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Evidence Collection 6

Evidence Collection 6

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Published by Der Rick

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Published by: Der Rick on Sep 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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• Securing • SKeTcHing • cOLLecTiOniDenTiFicATiOn AnD PreSerVATiOnOF eViDence
All criminal investigations are concerned with the dual aspects that create thepossiblility of physical evidence:1. The individuals (perpetrator and victim) involved.2. The items employed or touched during the commission of the crime.By its very nature, a crime scene cannot be left untouched by the participants.Physical evidence, in some form, is left behind. The investigators involvedshould utilize a balanced approach to each inquiry—concerning the collectionof the pertinent physical information and formulating connections betweenthat information and the individuals involved in the crime.The enormous potential of physical evidence must be realized byunderstanding:a. What physical evidence is.b. How to collect and preserve it.c. How to determine the pertinent information it offers.d. How to interpret that information.This section is concerned with presenting concisely and accuratelythose essential products and methods which will effectively explicate thesystematic process of evidence collection.
 In order to preserve physical evidence in itsoriginal state, the crime scene must be protected  and preserved as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the firstofficer arriving on the sceneof a crime to take steps to preserve and protect the area to the greatest extent possible.
 In addition to
’s full-line of evidence collection products
 alsooffers a special trainingcourse designed to further the knowledge and skills of law enforcement professionals inevidence collection and crime scene technology. The 40-hourcourse covers the scientific methods of collection, identification, evaluation and preservation of physical evidence utilizing the latesttechniques and equipment available. The course uses a “hands-on” method of teaching and is taught in our state-of-the-art manufacturing and training facility inYoungsville, North Carolina.See page 418 for more information or call (800) 354-5134 for a free brochure.
Introduction toEvidence Collection
PHONE: (800) 356-7311 • (919) 554-2244 FAX: (800) 899-8181 • (919) 554-2266
Tradition. Expertise. Excellence.
• We: www.sirchie.com
Crime Scene Security Products
BArrier TAPe
Absolutely essential at the outset of any investigation is the securing of theintegrity of the crime scene. All too often, investigators arrive at the scene to find the original condition disturbed by family members or bystanders whoseoften zealous attempts to be helpful destroy valuable evidential items.Each emergency scene is unique, but each has one requirement incommon—CONTROL. Establish and maintain tight control over emergencyscene perimeters quickly and efficiently with this brilliant yellow warning tape.Simply tie one end of the tape around a fixed item, walk around the scene’sperimeter and tie it off where desired. The tape is available in six formats toaccommodate virtually any situation. Eye-catching black lettering is printed onbrilliant yellow or red polyethylene. The tape is three inches (7 1/2 cm) wideby 1,000 feet (300 m) long. The warning repeats every 31 inches. A dispenserbox is furnished with each roll.
 NOTE: Buk packaged os ae not funished with dispense boxes. See the foowing page fo No.’s BTD100 & BTD200 Baie Tape Dispenses fo buk  packaged os (8 os/pack).
cATALOg nO. DeScriPTiOn Price
“Crime Scene Do Not Cross” w/dispenser box, 1 each $14.50BT100BP “Crime Scene Do Not Cross” w/o dispenser boxes, 8 each $79.95BT200
“Police Line Do Not Cross” w/dispenser box, 1 each $14.50BT200BP “Police Line Do Not Cross” w/o dispenser boxes, 8 each $79.95BT300 “Sheriff Line Do Not Cross” w/dispenser box, 1 each $14.50BT300BP “Sheriff Line Do Not Cross” w/o dispenser boxes, 8 each $79.95BT400 “Fire Line Do Not Cross” w/dispenser box, 1 each $14.50BT400BP “Fire Line Do Not Cross” w/o dispenser boxes, 8 each $79.95BT500 “Security Line Do Not Cross” w/dispenser box, 1 each $14.50BT500BP “Security Line Do Not Cross” w/o dispenser boxes, 8 each $79.95BT600 “Caution Biohazard” w/dispenser box, 1 each $14.50BT600BP “Caution Biohazard” w/o dispenser boxes, 8 each $79.95
 Barrier tapes should be used in situations where control of the area is a priority.Single rolls of Barrier Tape come in acardboard dispenser box. Bulk packaged Barrier Tape rolls do not comewith dispenser boxes—see next page for dispensers.
* Spanish version available—call for details.
BArrier TAPe DiSPenSer
Molded plastic dispenser with carrying handle holds one 3” x 1000’ roll or lessof barrier tape. Ideal for carrying, protecting and managing a large tape roll.Tape dispenses through a slot that prevents tangling and waste by housingthe unused portion and allowing easier unwinding. A protected blade makestearing the tape neat and easy.
cATALOg nO. DeScriPTiOn Price
BTD100 Barrier Tape Dispenser $29.95
Crime Scene Security Products
cOmPAcT BArrier TAPe DiSPenSer
Molded plastic dispenser with carrying handle holdsone 3" x 1,000
roll or less of barrier tape. A serratededge provided on each side of the dispenser makestearing the tape neat and easy.
cATALOg nO. DeScriPTiOn Price
BTD200 Compact Barrier Tape Dispenser $7.75
cATALOg nO. DeScriPTiOn Price
BP5 Barrier Posts, 5 each $21.95
Control at crime scenes and other emergency situations is essential. However,not every location has fixed objects for securing barrier tape. Barrier Postssolve the problem. They are 4 ft. tall with a 9” stake. Simply push the stakeinto the ground using the foot stand. Each post has various supports foradjusting the height of the barrier tape.
 No. BP5 in use.
eViDence mArKing FLAgS
Make evidence easy to relocate or photograph by marking it with thesebrightly colored evidence flags from
. Flags are21” tall and come in bright pink, orange and yellow. Yellow flags have“Evidence — Do Not Touch” printed in black ink on the flag. Flags are sold inpacks of 100.
cATALOg nO. DeScriPTiOn Price
EVFP100 Pink Evidence Flags, 100 each $12.95EVFO100 Orange Evidence Flags, 100 each $12.95EVFY100 Yellow “Evidence—Do Not Touch” Preprinted Flags, 100 each $12.95
 No. BTD200 with Barrier Tape roll loaded.
PHONE: (800) 356-7311 • (919) 554-2244 FAX: (800) 899-8181 • (919) 554-2266

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