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CogniZant I

CogniZant I



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Published by Mithilesh

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Published by: Mithilesh on Sep 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Academy of Professionals for Aptitude Research and Training
Cognizant_Sample_I - Page 1
SAMPLE TEST (Cognizant)
 NOTE: This test consists of 50 questions. The time limit is 55 minutes.
I Analytical Ability
 Directions for Q1. to Q2.:
Each question has two statements and some conclusions. Choose the conclusion that logically follows:Q1. Some men are weird.Some weird are students.a) All men are weird.b) Some men are weird.c) Some men who are weird are students.d) None of the options.Q2. People who know Sanskrit also know Malayalam.People who don't know Malayalam know Kannada.a) People who don't know Sanskrit and Malayalam know Kannada.b) People who don't know Malayalam or Sanskrit know Kannada.c) Both a and b.d) None of the options.
 Directions for Q3. to Q4.:
Assuming the statement given in each question to be true, choose the inference as one of the following:a) Trueb) Falsec) Uncertaind) None of the op
tionsQ3. Statement: All others, apart from Persian men are not intelligent.Inference: All Persians are intelligent.Q4. Statement: All that glitters is not gold.Inference: Some things which glitter are not gold.
 Directions for Q5. to Q6.:
Which of the given options logically follows the given statement?Q5. None of the people from America have known Indian Villages.A) Alberto has knowledge about Indian Villages.B) Alberto doesn't have knowledge about Indian.C) Alberto is not an AmericanD) Alberto is an Americana) AD and CBb) CA and BDc) AC and DBd) None of the optionsQ6. I am at my paying guest accommodation if I am not in the office.A) I am at my paying guest accommodation.B) I am at my office.C) I am not at paying guest accommodation.D) I am not at my office.a) CBb) ADc) CDd) None of the options
Academy of Professionals for Aptitude Research and Training
 Cognizant_Sample_I - Page 2
 Directions for Q7. to Q8.:
In the following questions, mark a) if statement I alone can help determine the conclusion.b) if statement II alone can help determine the conclusion.c) if statement I and II taken together can help determine the conclusion.d) if none of the statements, taken together or separately, can help determine the conclusion.Q7. Conclusion: An identity card needs to be provided for a person to open an account in HDFC bank.Statement I: Every bank has certain formalities that must be completed in order to open an account in the bank.Statement II: Josh was unable to open an account in HDFC bank because he did not produce an identity card.Q8. Conclusions: Matt leaves office everyday only when he finishes his work.Statement I: Matt has finished his work.Statement II: Matt left for the day soon after he finished his work.
 Directions for Q9. to Q12.:
Read the following information and answer the questions that follow:Brad Pitt owns four companies, namely Mysoft, Cybervision, Twilight Electricals and Synomach. The following datawas obtained for the year 2004-05.The sales of Mysoft are 4 crores less than the sales of Synomach.The expense of Cybervision is equal to the profit of Twilight Electricals and is equal to 7 crores.Synomach incurred an expense of Rs.14 crores.The expense of Twilight Electricals is 5 crores more than the profit of Synomach.Mysoft sales are 2 crores more than its expense.The profit of Cybervlsion is 1 crore less than that of Twilight Electricals.The expense of S
ynomach is 1 crore more than the sales of Mysoft.The expense of Synomach is 3 crores less than its sales.Note: sales
expenses = profitQ9. What is the total profit earned (in crores) by all the four companies during the year 2004-05?a) 15 b) 17 c) 18 d) 20Q10. What is the total expense (in crores) incurred by all the four companies during the year 2004-05?a) 10 b) 20 c) 30 d) 40Q11. What are the total sales (in crores) of all the four companies during the year 2004-05?a) 50 b) 55 c) 58 d) 60Q12. Which company earned the highest profit?a) Mysoft b) Cybervision c) Twilight Electricals d) SynomachQ13. In a certain code, SINGER is written as 421936 and ACTOR is written as 58076. How is STARTER written in thatcode?a) 4756736 b) 4056796 c) 4056036 d) 5765736Q14: In a certain language, SUPERMAN is coded as TTQDSLBM. How is SPIDERMAN coded in that language?a) TOJCEONZO b) TOJCOSLBM c) TOJCFSLBM d) TOJCFONZOQ15: In a certain language VICTORY is coded as YLFWRUB. How is SUCCESS coded in that language?a) VXEEIVV b) VXFFIVV c) VYEEHVV d) VXFFHVVQ16: In a certain code, HARDWARE is written as 6C16F21C16G. How is SOLUTION written in that code?a) 19Q10V18K13P b) 17Ql0W18K13Pc) 17Q10V18K13P d) 19Q10W18K13P
Academy of Professionals for Aptitude Research and Training
Cognizant_Sample_I - Page 3
Q17. In the following questions, three figures that follow a certain sequence or pattern are given. Find the next figure in thesequence from the Answer choices provided below.
 Directions for Q18. to Q21.:
Answer the Questions based on the following data. The following data illustrates maternal deathpattern at five different places as per different criterion.
Caste UP Uttaranchal Delhi Maharashtra Karnataka Total
SC 14 7 2 2 25ST 0 1 8 2 11OBC 20 2 1 23Others 23 5 3 4 35TOTAL 57 13 5 10 9 94
When did death occur.
Ante Natal 17 4 1 0 22During Child birth 4 1 0 2 7Post natal 36 8 4 6 9 65TO
TAL 57 13 5 10 9 94
Place of death.
Home 10 6 5 3 24Institution 36 7 3 3 5 55On the way to hospital 11 2 2 15TOTAL 57 13 5 10 9 94
Place of delivery.
Home 29 7 4 7 1 44Institution 12 2 3 7 28Not delivered 16 4 1 1 22TOTAL 57 13 5 10 9 94Q18.
What can be the minimum number of “others” in
UP who died post natal?a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4Q19. What can be the maximum number of children that could have survived after home delivery?a) 19 b) 20 c) 10 d) 29Q20. Delivery in home is how much percent more than that of not delivered?a) 50% b) 100% c) 200% d) None of the optionsQ21. The number of People who died in Delhi in institutions is what percentage of ST of Uttaranchal?a) 33.33% b) 100% c) 200% d) None of the options

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