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Forthcoming Titles

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Published by: jürgen_wallace_1 on Sep 02, 2011
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September 2011
 a Wrshft bk
New Consciousnessfor a New World
How to Thrive in Transitional Times and Participatein the Coming Spiritual Renaissance
Kingsley l. dennis
 a c fr  rm hft  hm thk  rct f thtrcct f  th— w m fr  w wr
• exs w  s f    s  f  g  f
hm t tht w  tr twr rw  rrt
• rs w     ss f ss  
mt rc r th trt tm
• exs w fdgs  q ss d q g   f  f d w  z s f ss 
For centuries, indigenous wisdom traditions have talked of an epochal shift on thehorizon, of a spiritual renaissance for the earth and her living family. Now the time-lines are converging and the potential for an energetic “upgrade” for humanity is here,but first we must survive and evolve through the current period of transition.Explaining that evolution is not a gradual process but more like a “shock to thesystem”—radical waves of transformation after a period of dormancy—author KingsleyDennis reveals that we are currently undergoing an evolutionary leap and shows notonly how to survive but also thrive in this period of global upheaval and change.Examining the nature of evolutionary cycles, he explains that the instability we arenow experiencing—climate change, economic meltdowns, and increasing politicalpolarization—is the convergence of complex systems that have reached a critical state.What we need in order to push through to the coming spiritual renaissance is a para-digm shift in human thinking and perception, a conscious evolution in recognition of the interconnectedness of all things—a new mind for a new world. Examining newfindings in quantum physics and quantum biology on the interconnectivity of all life aswell as opportunities for us to reawaken our slumbering souls, this book offers a glimpseof the new global society to come, a renewed humanity for the 21st century, and howeach of us can best participate during the process of planetary transformation.Kingsley L. Dennis, Ph.D., is a sociologist and writer currently connected with theGiordano Bruno GlobalShift University. The author of numerous articles on complex-ity theory, technologies, new media communications, and consciousness, he spends histime between Andalusia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.
September 2011
ir Trtisbn 978-1-59477-412-6$16.95 (Can $18.95) prisbn 978-1-59477-809-4
$16.95 (can $18.95) e240 gs, 6 x 9rgs: WdS/nw tg
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September 2011
Wisdom of the Plant Devas
Herbal Medicine for a New Earth
thea Summer DeerFwd  lws m-md, m.D., p.D.
csg  ss f s d sg gd
 h
• rs w,  g w  d  s f  , w  
frth t mc wtht   t t t
• ids wsd f  ds f 13 s, s s s, d,
  r
• ews ds w  s  d  w  ss f
h  rth wth th t  r thm
Each plant has a story to share with us, a healing story to guide us in trying times, aspirit medicine for the New Earth that is presently unfolding. Herbs are some of the mostpowerful allies we have for these transitional times—we just need to learn how to listenas they share their knowledge with us.In
Wisdom of the Plant Devas,
Thea Summer Deer reveals a new dimension of herbalmedicine, one where the plant’s spirit is consulted for guidance and healing beyond thephysical. Examining the botany, modern and traditional uses, history, and folklore of 13special herbs, such as rosemary, uva ursi, and datura, she shares divinations and mes-sages from their devas, or plant spirits, explaining how these stories carry the herbs intoour lives, letting them work their magic on us. Exploring herbal medicine from an ener-getic perspective, she reveals that by communing with the deva of a plant, we can callon the plant’s physical, psychological, and spiritual medicine and guidance—withoutingesting it or even being in its presence.Detailing the sacred space of a Medicine Wheel Garden, whether in a backyard orour imaginations, she connects us with the devas and empowers us to seek our ownanswers with their much-needed spiritual guidance and divinatory advice. Creating abridge between botanical medicine and plant spirit medicine, she shows how by cominginto community with the devas and co-creating with the world of nature, we can gaintremendous insights to help heal our hearts, our minds, and our spirits and consciouslyevolve as together we birth the New Earth.Thea Summer Deer is a clinical herbalist, singer-songwriter, midwife, and child-birth educator. Raised with the Seminole Indians in South Florida until the ageof eight, she lives surrounded by Cherokee ancestral land in the AppalachianMountains of western North Carolina.
September 2011
b & ciSbn 978-1-59143-085-8
$16.00 (Can $17.95) pr
iSbn 978-1-59143-941-7$16.00 (can $17.95) e224 gs, 6 x 9
F cr thrht
rgs: WdS/n
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