Rita & Herb Schlussel, andsiblings Gabi & Seth!
אבה ורב
 To Aron Gerson of Brooklyn who is starting his PhDin Sociology at UCONN and will be livingIn West Hartford at the Patels.
Shabbat Parshat Shoftim
September 3rd, 2011
4 Elul
Kiddush Sponsored byThe Shul
Editor: Judie PatelE-mail: bulletin @youngisraelwh.orgEditors Emeritus: Sam Leichtberg & Moish TrencherRabbi Brahm Weinberg 860-233-3084 orrabbi@youngisraelwh.orgJudith Hessing, Coordinator 860-233-6042 or judith.hessing@gmail.com
 Affiliate of the National Council of Young Israel Synagogues, Member of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Sponsorof West Hartford NCSY, National Conference of Synagogue Youth, Kashrut Commission of Greater Hartford,Mikveh Bess Israel of Greater Hartford, Eruv of West Hartford
WORK DETAILSunday, September 4th after daveningat approximately 9:00 AMOur shul is in need of some yard work, especially after therecent storm. Join us to clean, trim and generally beautifythe YIWH’s outdoor areas.Come for an hour or two and bring tools, cutters, etc.It would be appreciated.The House CommitteeSHUL-BAY - ALIYOT forROSH HASHANAH & YOM KIPPURSee email or flier for details
Starting this Shabbat the class will be studying
Melachim Aleph (I)
Page 2
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAcknowledgment donations should be sent toDebbie Luger at 37 Miamis Road, WH 06117
Vera Schwarcz & Jason Wolfe
Mazal Tov
to the Elbaum Family onRivki’s engagement to Joshua ShickmanMazal Tov to the Cohen Family onNathaniel & Adeena’s weddingJudie & Lal Patel
Mazal Tov
to the Elbaum Family on
HHNE SEMI-ANNUAL HAT SHOWMonday, September 12thAt the home of Fran Wittenberg36 Whetton RoadKOL HANEARIM TALLIS PROJECTThe Yom Tovim are almost here!Now is your chance to include your family in a part ofYIWH history. Add your child/children's name(s) on ourKol Hanearim Tallis in time for Simchat Torah.You can start with one child at a time or add them all atonce, the choice is yours! In addition, the names on theTallis will be added to the Tree of Life downstairs ,check out the newest additions!Contact Aviva Braunshweiger for more information!BUY SCRIP! BUY SCRIP!SHOP RITE & BIG Y SCRIP AVAILABLE NOW!Don’t forget Crown & Stop & Shop too!Big Y Scrip by check only!You can buy scrip for so many more stores with your scrip atany of these venues!Let's support our
by buying scrip!Every dollar counts!Contact: Joan & Hal Kadish 523-4635100 Mohawk DriveSHUL RENOVATIONSTHIRTY SIX = ONE CAMPAIGN
$36 = 1 ChairWe need to Replace 120 worn and tattered chairsPlease contact Barry Gordon atgorbado@aol.com 
Thanks to our generous donors thus far….Michael Weinstein Bernard and Linda KeslerRabbi Brahm and Elana WeinbergAnonymous Miriam and Howard RosenblumLynn and Morrie Weinberg Aliza KatzJoan Katz in “Thankfulness” Sam and Judy LeichtbergStan and Evelyn Rutstein Lenny and Irina MargulisJack and June Mishkin in honor of their grandchildrenRabbi Dovid & Shira Mintzes Bernie & Eileen WeinbergRabbi Neil & Dena RichVera Schwarcz & Jason WolfIn gratefulness to YIWH communityRabbi Mordechai & Dvorah WeissTed & Vivian Zablotsky Hal & Joan KadishLes & Helen Loew Daniel DamanEvelyn & Bob Harris Lori & Mark ZackinMarguerite Jeremias in memory of her husbandYechiel ben Yehuda AvigdorAnonymous Shayne & Stu KeslerBarry & Donna Gordon In memory ofYechiel ben Yehuda Avigdor & Batya bas Yeor MordechaiSharon & David Goldfarb Steve & Ilana BernsteinZvi & Batsheva Goldfischer in honor of their childrenRachel & David Cohen Debbie & Steve Luger
Thanks to our generous Supporters of Phase IThe Entire YIWH Board of DirectorsSidney & Phyllis UlreichDavid & Susanne GelbArlen & Audrey LichterSam & Judy LeichtbergUPCOMING SHABBAT PROGRAMS at YIWH
SHABBAT SEPTEMBER 10THMorning: Special September 11th 10 year memorialMore Info to follow….!9/17 GUEST SPEAKER
Michael Rosenblit
speaking about Israel and IDF
2011 KOMEN GREATER NYC RACE FOR THE CURE 9/18Sponsor Ethan Wasserman In Memory of Michelle online at:
He needs your support! Please give as generously as you cansee every dollar counts and no donation is too small. To-gether, we can create a world without breast cancer.
