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Squire of Metatron

Squire of Metatron

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Published by joliecat

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Published by: joliecat on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Squire of MetatronByJolene B. Twomey
Copyright 2006
Chapter One
Stephanie crouched down low, holding the rifle infront of her. She was warm, yet she still felt as if her breathshould steam in the dark, spacious house. Each heart beatstirred her blood through her ears with a mind-numbingswishing sound. Strobe lights of varying hues burst beside her,causing her to wince. Neon colors in pink, turquoise, violet,and lime. The floorboards creaked under her feet. Though she was aware of a far-off wailing and moaning coming fromsomeplace else in the house, it was otherwise deadly silent.She tasted metal and wondered whether her fear hadcaused it to bleed from the gun into her veins. A thunderclapshattered the stillness. She shuddered. For a brief instant,lightning illuminated the outline of sofas and chairs and amoose head affixed to the wall over the fireplace.The fireplace.She heard her breath come out in low, shrieking rasps. A bluish haze emanated from inside the chimney. She whirledaround. A phantasmic humanlike form began to take shape.For a moment she was taken back to her childhood, to atelevision show named “I Dream of Jeannie,” where a purplishhaze would drift from a bottle and materialize into a sexy  young blond woman genie. This was different. As the formtook shape before her eyes, she first saw legs, then the outlinesof a long coat, then arms. A ghostly facial countenanceappeared, causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand.She pressed the trigger. Expecting the rifle butt tokick back against her shoulder like a horse bucking, instead shefelt warmth radiate from out of the gun barrel. Sharp rays of light fired at the apparition with a screeching, tinny metallicsound. The sunken eyes of the ghastly specter with the gray,mottled skin materialized into view as Stephanie kept shootingat him. The streaks of gunfire melted through him, as if shehad been shining a flashlight instead of firing a weapon. Hebared his fangs as if she’d merely angered him. He seemed toher like Lon Chaney’s scarier older brother from the Phantomof the Opera.She plunged her finger down on the trigger. The raysflooded out of the gun barrel like water spraying through agarden hose in August. Suddenly, chunks of the phantom’s
face exploded away as he shouted and screamed, teeteringbackward. She kept firing, flooding the corpse with thedestructive death rays. Even though his arms and legs had beenripped apart from the ammo fire, Stephanie kept her weapondrawn. His arms and legs ripped apart from the ammo fire,but Stephanie kept her weapon drawn. She had seen monstersin movies reanimate again and again to torment their prey.Rather than take that chance, she wanted to blow the creatureinto oblivion.Moments later the remains evaporated, causing her tofeel a sense of light-hearted triumph. An instant later sherealized that it was safest to move cautiously out of the parlor.She passed through a doorway that led to a great room with adouble-sided staircase to another floor. She sighed loudly enough to hear herself. This setup seemed no safer than theprevious deathtrap!The darkness persisted, though she could see the glow of the marble bannister. While it was still quiet, she couldbegin to hear the faint strains of organ music. And up in thecorner, a light flickered from the upper edge of a tall bay  window. The moon must be full outside, she thought. It gaveher hope though tinged with dread. Out of the corner of hereye she saw something fall down from the rafters, like a piece of plaster flaking off the ceiling. Rather than hit the floor,however, the object took flight.She hushed, her shoulders bunching, and saw theblack eyes and small, glistening fangs of a huge, hairy bat. With a loud spark, and an explosion that caused her to shriek,the bat swooped down like a falling pendulum. She winced,bracing for the explosion of pain, biting her lip in dread. When the light and smoke subsided and she allowed herself toopen her eyes again, she realized that she’d lost her rifle and thebat had vanished. After a few moments, she decided that It wastoo quiet. Rather than become a victim of the horror, she ranstraight into a wall, bouncing against it as though it had beenmade of styrofoam. She caromed off of it like a billiard ballhitting the hard rubber runner on a pool table, then clankedhard against a suit of armor standing straight and silent in themiddle of the floor. In order to resume she had to back away from it. Go toward the light, she thought, instantly realizingthe irony. Though her hands and fingers could barely feelanything, she reached out ahead of herself, testing the walls,

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Shirley Schumacher added this note
Great story line, sorry to see it end. I wish Rachel's character could have been expained more and she interacted more.
Shirley Schumacher added this note
I enjoyed the story, just wish that Rachel's character would have been exanded upon more. Sorry to see the story end.

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