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re inkers

re inkers

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Published by archangelb
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Published by: archangelb on Sep 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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30 Re-Inkers Uses
What else can you do with bottles of re-inkersother than re-ink your stamp pads?To borrow from Dr. Suess:Oh the thinks we can think, though you may ask me“why.”The thinks we can think in using that dye.Just read on and see that creativity begins withjust a little ink.If you see something here you have questions aboutfeel free to ask me for moreinformation. I offer classes on all of thesetechniques!1. Re-ink your stamp pads:Use the coordinating re-inkers to keep those 48Stampin Up! colors “alive.” (Bet you alreadyguessed this one.)2. Re-ink Kaliedacolor pads:Use the standard 48 color re-inkers to re-ink yourKaliedacolor pads. Stampin’ Up! has colors that arepretty close matches for the K-pads. You mayslightly alter a few of them but at least thisprovides you another option than throwing the padaway. For help choosing the coordinating colors foreach K-pad just ask me. I have a list.3. Shaving Cream Technique:Use them to make your own specialty papers with atechnique referred to as the Shaving CreamTechnique. This technique for making uniquebackgrounds for your special cards requires foamshaving cream and the re-inkers. It is a littlemessy so I recommend wearing thin rubber gloves andworking in the kitchen on newspaper. Spread thebottom of a shallow 9 X 12 pan with a layer of
shaving cream (the cheap .99 cent stuff). Spread itout with a spatula to about 3/4” thick in thebottom of the pan. Take a couple of coordinatingcolors (such as Mellow Moss and Pale Plum) of re-inkers and put a couple drops in a random patternall over the shaving cream. Just a couple drops tostart with. You can always add a few more drops.Take something such as a marker, pencil ortoothpick to swirl the shaving cream around untilyou get the look you want. This will give amarbeling effect on finished product. Now press apiece of white cardstock (1/4 sheet is easier towork with) face down into the shaving cream fromthe center out. Press it to be sure the wholesurface is touching. Gently peel the card stock upand scrape off the extra shaving cream with aspatula or wipe off with a paper towel. Dry off theextra bits with a dark colored towel or a cleanpaper towel. The shaving cream will come off thecard stock, but the ink pattern will remain. Don’tbe afraid of smearing the ink. It will stay whereit originally touched the paper. You now have anawesome background, each one a little differentfrom the next. You can repeat until you don’t likethe design you get. When it is dry, the surface issoft, almost velvety to the touch.4. Paintbrush Technique:Select a paintbrush and palette (you can buy thesein a craft or hobby store or make your own from aplastic plate.) You will actually paint with there-inkers. No need for a blending pen. This methodadds more vibrancy to your finished project and youhave the ability to apply undertones and highlightsright where you want them. It works best to firstemboss your image. Embossing gives a nice edge forthe ink to blend to. You can also mix the re-inkersand come up with your own designer color.5. Christmas Ornaments:
Make beautiful glitter bulbs! Take clear glass ballornaments and remove the top. You will need about10 drops of one color of our SU ink refills intoeach clear glass bulb ornament. NOTE: Only add onecolor ink refill (dye based ink) or it will createa muddy mess and won’t look very nice. When you aredone, turn the bulb upside down and let the excessink drain off into a paper/plastic cup. Pourapproximately 1/2 teaspoon glitter into thecardstock that is folded. (You can mix differentcolors of glitter to create your own customdesign.) After ink has drained from bulb, pourglitter into glass bulb, QUICKLY, put a small pieceof paper or plastic over opening, to protect yourfinger, now . . . SHAKE. NOTE: You should shake theglitter around *immediately* so that it doesn't sitin one place forming a big blob of glitter. Pourexcess dyed glitter into a different plastic filmcontainer. (You can reuse it.) Put the top back onthe ornament. Tie Organdy or Grosgrain Ribbon,Raffia or whatever you would like around the top orjust leave it plain. These are truly beautiful!6. Paperclay and Re-Inkers:Mix with Paperclay to make your own specialtycolors. This is great for matching yourembellishments to your projects! You can alsochoose to not fully mix the re-inker into thePaperclay and leave it in sort of a swirl pattern.Very nice look for embellishments using the Groovystamp set!7. Crystal Effects and Re-Inkers:Besides adding Crystal Effects straight from thebottle, to give it color, add a drop or 2 of a re-inker. This will give a raised, 3-D effect to yourstamp project. Add a bit of dazzling diamondglitter to the mixture and now you have a coloredglitter gloss perfect for adding that extra specialtouch to any card or project.

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