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September Quill 2011

September Quill 2011

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Published by strsmith

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Published by: strsmith on Sep 02, 2011
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 G LD NUGGETS is a blog for and by GPOC members. Gold Nuggets is an informationalhub for members to keep up-to-date with GPOC news and events. We encourage you to emailyour news items and information to the webmaster atwww.gpoc.com. Join GPOC on FACEBOOK! You need your own Facebook account.Access GPOC on FACEBOOK through a link on the GPOC website.
      q     u        i         l         l
official publication of The Gold Prospectors of Colorado volume 38 no.9
Box 1593, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
President’s Letter 
2September Calendar 
3Membership Meeting Minutes
4Colorado’s Gold Dome
4Gold Panning Championships 5Championship Pictures
6Championship Pictures
Rockers, continued
9Rockers, continued
10Rockers, continued
11Free Rocker Plans
12Free Rocker Plans
14Rocker Plans
15Rocker Plans
16Rocker Plans
17Mining The Internet
Fellow Prospectors:
The Colorado State Gold PanningChampionships was a tremendoussuccess. Thanks to our Volunteers thisyear, it went off with out a hitch.Alton Oaks deserves a warm show ofgratitude, as he is our most recent recipientof the Frank Burns Memorial Sportsman'sTrophy
and Award, which he will bepresented with this month. This trophy andplaque are presented to the person whowas the best sportsman and most valuablevolunteer at the Championships. Alton wasso busy cleaning the Championship sandhe was unable to participate in some of theevents. I personally felt ashamed that Iwasn't there helping him with a duty that isso critically necessary to the function of theChampionships allowing all to enjoy thechallenges of the competition.This is one example of what ourorganization is about folks and here's ashining example of someone who, withoutbeing asked, brought in generators tosupply power, gas to run them, a highbanker to wash sand, showed up earlyeach day and stayed late to keep thingsrunning smoothly.
Thank you Alton Oakes!This months outing is at the Leadville claimon the 27th and 28th from 8am Saturday till5pm Sunday. Be mindful that there is noshade except beside my camper. There isno Plan of Operation in place for this claimyet, so it's panning and sluicing only.
continued on page 2 
Crying towels were provided for 4th place winner
s at the Colorado Gold Panning Championships.
GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.9 WE ARE ELECTRONIC atwww.gpoc.com
Ben Higleypresident@gpoc.com
 Vice President
Wayne Wittkoppvicepresident@gpoc.com
Elise Pearcesecretary@gpoc.com
Bill Smithtreasure@gpoc.com
Stacey Smithwebmaster@gpoc.com
Lin Smithquill@gpoc.com
Contact Infofor all club activities
Bob Hale(719)213-3383
Marty Witcherclaims@gpoc.com
TrusteesOne Year
Gary Beaderstadt
Two Year
Diane Anderson
Three Year
Jim Blakenship
Gold Prospectors of ColoradoP.O. Box 1593Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
The Prospector’s Quill is the official newsletter ofthe Gold Prospectors of Colorado. The opinionsare those of the authors and do not necessarilyreflect those of the club or its members. Theeditor, club, officers, and contributors do notassume any liability for damages resulting fromuse of information in the Prospector’s Quill.Articles of interest are welcomed. All articlessubmitted for publication are subject to editing.Submission of articles must be received beforethe 20th of the month. Unless noted, non-profitsmay reprint or quote from articles, provided
credit is given to the author’s and publication
and a copy of the newsletter the article appearsin is sent to the editor of The Prospector
s Quill atPO Box 1593, CS CO 80913. All pictures are theproperty of the photographer and are not to becopied or reproduced.
The information is provided solely for the reader 
general knowledge.
GPOC assumes no responsibility for its completeness or accuracy.
Although care has been taken to produce the information in the Quill, information is provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the information.
I want to thank you in advance for pointing out my mistakes! However, it is YOUR responsibility to research resources and make sure that you are in compliance with all laws and regulations, as well as following the GPOC CODE of ETHICS.
The GPOC is a 501(c) charitable organization
President’s Letter, continued
If you have a re-circulatory unit it
s acceptable as long as you don't
draw waterfrom the river while in use. We expect a good turn out and are hoping todiscover some of the hidden secrets of the glacial deposits from 5 million yearsago. I myself plan to explore the upper North West 40 acres where the bedrockis exposed and engraved by the ice striations
from the North. In this area
as Ihave secretly scoured the cracks and fractures in the rock which seem to beundisturbed and are perhaps a good place to start a search for an alluvialdeposit. The river
has shown good gold by those who know where to look. Ihave seen the yellow metal drawn from a one-gallon bucket of material frombehind a rock in the high water stream bed.September 16th, 17th and 18th is the Denver Gem and Mineral show
