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25 Random Things About Me ~

25 Random Things About Me ~

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Published by Mary Elizabeth
Hold onto your seats, cat is OUT of the bag ;) From gambling, to Mohammed Ali, to Family ties, Celtic roots, Blebs and Channeling Angels ~ it is ALL ~ here.
Hold onto your seats, cat is OUT of the bag ;) From gambling, to Mohammed Ali, to Family ties, Celtic roots, Blebs and Channeling Angels ~ it is ALL ~ here.

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Published by: Mary Elizabeth on Sep 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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25 Random Things About MeMary Elizabeth ~ Beary, Ink.August, 2011
1. I balance (heh, more like walking a tightwire) between random energeticbursts ~ bursting everywhere ~ lazy lulls ~ and balanced inner life. Theplight of a Libra with FIVE planets in my sign ;) I am an anomaly - even tomyself. But I hear it is 'fascinating.'2. 22 is my power number (4, 5, 7, 9 too). Date of my birth, and my brother'swhom I am incredibly close to, and three of my CLOSEST, longest known,best friends. AND - just found out is my 'Klout score :(' (that's kind of a lowscore..)3. I love to 'play girl' and be a girl ~ but tomboy at heart through andthrough - partially because of my Celtic roots being the most profound (why ILOVE nature, climbing trees, mountains, anything climb-ABLE :) (In fact, I JUST helped these young boys try and fix their car that looked like it wasgonna BLOW at the gas station I was at - smoking tons from under thehood...) And partially being raised for three+ years by my two older brothers,and with a younger brother. Oh the TORCHER I endured. Made me scrappyas hell. Good thing too, I got NO muscle, scrappy's all I got.4. I love ROCKY and MOHAMMED ALI! I still want to punch like them and 'floatlike a butterfly, sting like a BEE.' My brothers taught me LOTS of moves. They had numchucks, brass knuckles, all KINDS of crazy stuff they showedoff with. The oldest, Joe - when I was nine, told me to 'give it your best shot'on HIM! I was so scared because he had a VORACIOUS & unpredictabletemper and I thought he'd beat me up for sure. He promised he wouldn't. Wewere sitting in our recliner, so I popped him in the mouth, gave him a bloodylip. I was scared to DEATH. He looked at the blood on his finger, said, 'wow,'chuckled and said, 'good job.' WHEW. THEN, I was on cloud nine, knowing Ihad just 'upped' my 'cool little sister' factor in the eyes of my big brother ;).5. I have a 'bleb.' WEIRD word, right? It is inherited from my Father's side of the family, and mainly found in slender, tall people (my Dad was 6'9" - I am5'6 1/2" - hey that 1/2 inch COUNTS). He had 2-3, and his Father and Aunthad them. We have 'expanded lungs' due to our rib cages being more widethan average, that appear on x-ray's as hyperinflated & conducive toemphysema and COPD. Which is not the case, our lungs just LOOK this way.. The bleb is an air sac/pocket in the lining of my right lung, the size of aquarter dollar. It made my Dad's lung collapse as a teen while he was singingAve' Maria in church in NY. Supposed to be nothing bothersome but I shouldbe wary of scuba diving or climbing Mount Everest because the air pressure
could make it burst, making my lung collapse. And I am an air sign...mewonders...6. I have a crazy-high metabolism making it very hard for me to GAIN andkeep weight on. I have hypoglycemia wich the high metabolism greatlyexacerbates. I can, do and have, crashed just as a diabetic would. evenhaving to call 911 on two occasions when I was passing OUT. It is a battlethat some say, 'you're so lucky.' But trust me, looking like a glow-stick is NOTattractive or healthy in any way. It's a sore subject with me because it reallyIS a battle, it is maintenance I hate having to deal with, and I’ve done mybest not to go off on the rude as hell strangers who have blatantly asked meif I am anorexic. Quite the opposite - I could likely out-EAT ANYONE readingthis right now, over the course of a day - and LOVE every minute of it. Andstill wake up some mornings feeling like I haven’t eaten in days. I have towear a medic bracelet which makes me feel like a dog 'if lost - please returnto..' And cannot WAIT to gain 10 lbs back and get off my beta blockers. JUSTstocked up on ensure. among other things, to this end. Yum.7. I make up songs & dances to sing to and perform for my Dog