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Squirrel Food Marketing Plan

Squirrel Food Marketing Plan

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Published by stieldirect

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Published by: stieldirect on Sep 03, 2011
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Marketing Plan
The Squirrel Food Marketing Company
“Where a Well
-Fed Squirrel is Just Plain Happy.
Squirrel Food Marketing Plan
Stiel Direct LLC
Squirrel Food Marketing Plan
Stiel Direct LLC
Executive Summary
The Squirrel Food Company
’s primary product offering is the hybrid corn, created by
a world-famousgeneticist code-named Dr. Squirrel. Through cross-breeding, Dr. Squirrel is able to enhance features of the corn that increase the nutritional value for squirrels. The embryo, white portion of the corn, is largerthan traditional corn. It is the embryo that contains protein and amino acid, fundamental building blocksof cells. Squirrels eat the embryo and discard the outer hull. Squirrels eating the corn have beenobserved to be more playful and responsive.Dr. Squirrel licensed the patent for this corn from a major company. The actual process for creating thecorn is not new, but no other company has licensed the product intent on tailoring it specifically to
squirrel dietary needs. Other companies competing for the market offer “high quality” corn, but are well
below the amino acid content in The Squirrel Food Company corn.The competition, in terms of product, packaging, distribution and pricing are all playing in roughly thesame field. The Squirrel Food Company
’s primary competitors offer corn and related extension items
such as squirrel feeders. From ordering firsthand, most companies package the product in crude boxeswith little indication of corporate identity. In bulk instances, the product is simply piled in a box and itsarrival condition is left to the whim of the shipping company. Standard size increments are 5-6 ears of corn, 6.5 lb. bag, 20 lb., and bulk is considered 40 lb. Competition pricing ranges anywhere from $.43 perlb to The Squirrel Food Company
’s closest competitor, Wildwood Farms at $.92 per lb. However, not all
companies measure pricing in the same manner. Some measure per pound and some measure per ear.In distribution, many only offer business to consumer through a website and only take larger orders byspecific email requests.We have identified our target market in terms of two divisions: Business to Business (B2B) and Businessto Consumer (B2C). The distinction between buying interests will also be applicable to the onlinepurchasing arena. Under B2C, we have identified six types of buyers: 1) Squirrel Enthusiasts, 2) BirdLovers, 3) Casual Buyers, 4) Retirees, 5) City Slickers, and 6) Educators. Under (B2B), we have identifiedtwo types of Organizational buyers: Retailers and Distribution agents.The Squirrel Food Company
’s product can be broken up into five major categories 1) Full Cob in Husk 2)
Shucked Cob 3) Cut Cob 4) Cob Medallions 5) Shelled kernels. These divisions do not alter theproduct itself, but simply influence the way the product is perceived in display and packaging. Using acombination of these categories in packaging can elevate The Squirrel Food Company
’s p
erceived valueto the consumer, allow for a more diverse pricing scheme, create a more consistent shipping result fromstart to finish and allow The Squirrel Food Company to offer future line extensions.The creative stance is rooted in the following brand positioning statement: Dr. Squirrel
The SquirrelFood Company from Squirrelly Farms is a premium corn snack that promotes healthier, happier squirrels.The creative challenge is two-fold: the creative must appear professional enough to capture the interestof the wholesale market, but non-threatening enough to appeal to people of all ages. We suggestsurmounting these challenges by using an illustrative or storybook theme. Bright, non-muted watercolorbrush strokes with heavy black outlines will be pervasive throughout the four key creative components:logo, typeface, copy, print and web.Possible methods of promoting The Squirrel Food Company are: the Internet, catalogs, fairs/festivals,direct mailings, newsletters, e-mail, and magazine advertisements. Sampling is an additional method tohelp obtain market buzz from tastemakers. For example: the distribution of The Squirrel FoodCompany
’s product in a small quantity (e.g. 1” corn medallions) would involve a process of giving the
public or a select group a preview. There has been a remarkable success rate obtained when using the

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