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September Newsletter

September Newsletter

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Published by Frank Shirvinski

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Published by: Frank Shirvinski on Sep 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What’s inside...
 Preschool..pg. 2Online Giving...pg. 2Going to the Movies...pg. 3Thanks
..pg.3Columbarium..pg. 4Marriage Seminar...pg. 4 Basics Class...pg.5 KP Groups..pg. 5 Mission Opportunites..pg. 6Youth Ministry...pg. 7 Chaparral Bells...pg. 7 
Safety dictates that we pay morea
ention to the red glimmer from thetaillights ahead of us, rather than theethereal glow of a crescent moon silentlytraveling through the heavens above us.And, it does not take a brain surgeon (orrocket scientist) to notice that such is thecase with nearly every aspect of our dailylives. The incessant demands of theimmediate seem to have a well hidden trumpcard always ready to play against what wemight see as extraordinary.Consider the great mounds of rubbery, yellow kelp you often
nd while taking anearly morning stroll along one of California'sbeaches. Sometimes, you will
nd childrentugging on their branches or popping thetear-shaped pods. Most adults, however,see the tangled heap as an eyesore thatrequires the a
ention of a giant ki
 y li
erscooper.Rising thirty to
fty feet o
the sea
oor(and over 200 feet in some places), themagni
cent kelp forests hidden beneath thecoastal waves reveal a complex majestythat can be best described as, otherworldly.As you glide between the rippled blades, lifeis unveiled around every corner in threedimensions. Light shimmers and glistensthrough the water with the movement of the currents and the motion of themembers of the forest swaying in unison.Your a
ention is focused on the forest'sinhabitants. While you will not
nd the likesof Bambi, Thumper and friends enjoying asunny afternoon, you will see many of Ariel'ssubjects making a life for themselves in thisgreat, protective canopy. Then, like thecrescent moon keeping watch over thenigh
ime highway, the kelp forest driftsinto the background of the ordinary.So why does kelp form a standing forestand not a carpet weaving its way along theocean
oor? I had not thought of thatquestion until I was stuck in the midst of one of Catalina Island's kelp forests waitingfor divers to descend. For the
rst time, Isaw those tear-shaped pods as more thana sheet of naturally occurring bubble wrapbegging to be popped. These gas-
lledbladders, or pneumatocysts, providedbuoyancy to keep the stalk and bladesstanding tall, which led to another question.How did these gas-
lled bladders becomegas-
lled while underwater?My point has nothing to do with the answerto the question of the pneumatocysts, butrather with
nding the time and perspectiveto ask questions. Last week, I waspreparing a lesson on Psalm 23, a piece of Hebrew poetry that we most often
ndprinted on the back of funeral programs.Yet, the author seems more interested incomfort that can be found in the present,rather than sought in some distant future.From the darkest valley to placid waters, orfrom a banquet prepared while our enemiesare watching to rolling around in green
elds,the author seems convinced that God iswith us, here and now.I am not suggesting that we remove the23
Psalm from funeral programs or fromthe personal fans that graced church pewsin a time before air conditioning was popular.But, I do think that this great psalmreminds us to remove God from the back of the bulletin and background of our lives.Beginning next week, we will start a newseries of messages entitled, "Elements."Together, we will explore practical ways thatwill help us keep our relationship with Godstanding tall in the ocean of daily life.
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Frank A. Shirvinski
Chaparral Preschool & Kindergarten
is here at Chaparral!
For the past several months, our staff has been working to move Chaparral Christian to a new ChurchManagement software package which we hope will better serve our Church family. This new system, calledFellowship One, will provide us with a number of new benefits. In the newsletter, we introduced our new system for creating an online profile and Church directory. Now, we are implementing our second phase which will provideour members with additional services for online giving. In addition to having the ability to offer recurringcontributions using your checking account (ACH), we now have the capability of providing recurring contributionsusing Visa and MasterCard. In addition, you will also have the ability to completely control the frequency,amount and schedule for your contributions. Also, by linking your secure online profile to the financialcomponent, you can view your giving history right from the comfort of your home at any time. This also meansthat you can make payments for events, activities and other programs using your existing account.To get started, visit Chaparral.org and click on the "My Account" button. Here, you can learn about all of the newservices. On the left menu, you will find a video and PDF for making an online profile. Once this is created, youwill use the same login and password to access the online giving sites. Online giving can be directly accessedfrom Chaparral.org by clicking on "Online Tools" and then the "Online Giving" button on the next page.Remember, the login and password you use for online giving and our online profile (InFellowship) are the same.(You can also create an account directly from the Online Giving page.) Detailed instructions, FAQs andadditional information can be found on our website.Also, please feel free to contact the Church officewith your questions. We
hope that these newservices will be helpful.*Note: A number of folks have asked abouthouseholds that use only one email address butwould like to have two or more users. Unfortunately,email addresses cannot be shared. The simplestsolution is to acquire another email address from afree service like gmail or your internet serviceprovider (Cox, Qwest (Century Link), etc.).
Going to the Movies
I like to watch movies. Recently, I discoveredthat I like
movies as well. Togetherwith Andrew Langdal and Kenny Bump, Ihave seen an idea morph into a story; a storymorph into a script, and a script come to life inthe hands of hired actors. We’re calling themovie
the Italian word for“Redemption,” because the movie chronicles amiddle-aged man’s journey to redeem himself from his former way of life. As a younger man, he was addicted to the thrill of crime. But now as amiddle-aged man, he is a slave to the consequences of his former life.“Redemption” is more than a New Testament word. It was first uttered to a man who lived athousand years before Christ. In Exodus 6, the L
said to Moses, “I am the LORD... I will free youfrom being slaves to the Egyptians, and I will
you with an outstretched arm.” For Moses, beingredeemed meant being free from slavery.The Apostle Paul picked up on this theme in Romans 6. Here’s a summary of what Paul writes:We are all slaves to something. You’re either a slave to sin, which means you are slaving to pleaseyourself, slaving to work primarily for your good.Or, according to Paul, you’re a slave to God: “But now you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God..and the result is eternal life” (6:22).I like to watch movies and, whether that movie is a drama, comedy, or action flick, I try to find themesof redemption throughout. I encourage you to do the same everywhere you go. Even Hollywoodfilmmakers realize that there is something terribly wrong with the world. They realize that all is notwell, and that the world needs a huge dose of hope. People are looking for redemption, and we get to be the people who tell them that redemption has a Name. We get to be the people who find relevantways to tell them that being a slave to culture is no way of living at all. We get to be the people whoshare with them the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah.
A Special Thanks to
Wende and Drew Mutschler, longtime members here atChaparral, (Wende’s parents are Charlie & Kathy Miller) have done so much to help the Church inproducing beautiful signs for our campus! I have had the pleasure of working with them and everyone Ihave encountered has been wonderful to work with. Most of the new signage on campus has beenprinted by them. We design most of them and they bring them to life! However, if you are in need of someone to design yours, they can do that too. They are located next to Smart and Final at ThunderbirdRoad and Scottsdale. Go in and say Hi or better yet, have them create a beautiful sign for you today!

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