at theDenver Merchandise Mart at I-25 and 58th Ave on the North East corner. TheGPOC could use volunteers to help set-up on Thursday night at about 5pm. OnFriday we need help with about 500 children per hour with panningdemonstrations tthat begin at 8am.Thank you to all of you who volunteer in helping the general public with betterunderstanding of how it was in the Colorado Gold Rush of 1859
and how ourgreat state was booming due to this golden discovery and how we still to thisday educate people on the aspects of this, we call, Gold Prospectors ofColorado.
Sincerely, Your President and public servant, Big Ben
P.S. This months nominations for the upcoming Election. Nominations are open 
for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Web-Master and 
Three year 
Trustee. So think about whom you want to nominate making sure that that person needs to accept the nomination. You can even nominate yourself! So get involved and have some fun with this.
Anything is possible.
Prospector’s Quill
Lin Smithquill@gpoc.com
Letter from the Editor:This month
s Prospector
s Quill
s focus is on rockers. Additional information isavailable on the GPOC website which includes the history of rocker
s as well asadditional plans. While doing research on this subject I found numerous bookswhich did not think that rocker
s were efficient in capturing fine gold. Thehistorical plans are quoted as found and may contain directions for the use ofmercury. Mercury was used in the rocker boxes to aid in the capture of gold.This is NOT a method that any modern day prospector should use, nor is itcondoned by the GPOC. By using your knowledge of sluices you should beable to do modifications to the riffles as well as using more advanced mattingmaterials that are available today. The Roc Doc can be a source for mattingproducts.If you receive the printed copy of the Quill it will be shorter than the onlineversion due to printing costs. For further information on rockers and pictures ofthe Championships access the Prospector
s Quill online. A huge thank you toJim Blakenship & Shirley Weilnau for the pictures of the Gold PanningChampionships!
GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.9 WE ARE ELECTRONIC atwww.gpoc.com
meetings events events eventsca en ar 
For further information contact:
Please refer to the information below for further events 
Claims CommitteeMeeting
There will be no formalclaim meeting during thesummer.
Board Meeting
Gold Hill Police Station7:00 PM955 Moreno Avenue,CS, CO
44th Denver Gem &Mineral Show“Minerals ofRussia”
Denver, ColoradoDenver MerchandiseMart Expo Hall451 E. 58th Avenue(I-25 at Exit 215)
16th 9AM - 6PM17th 10AM - 6PM18th 10AM - 5PM
volunteers needed
Denver Gem &Mineral Show
1:00 PM
: Presentation:
Creede Colorado History 
by Charles A.Harbert
Public Lands Days
In addition to freeadmission onSeptember 24, everyparticipatingvolunteer at NationalPark Service sites onNational PublicLands Day willreceive a coupon fora fee free return visit.
7:00 PM3400 N.NevadaCS, CO
Denver Gem &Mineral Show
1:00 PM
: Presentation:
Starting a Mineral Collection 
by PeteModreski
2:00 PM
: Presentation:
The Greater Alma Mining District 
bySteven Veach
Explore HistoricLeadvillehttp:// www.cmcneverstoplearning.com/ Explore-Historic-Leadville
Fun and educationalweekend for
istorybuffs and thosecurious aboutLeadville and LakeCounty's colorfuland wild past!
GPOC Summer Events 
Sept. 16th - 18th
44th Annual Denver Gem and Mineral Show
Sept. 24th
Public Land
s Day
Denver Museum of Nature and Science 
September 16, 2011 - January 8, 2012
Tyrannosaurus Rex 
is a prehistoric icon-one of the largest andmost fierce dinosaurs of all time. Experience the heart-stoppingsize of this ferocious predator in a bilingual exhibition thatdemonstrates how the "tyrant lizard king" was monstrous yetmortal.
Dinosaurs Alive 
Denver Museum of Nature and Science Begins Sept. 16th 
The IMAX 3D film
Dinosaurs Alive! 
features amazingly lifelike re-creations of dinosaurs and follows renowned paleontologists asthey uncover new fossils and evidence about these endlesslyfascinating creatures. The 3D adventure
Waking the T. Rex: The Story of SUE 
brings Sue-the world's most famous
Tyrannosaurus Rex-to 
life .Some scenes may not be suitable for young children.
“On the Road” Again Sept. 9-11
s “On the Road” Heritage tour of theSouth Park National Heritage Area. You will tour the Tarryall Roadand the communities of Como, Fairplay and Alma.Steven Veatch, GeoScienceand historian explaining the mining history ofAlmaParis Milland Arrastra Tour, Panning for gold with Chad Watkins,Tin Pan Prospector Outfitters, Walking tour of Alma plus fishingdemonstration plus BBQ plus live music.Register by calling 1-303-893-4260 or by going online at:
http:// coloradopreservation.org/home-feature/save-the-date-for-on-the-road/ 
Explore Historic Leadville Sept. 23-25 
Tour of CMC campus and slide show of the Old Stage RoadTour of Hayden Ranch by two Hayden Ranch expertsTrip to the Old Stage Road interpretive signs along ArkansasRiver
Tour Mining District Picni c lunch at National Hall of Fame and Mining Museum Tour of Evergre en Cemetery 
Tourof Delaware Hotel or Healy House and Dexter CabinPerformance by "Madams of Central Colorado" and dinner atThe Delaware Hotel
Tour of Hopemore Mine (600 feet down!)Rockhoundingin Mining DistrictGraband Go lunch
Dry Panning

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