NUREMBERG: ITS LESSONS FOR TODAYOctober 24th at the JCC at 7:30 PMSponsorship & Patrons: $180.00After 9/6 general admission tix: $10.00Donations benefit
Voices of Hope
Going Fast!! (Proceeds go to YIWH)Time to order your desserts for Yom Tov!!Please email your orders to Debbie Freund:dvora515@gmail.comIf you don’t have email and/or have not seen the listplease let Debbie know at: 860-232-7782Deadline for ordering is Wednesday, September 7thPlease Note:The Kashrut of these baked goods is not endorsed bythe YIWH.
Glatt Yashar - Rabbi Benjamin Yudin www.torahweb.org 
The opening
parshas Shoftim
mandates that courts of law be established throughoutthe land. That same verse directs the judges to execute “
mishpat tzedek
”- righteous judgment. Judges are then furtherinstructed not to pervert judgment, to not show any favoritism to a litigant by giving him preferential treatment, andto not take a bribe. Then the Torah seems to be repeating itself again when it says (16:20)
tzedek tzedek tirdof 
- right-eousness righteousness shall you pursue”. Rav Ashi in
(32A) understood the repetition of the word right-eousness to teach that circumstances might warrant different “righteous” approaches. There are instances in whichthe course of righteousness is to pursue justice,
, and other circumstances in which righteousness dictates we pur-sue compromise,
. In addition, the Talmud (ibid) understands “
tzedek tzedek tirdof 
” as an instruction to seekout the best court available.The Dubner Maggid in his
Ohel Yaakov
parshas Mishpatim
) has a novel understanding of “
tzedek tzedek tirdof 
”.Rather than understand the teaching as addressing judges, he learns the verse as a directive to each individual that intheir personal and business affairs they are to be scrupulously careful to ensure that what is theirs is really theirs. Infact, he questions the nature of the
Torah that arose in the
and suggests that unlike most court cases, inwhich each individual claims rights and possession, here they were asking the judges to verify and ensure their rightfulclaim of ownership, with each one saying ,”No! Maybe it is yours”.There is a delicious
Vayikra Rabbah
27:1) that illustrates this idea. The
teaches that Alexanderthe Great once visited the community of Afriki and wished to observe its judicial system. Two men came before theking for justice. The first said, “I purchased a plot of land from this man, and when I dug to lay the foundation of ahome, I found a treasure buried there. I only bought the land, not the treasure, therefore it is not mine.” The seller said,“I too am fearful of the biblical prohibition of ‘
lo tigzol
”- do not steal’ and I too do not want it back unless it is definitelymine.” The king (judge) asked the buyer if he had a son, he answered “yes”. The seller answered positively to having adaughter. “Wonderful,” said the king, “let them marry and share the treasure.” This is “
tzedek tzedek tirdof 
”- affirmingwith certainty that what’s yours is really yours.The Arizal was known to have the ability to identify sins and transgressions of individuals by looking carefullyinto their face. The Rav of Tzfas, Rav Moshe Galante (1540-1614) once came to the Arizal for his “spiritual check-up”,whereupon the latter said “you have
safek gezel
”- literally you are suspected of thievery/ borderline theft. The rabbiwho had a silk business fasted, cried. He then called in all his workers, put a pile of money on the table, and asked if hehad cheated any of them. They all answered in the negative and left. The last to leave, a woman, took a few coins.When the rabbi / employer asked why she took the money, she answered “you paid me as a regular worker, and I am aspecialist.” The rabbi cried for joy that his record was now cleaned. He was able to say about himself “
tzedek tzedektirdof 
”.The internet can be a wonderful tool to use, but it is also subject to much abuse. Too many are guilty of piratinginformation that is copyrighted from the internet. Rav Moshe Feinstein
said it is not permitted to copy any itemthat is being sold by the creator (maker) of that item. Every time one copies it, they are taking away sales from him.“Everyone does it and it really should be permitted (
)”- in no way justifies it.Our children must be taught the definition of plagiarizing and the prohibition thereof. Again, the internet con-tains much scholarly material. It is also an opportunity to bring much
to the world- by giving proper credit to theauthor and earning the approbation of “
tzedek tzedek tirdof 
”.Applying for scholarships from
when one doesn’t need it (this is often done by hiding income), is steal-ing from
, and the practical consequences of not getting a scholarship when one truly needs it, is because of alack of “
tzedek tzedek tirdof 
”.It is not sufficient to be careful about eating
 glatt kosher 
, our money has to be
 glatt yashar 
Page 3
Rabbi’s Corner - Continued from Page 1.The present fee structure is as follows and except for dues are one time fees:Initiation Fee: $350.00Monument Fee: $75.00Perpetual Care Fee: $250.00Dues: $60.00/yearReservation Fee: $250.00 (This fee is to reserve a grave adjacent to one's spouseor other relative).Members of Young Israel who are not members of the Association may be buried in the cemetery at a costof $1250.00 plus other applicable fees. These fees do not include Mortician's costs.Any questions regarding the Association may be addressed to me. Bob Harris - Treasurer.

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