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Published by Crystal Samples

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Published by: Crystal Samples on Oct 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pro 26:2 ESV(2)Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, a curse that is causeless doesnot alight.
To understand curses, we must study what a covenant is. A covenant is much more than just an agreement, treaty or contract. The closest thing we have to it today is the marriagecovenant. It involves the spiritual, physical, legal, and social realms.In Hebrew life, there were several different types of covenants: land, salt, and blood toname a few. The land covenant is when a territory is given to a certain tribe for all time – such as when God gave the land of Israel to the Jews forever. Even if an individualwould buy or sell a parcel of land – every 50 yrs at Jubilee the land would go back to itsoriginal owner. So we see that the land covenant supersedes mere real estate transactions.If you understand this concept – you’ll understand the reason behind the bitter fightingover territory in the Middle East.A salt covenant would usually be between two people who each took a bag of salt – andexchanged a handful – one bag to the other – then shook the bags – to signify that if thissalt could ever be divided up to its original states – then the covenant could be broken – which of course is impossible.The strongest of all covenants was the blood covenant. Here the two parties would makea cut on their arms and then let the blood flow together. All that one person had now belonged to the other and vice versa. Only death could break this type of covenant.Each covenant had a list of blessings and cursings. The standard pattern is – if you enter a covenant with me – here is what you can expect in terms of rights and privileges and if you ever break this covenant – here are the curses. Deuteronomy 28 is the perfectexample of this. Now let’s look at just one more concept: trespasses vs. iniquities.
Isaiah 53:5 ESV(5)But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; uponhim was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we are healed.
H6588 - trespass
BDB Definition:
1) transgression, rebellion1a1) transgression (against individuals)1a2) transgression (nation against nation)
1a3) transgression (against God)1a3a) in general1a3b) as recognised by sinner 1a3c) as God deals with it1a3d) as God forgives1a4) guilt of transgression1a5) punishment for transgression1a6) offering for transgression
H5771 - iniquity
BDB Definition:
1) perversity, depravity, iniquity, guilt or punishment of iniquity1a) iniquity1b) guilt of iniquity, guilt (as great), guilt (of condition)1c) consequence of or punishment for iniquity
If we think of like this – it may help us. Let’s say the father of a house loses his temper and yells at everyone. The trespass is losing his temper. He needs to go before God andrepent for that sin. The iniquity however is much broader – the wife was terrorized anddemeaned, the children were scared witless. The effects of the sin (losing his temper) hadrepercussions on his family – fear, resentment, anger, etc. Now let’s say the father accepts Jesus as his savior – he is forgiven of his sin (losing histemper) but the effects of that sin (fear and anger in his family) are still under the “curse”and long term effects can be seen.The good news (gospel) is that Jesus paid for it all. When we become born again – our sins are forgiven but we often suffer from the consequences of other people’s sin or eventhe consequences of our own. For example, the son of this father grows up and discovershe has a temper (generational iniquity). The blood of Jesus applied will still be effective.When the Spirit of God reveals to us the root of a problem whether it by reason of our own sin or the sins of the fathers, we bring it to the foot of the cross and obtainredemption through the blood of Jesus. We renounce the curse and its effects and receivefull release in the name of Jesus!
Generational Curses
Exo 20:5-6 ESV(5)You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and thefourth generation of those who hate me,
(6)but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep mycommandments.
As we saw in the previous study, every man is responsible for his own sin (trespass). Wealso saw how iniquity can affect not only the person involved in a particular sin – but alsothe people around the sinner or related to the sinner.One of the definitions of iniquity is perverseness. Let’s use the example of sexual abuseto illustrate this concept. Forcing yourself- whether through manipulation, guilt, threatsor direct physical power – on another person sexually is a sin. Moreover, sex withanyone that is not your spouse – is a sin.I will generalize here for the purpose of illustration – not all victims suffer the samesymptoms or behavior. What happens to children who were abused sexually when theygrow up? For women, the effects can follow several paths:1. They grow up thinking of themselves as sexual toys for the pleasure of men. Theycrave attention from men excessively – some to the point of sexual addiction. It is anabnormal craving –never satisfied – because the one person they wanted love from wasn’tthere. Very often these women marry abusive men or go from one relationship to another  – “looking for love in all the wrong places.”2. They grow up hating men and scared of them at the same time. They may wear “frumpy” clothes so men won’t be attracted to them, they may gain excessive weight toappear unattractive etc.For men who were molested as children – the path often leads to aggressive behavior andoften to abusing others. Boys tend to take their anger out on others while girls tend totake their anger out on themselves (cutting, anorexia, depression, etc.) The vast majorityof serial rapists and murderers were severely abused as children.When great grandpa molested his daughter who married a man just like dear old dad whomolested his daughter, etc – what we then have is a generational iniquity. Sexual abuseaffects not only sexuality, but gender formation, intimacy, relationships, trust andworldview. I believe that is why it is one of the favorite tools of Satan to destroy people.Generational iniquity doesn’t have to be just about sex however. Alcoholism and drugabuse also are passed down from the generations before us. Chronic poverty, lack of education, cultic beliefs, physical illnesses and more are passed down in families. As ageneral rule, if you can look at your family tree and notice a pattern of iniquity – you probably need to address it.
Steps to Freedom
of what you are responsible for – your own personal sin. If you holdunforgiveness, bitterness or resentment – let it go. Apply 1 John 1:9 liberally!2.
any family curse or iniquity that the Holy Spirit reveals to you. Havesomeone pray with you if you need help.

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