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Guide to Games on the Internet Through NNS Objectives

Guide to Games on the Internet Through NNS Objectives

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Published by api-3478802

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Published by: api-3478802 on Oct 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Guide to games on the internet through NNS objectives
Internet Links
This file is designed to be used to link each year group objective to anappropriate game or teaching resource on the internet. The addresses aredirect links to the games so the computer needs to be connected to theinternet.The aim of this file is to save teachers time finding games to support thenumeracy learning objectives. Each link has been tried and evaluated tocheck for ease of use and effectiveness. A simple key has been added toprovide a quick reference to each game.Ease of use on a scale of 1 to 5( 5 being easy for the children to use without much adultinteraction).Effectiveness stars ranging from 1 to 5( ***** being the most effective at supporting the objective).Each year group has the key objectives as well as some other objectivestaken from the strategy. 
To use, find the relevant year group and objective, then click on thehyperlink to go straight to the on-line game. Use the evaluations tochoose between the alternative games.Save this as a file on your computer and add your own websitesusing hyperlinks.
Key Objective - ReceptionLink to internet gameEvaluation
Say and use the number namesin order in familiar contextsnumber namesrecognise no. names5/*****5/*****
Count reliably up to 10 everydayobjectsBalloons countingNumber of Objects I5/*****3/*****
Recognise numerals 1 to 90 - 9test numerals5/*****3/*****
Use language such as more or less, greater or smaller, heavier or lighter, to compare two numbersor quantitiesmorethanMore, Less or The Same - Comparing Quantities2/**3/*****
In practical activities anddiscussion, begin to use thevocabulary involved in adding andsubtractingAddition using pictures3/*****
Find one more or one less than anumber from 1 to 10
Begin to relate addition tocombining two groups of objects,and subtraction to ‘taking away’BBC - The Little - Count Hoot's addition game5/*****BBC - The Little - Count Hoot's subtraction game5/*****BBC - Count Hoot's addition and subtraction game5/*****
Talk about, recognise andrecreate simple patternsmaths2000- flower patterns4/*****
Use language such as circle or bigger to describe the shape andsize of solids and flat shapesSimple 2D Geometrical Shapes4/*****
Use everyday words to describepositionposition5/**
Use developing mathematicalideas and methods to solvepractical problemsFunBrain ODDBALL: Which one is different?2/****
Counting using coinsKey Stage 1 - counting with money5/*****
Key Objective –Year OneLink to internet gameEvaluation
Count reliably at least 20 objects
Count on and back in ones fromany small number, and in tensfrom and back to zero
Read, write and order numbersfrom 0 to at least 20; understandand use the vocabulary of comparing and ordering thesenumbers
Within the range 0 to 30, say thenumber that is 1 or 10 more or less than any given number 
Understand the operation of addition, and of subtraction (as‘take away’ or ‘difference’), anduse the related vocabulary
Know by heart all pairs of numbers with a total of 10
Use mental strategies to solvesimple problems using counting,addition, subtraction, doublingand halving, explaining methodsand reasoning orally
Compare two lengths, masses or capacities by direct comparisonCompare two lengths, masses or capacities by direct comparison
Suggest suitable standard or uniform non-standard units andmeasuring equipment toestimate, then measure, a length,mass or capacity
Use everyday language todescribe features of familiar 3-Dand 2-D shapes
Estimate a number of objects

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