and myDaughter for the sheer fun of it. I make myself laugh all the time. I enjoy andembrace the 'Dork' in me.8. I'm crazy - smart, yet sometimes naive and dingy as hell sometimes. Iknow a little about a lot of things because I have insatiable curiosity. I knowa lot about a few things. I go through creative bursts and things just racethrough my head & I have to jot them down so I don’t forget. Sometimes agreat quote, sometimes something incredibly GOOFY or clever, but funny tome - so I tweet those ;). While I am attracted to ALL things creative and artistic and glittery andsparkly and beautiful or irreverent - I prefer genuine, authentic, the real dealin all things. I am a straight shooter and prefer all cards on the table or NOGAME. Idon't want smoke blown up my ass, or things sugar coated (unless I amhaving a vulnerable hell-spell - then it's just a matter of - 'please just bedelicate with what you're about to say/do.') Overly superficial makes mewant to vomitand I burn out in my line of work sometimes having to be 'out there' on thescene in STL and experiencing the clique's, the herd mentalities &pretentiousness of it all.10. Being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) I internally-battle sometimes inrelationships. I love people, I just plain love - a LOT. I develop rapport anddeep connections quickly & easily - sometimes I grow to really greatly carefor and love people and realize there is an imbalance in the relationship and
that it is taking from me, my energies, without much in return. And this iswhen I have to make a decision, sometimes it's easy - the person royallycrosses a line, pisses me off and it is SAYANORA. Sometimes it is not assimple. So I pray, and I work to not let my emotions rule my head or actionsand I WAIT, for things to happen organically - having faith and trust in theguidance of the divine & the 'Murphy's Law' of the Universe, called - KARMA.And this, too I am still perfecting - I suppose I will always be.11. I have the most amazing child - on. the. PLANET. She is truly brilliant,graduating early as she has taeken so many college level courses, nearly astraight-A student - AND - she is creatively gifted in ways that BLOW mymind. An artist (even outdoing me back in my 'art days' in HS when I had theaccolades ;), a graphic artist, a musician, vocalist, lyricist and a publishedauthor at the age of ten, by a piece she wrote at the age of 9. Making her atleast a fourth generation published author on the paternal side of thefamily :)))) she just rocks. Why I allowed her to have a tattoo before the ageof 18 - 'I am boundless.' She IS boundless! She had incredible reasoning forthis, I had to say yes. She makes my world go around, to be sure and IALWAYS, sleep better when she is here. She grounds me, she is the greatestgift I have ever, or will ever be given. If I could have created and sent ablueprint to God, for the most incredible child to be given to me - it wouldnever, ever hold a candle to this child - EVER.12. The above became a 'Mother-Daughter' tattoo night. Very special as itwas a good friend of ours who is incredibly artistic and we love him dearly. Ihad to go outside a few times to smoke - really nervous about her tattoo. Ihad toyed with the idea myself since I was a teen, but never went throughwith it. The idea hit me outside, a four leaf clover with Celtic styling on myleft, middle finger. (I have been fascinated by them and have a HUGEcollection of them, I'm more than 1/2 Irish and I found 6 within 20 minutesthe day my Dad died, and he taught me how to hunt them - MUCHOsentimental, ancestral & divine numerology symbolism in this tattoo) When Irealized the tattoo was on my middle finger, I asked Taylor & her two guyfriends, "What am I gonna do when I flip people off and there's a four leaf clover.. this isn't going to work..?" ( I OCCASIOPNALLY flip people off whiledrivng though I try to be very nice and a bit smartass about it.. so I SMILE) Taylor said, "NO MOM! It'll be COOL - you can flip people off and be niceabout it at the same time!"13. My goal is to transition my career, my life - in keeping with my newfoundspiritual path and journey. To write books (I have a short series planned & am penning my firstas we speak), to travel the country with the first. To become a Master Reikihealer incorporating crystals, aromatherapy & light touch therapy. Tocontinue working as a lightworker and learn everything I can about my gifts,

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