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Pro-Choice Propaganda, Images, and the Violence of Abortion.

Pro-Choice Propaganda, Images, and the Violence of Abortion.

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Published by A.J. MacDonald, Jr.
An analysis of recent pro-choice rhetoric, which is used in the futile attempt to justify that which is unjustifiable: abortion on demand.
An analysis of recent pro-choice rhetoric, which is used in the futile attempt to justify that which is unjustifiable: abortion on demand.

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: A.J. MacDonald, Jr. on Sep 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pro-ChoicePropaganda,Images, and theViolence ofAbortion.
Abortion is
the intentional, violent destruction of a human being 
.Today themostdangerous placefor ablack child in America is within her mother
s womb.Abortion on demand means:
abortion for any reason whatsoever 
. Abortion on demanddoes
medical reason for getting an abortion, other than a woman
s notwanting to carry the unborn child to term.The pro-aborts love to talk about the violence, which only a very fewpro-lifershaveperpetrated, against abortionists, but they
like to talk about
the violence of abortion 
.Logically, there never would have been
violence against abortionists
violence of abortion 
had not first been legalized 
(via Roe v. Wade ) throughout all fifty states (in1973).The violence
of a bortion 
came first; the violence
the abortionists has followed.The violence theabortionist perpetrates against the unborn child is
the cause 
. Theviolence against the abortionist is
an effect 
the violence of abortion 
the violence against abortionists 
s getting harder and harder for the pro-aborts to defend theindefensible. For example,read this paragraph written by a bitter pro-abort who senses her movement - to keepabortion on demand legal in all fifty states - losing both its momentum and its justification:“[T]here was the truck plastered with photos of what the anti-choicers claim are mangledfetuses.
These photos, whether real or not, are obviously distasteful, and meant to beso. But they are also misleading if not outright fake.
If, for example, a woman is carryinga fetus that has died in utero, and it is removed for her own mental and physical health,
it may well look grisly. So would, for example, heart surgery. But the implication withoutcontext is that someone is killing near-born babies without reason. Using photos-andscience for that matter--that is either created entirely for shock value or so grosslymisrepresents reality as to have no relation is a primary strategy of the anti-choicemovement.”Jodi Jacobson
Ignore That Self-Affixed Halo: Anti-Choicers Know Just What They Are Doing to Incite Violence 
8/9/2011“These photos [ofmangled fetuses],whether real or not, areobviously distasteful, andmeant to be so.”These photos of abortedbabies, whether real ornot, are distasteful, shesays. She admits, here,that an actual (i.e., real)photograph of a babykilled by an abortionist (i.e., a mangled fetus) is distasteful, because it looks “grisly”.This pro-abort writer believes it
s distasteful for pro-lifers to display an image of amangled fetus (i.e., baby) and she tells us why: because they
re “grisly”. The image of amangled baby killed by an abortionist, this writer tells us, is repulsive, and this writerbelieves such repulsive images shouldn
t be shown in public, or in polite company. Sheapparently believes it
s better for us, as a society,
to be reminded of
what the abortionist is doing 
mangling babies 
) behind closed doors.This pro-abort writer isn
t so much bothered by
the grisly images 
of mangled babies(i.e., fetuses), she is bothered by the fact that pro-lifers display such images
in public 
.Pro-aborts, like our writer, here, never use the word
, they always use the word
, because this makes “the baby” soundless human, making it easier for folks to support a woman
s right to hire an abortionist
to kill 
her own offs pring 
.From the
Medial Terms Dictionary 
: “
: the unborn offspringfrom the end of the 8th week after conception (when the major structures have formed)until birth. Up until the eighth week, the developing offspring is called anembryo” (“mangled fetus” = “mangled offspring”).Interestingly enough, this pro-abort writer attempts to equate an “already dead fetus”with “a live fetus”, as though the two are the same, but they are not: one baby is
and one baby is
. This pro-abort writer also attempts to equate “having an abortion”with “having heart surgery”. But whereas heart surgery is always the attempt to
save lives 
abortion is always the attempt to
thesame, or equivalent. She does, however, admit that these images - of abortion andsurgery - are “grisly”.Like the grisly images of those killedinwar, which we, in America, are  never allowed to see, we
re neverallowed to see the grisly images ofthose children who have beenmurdered,unjustly but legally, byabortion on demand. But why?Because, once we
ofwar and abortion we will demand an
to war and abortion?I think so, becausepropaganda is allabout words
images, together;not words only.“Do not participate in the unfruitfuldeedsof darkness, but insteadexposethem.” Ephesians 5:11There is hope after abortion! See:http://www.hopeafterabortion.comAll human beings are created equal! See:http://www.createdequal.netFeminists for Life, because women deserve better than abortion! See:http:// www.feministsforlife.orgThe development of human life in the womb:http:// www.physiciansforlife.org/content/  view/466/43/ On the recent exposure of the horrors that took place within the Women
s MedicalSociety of Philadelphia, please see:http://realchoice.blogspot.com/2011/01/naf-kermit-gosnell-and-baby-boy.html- see also:http://streetwizeunkutt.blogspot.com/2011/01/  philly-doctor-accused-of-killing-babies.htmlAll photos taken from the Grand Jury Report (Criminal Trials Division) of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Kermit Gosnell (et al) and the Women
s MedicalSociety of Philadelphia - 2011:http://www.phila.gov/districtattorney/PDFs/ GrandJuryWomensMedical.pdf

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