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Wind Over Water

Wind Over Water

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Published by Jim Willcox

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Published by: Jim Willcox on Sep 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wind Over Water Jim Clark Scotch Run..looking for natives Patrick had a small ultra light spinning rod with a micro shimano reel. Whenever fishing a trout stream he used 2 lb. test. When wading he wore a vest to keephis hooks, jigs or spinners. On one spring morning on Scotch Run he worked a small area of the creek froma boulder on the bank at the base of a hill. In that spot there is a current racethat flows into deeper water turning back into rapids a little farther downstream.At the base of the boulder is a backwater. At first he drifted a meal worm on a #4hook. The fish were right on the edge of where the race met the backwater. Hecaught several brookies that were 10 or 11 inches making the same natural drift.The trout were holding in the same place on the edge of the race. He landed asmall rainbow in the same size range as the brook trout catching five fish driftafter drift. He freelined the fish for a second or two before hooking up. The fastcurrent made landing the fish more challenging. Pat saw this as a good chanceto land fish on an artificial. He had small white foxee-jigs. He made his cast intothe same part of the current race jigging as his lure drifted downstream. Itworked on the first cast. An aggressive brookie darted up out of the rapids intothe backwater to strike. Pat had the drag set on real light pressure at first until hecould work them into the backwater at the base of the big boulder he wasstanding on. He landed on more rainbow on the foxee-jig after several casts.The rainbow was in the rapids downstream of the deeper water. Rainbow trouthold in fast water. Pat caught one more small brook trout after that making iteight fish in that one part of the stream. Patrick noticed his father walking over.He said he caught three rainbows above there wading in slow moving shallowwater. JIM "man this is a great looking spot, I caught three rainbows wading upstream of here, I let them go" 
PAT "I caught two rainbows, I caught eight fish right on the edge of this race,most of them were brookies, I released all of them" JIM "good going man, what a great morning" PAT "I thought about walking farther upstream to see if I can find natives" JIM "how far?" PAT "farther than I ever went before" JIM "alright man, go exploring" Pat climbed up to the top of the hill above where he was fishing until he got ashigh as he could go. He hiked over a mile walking along the ridge until he cameto the edge overlooking the creek. In his sight was a bend in the creek thatlooked good. The creek meandered through the mountains. The get to the partof the creek that he wanted to fish Pat had to climb down the rock ledges below.Pat fished below the bend in the creek he noticed first. It was fast water flowingthrough small boulders. He waded upstream as he worked the current with hisfoxee-jig. When he got to the narrow bend he found a shallow outcropping tocast from. The current cut into the bank forming a deep edge. Pat was almostnervous as he drifted his jig along the deep bend anticipating a fish. After several casts he hooked a fish. To his amazement it was the native brook trouthe was looking for. He measured it before he let it go. The fish was 14 inches,big for a native. Pat kept on casting. He landed two more natives before walkingback to find his father. Jim was casting in the shallower water where he caught the rainbows earlier inthe morning.
 JIM "I walked about a ½ mile downstream, I caught two brookies casting a smallspinner" PAT "I found natives, I caught three over a mile upstream" JIM "awesome man, lets call it a morning" The Susquehanna Rick made a long cast into the main river current. Rick had gotten out of the boatthen waded onto the shallows where there was vegetation full of minnows in thewarmer surface column amist the late spring sunshine. Rick jigged up a bigsmallmouth on his ultra light rod. He hailed the boat as he fought the fish to getthe attention of Jim and Patrick. Rick had a competitive nature that made himwant to catch the most. RICK "someone work this edge with me" Rick landed his smallie JIM "good going Ritchie, keep it up man" Patrick looked through his lures getting out mepps spinners for casting in theshallows. Jim waded over to the current edge where Rick was. Rick wasstanding on a shallow outcropping. The outcropping was a river flat of smallstones. On the edge it got deeper so the current was racing more than it was in

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