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Teompa's Laws

Teompa's Laws

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Published by Daniel Teompa
Teompa's Laws
Teompa's Laws

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Published by: Daniel Teompa on Sep 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Teompa's Laws
1.God made you human; don’t turn yourself into a monkey.2.God made the world; the devil only had to seize it.3.God only exists for those who believe in God.4.God is called upon in curses more than He is in prayers.5.Some worship that which others trample.6.You like to overuse humor: you were weaned with hot peppers.7.A joke is like dessert. Do you ever become upset when you have dessert?8.Be a brave man: be afraid instead of being terrified.9.Nobody fears the fearful.10.The shadow of some is more awe-inspiring than their person…11.Dark thoughts make for wakeful nights.12.Unspeakable things deserve to be heard the most.13.What did you achieve with this? You have the right of expression, but no one is listening!14.When you are given the microphone, don’t stutter…15.Newspapers censor the right of reply: as a reply!16.Of two newspapers that lie, choose the one that does it better.17.Not all readers are also well-read.18.In order to write it is not enough to know how to write.19.Criticism: I have never encountered a bad book title…20.General culture is mistaken for… culture in general.21.When you fail at being your own guinea pig, you become your own executioner.22.As an untidy person, it is of no avail to tidy up often.23.Time is not the same for those who wait and for those who are waited.24.Don’t hurry, only run when you exercise.25.Fear having too much spare time: you risk losing it all.26.No matter how you forget that time passes, it does not forget you.27.The search of lost time, a waste of time…28.You have no time for something, but to lose, your entire lifetime…29.Dawdling or walking the dog is the same thing.30.You deserve your destiny if you do nothing to change it!31.Some moments are relived more intensely than they were lived in their own time.
32.Life changes you more than you change yourself.33.Life: a wound that closes when your eyes close.34.Life does not belong to you, which is why at some point you lose it.35.Life tells you how to life, and death tells you how much.36.Life has some logic, but no one is born a logician.37.Life: you experiment and then live the consequences of the experiences.38.Life is not every day, life is the occasions!39.Life gives no free lessons!40.Life alone prepares you for life.41.You get most things in the rerun.42.You are convicted to live your own life!43.Nevertheless, your parents did not ask for your permission to give you life…44.The road is oftentimes so narrow, that you feel the need to walk two paths.45.If you shunned evil all the time, than you would run your entire life.46.Announcement: lost life, note to the finder, I was unhappy!47.It is a sin to live without sinning.48.Seize the moment, a dying person ponders.49.Live more than just biologically!50.Some people live, the others help some people to live.51.He has set himself to change his life radically: he wants to commit suicide…52.Obstacles are easiest to aim for.53.Feelings are trapped by matter.54.Kiddo, I declare war, I want to conquer you.55.You are the only girl that I would cheat on the girl in my dreams with.56.I love you: this is no declaration of love, it is wooden language.57.How to tell a person nicely that you love them: don’t lie to them.58.Don’t search for happiness in love: if there were love, there would no longer be lovers.59.Lovers argue so rarely because they are only together until they make love.60.Desires hurt, lack of desires hurts.61.Love is different from the desire to love.62.Love does not mean happiness, it means as little unhappiness as possible…63.Love – a feeling that does not love just anybody.64.It is one thing to love, and another to also be loved.
65.When someone doesn’t leave you alone, baffle them!66.When you feel, let your reason be active.67.The heart cannot hold before two things: love and the final beat.68.Everybody searches for the ideal, even after engagement.69.Your ideal in love belongs to another.70.Happiness is not enough for man.71.The heart should be disposable!72.Beautiful women are reserved by the rich.73.If you use your money to conquer love, save some for divorce.74.The reward of most love stories consists of suffering and oblivion.75.Your half or your halves?!76.It is easier to buy a woman than it is to conquer her.77.Hate every woman, thinking that at one point you may have to love her.78.Distance draws you closer to your loved ones.79.Unhappy? Not at all, in pursuit of happiness.80.Only the selfish have who to live for81.Loneliness brings about unhappiness, and unhappiness brings about loneliness.82.When you run away from loneliness, you risk to find it easier.83.You search for happiness and you can only find it in others…84.People who play life are the happiest.85.No dream is happy because it is only a dream.86.No dreaming outside of sleep!87.Why cry when you can laugh? Why laugh when you can cry with happiness?88.The fun that you don’t take part in costs you the most.89.It is not at all natural to fight against nature.90.Better nothing than little nothings.91.It is better to have a million-dollar idea than to have a million ideas.92.Rather than indifference, hatred!93.People with o heart put too much heart into something and they were left without it…94.You have to do the most when there is nothing left to do.95.Your purpose in life is to search for it… and if you find it in time to apply it.96.The more you prepare, the more surprised you will be.97.There is an explanation, especially where you can’t find it.

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