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RMPTH0911 Newsletter

RMPTH0911 Newsletter

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Published by Rick Mattingly
Prospecting and Treasure Hunting in northern Colorado.
Prospecting and Treasure Hunting in northern Colorado.

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Published by: Rick Mattingly on Sep 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Meteorite Hunters
orld famous meteorite hunters Steve Arnoldand Geoffrey Notkin have scoured the planet for meteorites. And found hundreds of them, from the harsh desertsof Chile, all the way to the streets of Chicago. They have almost thirty years of combined meteorite hunt-ing experience, and they want to share it with you.Meteorites are extremely rare! If you want to find oneof your own, your best chance is to go with the ex-perts.Steve stunnedthe internationalscientific com-munity in the fallof 2005 when hediscovered a 1,430-lb palla-site meteorite, buried seven feet  below the rolling fields of Bren-ham, Kansas. He was featured onCNN, CBS, theNBC Today show, ABC, The Discovery Channel andhundreds of other news outlets around the world. His3/4-ton meteorite is the largest pallasite ever found inthe United States and one of the largest found in his-tory. Geoff Notkin joined him in the hunt, and to- gether they recovered several more large meteorites.One of those excavations was filmed specially for theTravel Channel, PBS, and others.Science writer Geoffrey Notkin has published morethan sixty articles on meteorites, meteorite hunting,
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 v. 15, n. 9 September, 2011 Going for the Gold
Rocky Mountain Prospectors &Treasure Hunters Newsletter
The News
Visit RMPTH On The Internet At http://rmpth.com
"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting onwhat to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armedlamb contesting the vote."- Benjamin Franklin
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 Annual Detector Coin & PrizeHunt 
Colorado Mineral & Fossil Show
 8 Routt County Colorado Mining History 9
Lucite Hills Gemstone Outing
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 15 What Is Gold?16 Trading Post 18 2011 Schedule of Events19 Contact List 
Steve Arnold and Geoffrey Notkin
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The News,
September 2011
he News is the official newsletter of the Rocky Mountain Prospectors and Treasure HuntersClub (
): our mailing address is P.O. Box 271863, Fort Collins, CO. 80527-1863.Opinions expressed in
The News
are those of theauthors and do not necessarily reflect those of theclub or its members. Publication of information in
The News
constitutes no guarantee of accuracy. Useof any information found in this publication is at thesole risk of the user. Neither
, nor its coordi-nators, nor
The News
, nor its editors or contributorsassume any liability for damages resulting from useof information in this publication.
 Articles, letters and short items of interest on pros-pecting, detecting and treasure hunting topics are welcome and encouraged. All items submitted forpublication are subject to editing. Submittals for pub-lication may be made in writing or, preferably, in AS-CII text format on IBM-compatible disk. If you havequestions about a submission, please contact the edi-tor for information.
Unless otherwise noted, other nonprofit groupsmay reprint or quote from any articles appearing in
The News
without prior permission, provided that proper author and publication credits are given andthat a copy of the publication in which the article ap-pears is sent at no cost to
at the above mail-ing address. Clubs wishing to exchange newsletters with
are invited to send a copy of their news-letter together with an exchange request.
The New
Classified advertising for topic related items is freefor non-business ads. See the “
Trading Post
” sectionfor donation pricing of camera-ready display ads. Do-nations for ad makeup from sketches, etc., are avail-able on request.
is an independent nonprofit hobbyist socialclub, open to anyone interested in prospecting, detect-ing or treasure hunting. Its purpose is to provide aneducational and social forum of mutual benefit formembers.
holds a monthly meeting and con-ducts various field outings, as well as offers specialpresentations and seminars. Active participants have voting privileges. The monthly newsletter, The News,is readily available on the Internet. Persons wishing toreceive the newsletter in hardcopy, mailed format arerequired to provide the amount of $24 per year re-quired to print and mail. Otherwise, no annual duesare charged as the social club functions strictly by donation.
Book Review 
by Paul Lange
 The Official Military Atlas of the CIVIL WAR 
 by Major George B. Davis, U. S. Army, Leslie J. Perry and Joseph W. Kirkley,Civilian Experts, c 2003 edition by Barnes and Noble Publishing, Inc New York, 397 pages, ISBN 0-7607-5044-0.
his atlas was drawn together to accompany the War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Un-ion and Confederate Armies, also called The Official Records or simply O. R. These records covered all theatersthroughout the war and were assembled into 128 volumes of primary source material of the union and confederatearmies. This project was completed in 1895. The army drew together this atlas to accompany the official records and con-tains 821 reproduced maps which the commanders used, 106 engravings chiefly of fortifications and 209 drawings of weap-ons, logistical equipment, uniforms and Federal corps flags on plates. The contents are rich with information showing thecountry in which the armies operated. It is easy to read reprinted just as the original was in full color in sharp, clear images with names, farms, woods, hills, and creeks standing out distinctly as in the original. The atlas is in of itself a treasure of information indispensable to understanding the Civil War. For the Civil War enthusiast, this is a must have book. You willnot have to do any weigh lifting if you carry this book around measuring 16 1/2 inches by 13 ¼ inches by 1 ¾ inches.
Page 3
The News,
September 2011
Buried Loot Mystery 
By MATT APUZZO and ALICIA A. CALDWELL, Associated Press Writers
he businessman arrived at the Treasury De-partment carrying a suitcase stuffed withabout $5.2 million. The bills were decompos-ing, nearly unrecognizable, and he asked to swapthem for a cashier's check. He said the money camefrom Mexico.Money like this normally arrives in an armored truckor insured shipping container after a bank burns or  vault floods. It doesn't just show up at the visitor'sentrance on a Tuesday morning. But the banking hab-its of Franz Felhaber had stopped making sense tothe government long ago.For the past few years, authorities say, he and hisfamily have popped in and out of U.S. banks, looking to change about $20 million in buried treasure forclean cash.The money is always the same — decaying $100 billsfrom the 1970s and 1980s.It's the story that keeps changing:_It was an inheritance._Somebody dug up a tree and there it was._It was found in a suitcase buried in an alfalfa field._A relative found a treasure map.No matter where it came from or who found it, that  buried treasure stands to make someone rich.It could also send someone to jail.
 paleontology, travel, technology, and the arts. Hisphotographs have appeared in Readers Digest, Sky &Telescope, Wired, Rock & Gem, Lapidary Journal,Meteorite, Seed, Geotimes and in many othernational and international publications. He has madenumerous TV and radio appearances and is currently  working on a book about his life as a meteoritehunter.Steve and Geoff co-star with well-known TV personal-ity Becky Worley in the meteorite hunters episode of The Best Places to Find Cash & Treasures, which pre-miered on December 19, 2006. They made their PBSdebut in January, 2007 in the new series Wired Sci-ence and are stars of the Science Channel show Mete-orite Men.Their website is: www.meteoriteadventures.comThanks to Eureka Soundoff Newsletter February 2010
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Featuring Displays of Prehistoric Artifacts
Saturday, September 24 - 9:00 AM to 7:00 PMSunday, September 25 - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Pulliam Community Building545 Cleveland Ave. Loveland, ColoradoPublic is Welcome! Admission is FREE!
Website: http://www.stoneagefair.com/ index.html

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