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Published by Hamish_Budge_6256

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Published by: Hamish_Budge_6256 on Sep 02, 2011
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All school staff and pupilswill have access to all their energy usage figures allow-ing them to see the differ-ence that their actions make.School staff and pupils will be kept updated throughoutthe year as to their progresstowards the 5% reductiontarget.Schools will be encouragedto formulate an energy policywith participation of staff and pupils, this could form part of work already ongoingthrough Eco-Committees or  be something completelynew.
Saving 324 tonnes of C02is the equivalent of re-ducing bus mileage by1,876,284 miles.
In 2011/12 all Schools in theWestern Isles will be doing theirbit to tackle climate change.Many Schools in the WesternIsles are already working veryhard to reduce their energy billsand their impact on the environ-ment.The Sgoiltean Uaine EnergyAward program 2011/12 willhelp support Schools to attainenergy awards whilst also provid-ing assistance towards existingprogramme's such as Eco-Schools.Energy efficiency training will beavailable for all School staff andpupils as well as information onrenewable technology and othersustainable issuesSchools are to be encouraged tomake a 5% cut in energy usageover the coming financial year.This 5% cut equates to a savingof 324 tonnes of CO2 forschools in the Western IslesThe Carbon Trust estimate thatsimple no cost behaviouralchange measures can save 10%of energy use in a building.
Energy Efficiency is aboutusing less Energy to providethe same level of service
Form an Energy Team at your School
Allocate responsibility to a team of key staff and pupils who canfocus the whole school on saving energy.Ideally the team: should be supported by the Head TeacherAppoint a School Energy ManagerInclude Janitor and cleaning staff Nominate pupils to act as energy monitorsInvolve the whole School
School Heating Temperatures to becapped at 23 Degrees.
To try and combat the ever increasingenergy costs the heating temperaturein schools will be capped at 23 degreescentigrade, this means that where ap- plicable schools will have a tempera-ture set point at a maximum of 20 de-grees C with the ability to change thetemperature by +/- 3 degrees.
Western Isles Schools to cut carbon by 5% in 2012
School Energy use in 2010/11 = 6474 tons CO2
Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar
Sgoiltean UaineENERGY AWARDS 2011/12
PAGE 2Find out how to saveenergy and money at www.sust-it.net Thisuseful site liststhousands of electrical appliancesand goods accordingto how much energythey use
Plan ahead and try'sit boiling' which isgreat for saving en-ergy in the kitchen. Just boil your veg-gies, pasta or ricefor a few minutes onfull heat, removefrom the hob butkeep covered, andleave to finish cook-ing in the hot water.You may have toexperiment a bit toget the timingsright, but once youget the hang of it,you'll wonder whyyou didn't try it be-fore!
Good Housekeeping Measures
Energy Monitoring at Eriskay School
Help on offer to cut your carbon
The Education Energy Effi-ciency Officer, Ruaraidh Fer-guson can provide a range of services designed to help youcut your carbon footprint.
Energy Efficiency training
is available for all staff andpupils, this can be carried outat a time suitable to your-selves to accommodate staff meetings etc
Presentations on Renew-able Energy
sustainabilityand energy efficiency to fit inwith projects ongoing withinthe School.
Demonstrations of EnergyPerformance software
isavailable to all schools helpingto understand what can im-pact on energy usageEnergy Performance Reportsare available for someSchools, and access on energyinformation available for all.
Access to best practicefrom other schools
, thereis a lot of excellent work being carried out withinSchools in the Western Isles,a central database will enableall Schools to access bestpractice where appropriateMany Schools now haveonline access to their electri-cal usage, more Schools willgo online this year.Monthly and quarterly moni-toring will ensure that allSchools and their energycommittees will be aware of how they are performingagainst the hoped for 5%reduction in energy usageThe photo to the left shows the form that Eriskay School use tomonitor their daily electricity usage. This is done on a rotationalbasis by the P6/7 pupils. The pupils gain skills in recording andreading different sets of data, making comparisons and thereforeunderstanding how we change our behaviour to improve effi-ciency and become more eco-friendly as a school.In the first column pupils record the cost of the electricity, in thesecond the units used and in the third the carbon emitted as aresult of the energy used.Using the monitor and re-cording their energy usagehelped Eriskay to be awardedtheir second Green Flag.Congratulations to theSchool and community.
Keep it Under Control
Make sure the heating is timed toswitch on and off at the righttimes to heat your School. Itshouldn’t be coming on too earlyor too late.
Check your Temperature
Having temperatures at the cor-rect levels will improve condi-tions for staff and pupils, pupilstend to learn better at slightlylower temperatures . An appro-priate learning environment canbe well below 23 degrees.
Natural Light
Make the most of natural daylightwhenever possible, studies showpupils are most productive work-ing in natural daylight.
When computer monitors aren’tin use switch them off. PC moni-tors account for two thirds of acomputer’s energy consumption.
Heating usually accounts for atleast half of the schools annualfuel use, lowering the heating byone degree centigrade can saveabout 8% of your fuel costs.
Keep it Closed
When the heating is on keep thedoors and windows closed. If itgets too hot adjust the wall orradiator thermostat.
Renewable Technology
Wind turbines are producingelectricity and cutting the Com-hairle's Carbon footprint at Sgoilna Loch, Balallan School, PaibleSchool and South Uist CareHome, whilst a Photovoltaic arrayat Sir E Scott School is providingelectricity and cutting carbondirect from daylight.Size of Turbine/ PV array Annual Generation kWh’s Annual Carbon Saving KgSgoil Na Loch 2.5 kW 2737 1489Balallan School 2.5 kW 2543 1383Paible School 2.5 kW 1937 1054Iochdar School 5 kW 6980 3797South Uist Care Home 3 x 6 kW 37784 20554Sir E Scott School 21 kWP PV array 11660 6459Total 63641 kWh’s 34376 KG C02The chart to the left shows howthe energy is used in a typicalschool, with 63% of energy beingused to heat the school and providehot water.However when you look at thechart on the right, which highlightshow much each function costs in atypical school you will begin tonotice some differences, rememberthese figures will differ from schoolSchool staff and pupils will haveaccess to all information so theycan compare against Schools of asimilar type and hopefully shareinformation and ideas on how tobe more efficient with the energythat they use. Schools will thenhave the ability to highlight anduse information from throughoutthe Schools estate within thewider curriculum.The energy tables will run from1st April 2011 to 31st March2012.Although this doesn’t follow theSchool year it is easier to accessfinancial information for this pe-riod. However it does mean thatenergy efficiency policies will beable to transcend the School yearwith a continuation of activities aspupils move between years,As the Comhairle's school estateis so varied in terms of age of buildings and types of heating itwould be very difficult to compareschools energy use on a like forlike basis. What is proposed isthat schools energy usage is moni-tored under 3 sections, energy useper square meter, energy use perpupil and % energy reductionagainst energy use for the previ-ous year.
School Energy TablesWhere does your Energy go?

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