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Beginning of School Year CLUB Newsletter (DSM)

Beginning of School Year CLUB Newsletter (DSM)

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Published by Amanda Hernandez

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Amanda Hernandez on Sep 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Note from Your Governor 
Beginning of 2011 School Year Edition
Official Newsletter of the Governor of the Florida District of Key Club International
Service First.
Presidents of the Mighty Mighty Florida District,Summer has finally come to an end, and I know we are all sad about it.Personally, I had a long three month summer, and I was kind of ready to go back toschool. That is, until the end of the first day when I realized why I liked summer so
much. I know many of you have been meeting during the summer (and many haven’t),
but regardless what stage you are in, now is the time to become re-motivated and startmeeting with your officers and members. The beginning of school is one of the mostcrucial times during the year. Many clubs lost a lot of seniors, so it is imperative thatyou get out there and recruit! Hold a membership drive, invite non-members to serviceprojects and show them how awesome Key Club is!Many clubs are in their planning phases for the year and are looking for serviceprojects to do. Some of the overachievers out there already have the next THREE yearsplanned out, but I digress. I have a personal request for each and every one of you. Iwould like to see every club in the Florida District participate in two projects at leastonce this year, The Mentoring and Modeling Program and The ELIMINATE Project.These two projects are very close to me, and I am extremely passionate about them. TheFlorida District Board has created an M&M Program Guide and an ELIMINATEProject Fundraising Guide for all of you. Both of these documents can be found on ourDistrict Website, www.FloridaKeyClub.com.If you have any questions about either project, or any general questions, please let me know! My email isGovernorDoug@FloridaKeyClub.com,and my phone number is 850-896-9359 (I text!).Thank you,Governor Doug Ream
Service Hour Leaders:1.
Manatee(2055 Hours)2.
BarbaraGoleman(1729 Hours)3.
Jesuit (1523Hours)
In this issue!
Note from Gov ............ 1KCKC............................. 2Dues .............................. 2Major Emphasis ........... 2Strategic Plan .............. 3Kiwanis DCON ............. 4
Florida District Website: www.FloridaKeyClub.com  Florida District Facebook: www.facebook.com/floridakeyclub  Key Club International Website: www.KeyClub.org 
Division 1A Lt.Governor ThuyviLuon and Me
 Comments? Questions? Visit FloridaKeyClub.com and leave a comment for the Governor!
Key Club Kick-Off Conference:
Hopefully, your Lt. Governor has informed you about
 your Zone’s KCKC. If not shame on them, and just to
be safe, I am going to talk about it a little bit. KCKC isa zone wide training conference dedicated to trainingofficers and learning about different service projects.Here are the dates of the Key Club Kick-off Conferences throughout the District:
Division 1A/1B: October 15
Division 2A/2B: October 8
Zone B: September 24
Zone C: September 24
Zone D: September 17
Zone E: September 10
Zone F: September 24
Zone G: September 24
Zone H: October 8
Zone I: September 24
Zone J: September 24
Zone K: September 24
Division 25B: October 1
(Note: I will be attending the Zones that are bolded.)
Major Emphasis (formerly known as MEP):
Very recently the International Board changed the definitionand meaning of the Major Emphasis Program. They renamed itto simply the Major Emphasis. The new definition of theMajor Emphasis is that a club must be working with childrenfor the project to be considered under the Major Emphasis.Once of the reasons that they changed it to Major Emphasis isbecause the International Board felt that MEP was not broadenough, and that many awesome projects did not qualifybecause of one reason or another.
This falls right into place with my Governor’s Project, the
Mentoring and Modeling Program. The M&M Program, whichis dedicated to teaching a child some sort of lesson, falls underthe Major Emphasis, meaning that any clubs who participate inM&M are also participating in the Major Emphasis.
Key Club Kick Off Conference, Dues andMajor Emphasis
I will not spend much timetalking about this, because Iknow Treasurer Eric has saidplenty to your Lt. Governor andyour Treasurer. However, I would
like to talk about the President’s
role in the dues process. ThePresident must set a deadlinethat states when dues are due.My suggestion is that thedeadline should be October 1
!) I would like to seeevery club receive early birddues (postmark by Nov. 1)!If you do not have the greatestTreasurer, the responsibility fallsto you to make suremembership information iscompleted in the MembershipUpdate Center, as well asmaking sure that the invoice isgiven to the appropriatepeople.If you have any other questions,please direct them to our DistrictTreasurer Eric Riser atTreasurer@FloridaKeyClub.com
 A good start to a new school year is to have a good plan. Thisplan should include many aspects, such as recruiting, dues,service projects, fundraising and important events. I will providesuggestions for each month of the year in this article. You donot have to follow these suggestions, but having been a clubpresident and Lt. Governor, I believe they are good practices tofollow. I will start in September and will end in May:
September: Have major recruiting drives and take in asmany members as possible. You should hold your firstmeeting and start having your Treasurer collect dues. A Service Project, even a small one, should be done by the endof the month. Attend Key Club Kick-off Conference. Beginto fundraise for District Convention.
October: Finish collecting dues and update the MembershipUpdate Center. Give the invoice to your Advisor so money can be sent in. Participate in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF orany other ELIMINATE Project Fundraiser. Attend Key Club Kick-off Conference.
November: Plan for a larger project in this month. Therea
ren’t many notable events, so it is a perfect time to do a
huge project.
December: Do a Mentoring and Modeling Program withchildren around the holidays. Perfect time to give gifts tochildren with unfortunate circumstances, or to visit seniorcitizens in a retirement home.
 January: Continue to fundraise for District Convention.
Don’t forget to do some sort of Service Project as well.
 Attend Spring Zone Rallies. Begin talking about clubofficer and director positions.
February: Begin accepting nominations for new officers anddirectors. Continue to Fundraise for District Convention.Plan to do something with the ELIMINATE Project. AttendSpring Zone Rallies. Begin filling out Awards Packet.
March: Governor’s
Project Month. Participate in the M&MProgram. This includes any project that teaching children alesson. Hold elections for new club officers and directors. Attend Spring Zone Rallies.
 April: Prepare the new officers and directors for their
positions. Do a “grand finale” service project to end the year
on a high note. Turn in Awards Packet.
May: Attend District Convention. Have fun!
I hope this helpful to you. If you don’t know what you are going
to do
for a month, please don’t hesitate to ask me for help! I am
always willing to help my awesome Club Presidents!
A Plan Worth Having, A Strategic OneThe Facts:
Key Club International hasreached 260,000 members.Key Club is the largeststudent-led High Schoolorganization in the world.The Florida District is secondlargest in active charters,new clubs, and membershipin all of International.The Florida District currentlyhas over 17,700 membersLast year, the Florida Districtserved for our 300,000 hoursand raised $25,000 for theELIMINATE Project.Since Convention, we havea little over 30,000 servicehours, which is extremelygood for the summer!The Florida District is at 98%dues paid on active clubs for the 2010-2011 year. However,this changes on October 1
,and I know we can reach100%!

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