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INFINITUM Mathematical Model

INFINITUM Mathematical Model

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Published by: DeGarson Oghenekevwe on Sep 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INFINITUMMathematical Model
Description of INFINITUM PartsShape // Sh // Decided as shown indiagram(s)Position/Positioning // Po //Decided as shown in diagram(s)Material Type // Ty //Decided[Stainless Steel; Rubber Cork; Copper;Soft Iron;Carbon Brush; Permanent Magnet]Strength (& need to know Qualities) Ty // St //KnownMaterialYield StrengthUltimate StrengthYoungModulusShearModulusBulk ModulusStainlessSteel30,000 to 35,000psi)85,000 to 90,000(psi)E = 29Mega psiS = 12Mega psiB = 23 MegapsiPermanent Magnet TypeSamarium-Cobalt(SmCo₃)Neodymium-Iron-Boron (Nd₂Fe₁₄B) : Sinistered;Neo-MagnetRemanence (Mr)Magnetic FieldStrengthOr Magnetic FluxDensity0.8 1.1 Tesla (T)1.0 1.4 TCoercivity (Hci)Magnet Resistanceto Demagnetization600 – 1,200Kilo Amperes perMeter (kA/m)750 – 2,000 kA/mEnergy Product(BHmax)Magnetic EnergyDensity120 – 200Kilo Joules per CubicMeter(kJ/m³)200 – 440 kJ/m³Curie Temperature(Tc) Temperature atwhich Magnet losesMagnetism720Degree Celsius( ̊C)310 400 ̊CDensity8.2 8.4Gram per CubicCentimeter(g/cm³)7.3 – 7.5 g/cm³Flexural Strength150250 N/mm²
Newton per SquareMillimeter (N/mm²)CompressiveStrength800 N/mm²1,100 N/mm² Tensile Strength35 N/mm²75 N/mm²Electrical Resistivity86 x 1Ohms per CentimeterΩ/cm[110 – 170] x 10ˉ⁶ Ω/cm 
Typical Refrigerator Magnet = 50 Gauss; Small Iron Magnet = 100 Gauss; Neo-Magnets =2,000 Gauss
1Tesla (T) = 1Weber per Square Meter (Wb/m²) = 10,000Gauss; 1Gauss = 0.0001Maxwell per SquareMeter = 1 x 10ˉ⁴ Max/m²
Size/Volume // Si // Decided as shown in diagram(s) &Computed[A Cylinder = 0.653536cm³ABC Cylinder = 0.201cm³S Cylinder = 37.16cm³ or 15.17cm³BSJ Cuboids = 2.5cm³ABC Large Part = 3.0cm³ …to becontinued]Weight // We // Computed with known Density of Ty &known Si-Density of Stainless Steel =0.24g/cm³-Density of Rubber Cork = 7.8g/cm³[A Cylinder = 5.65g; BSJ Cuboids =19.5g;ABC Stainless Steel Permanent Magnet= 5.468gABC Metal to Spring Block = 3.9g;ABC Cork = 0.432g ….to be continued]
Operation of INFINITUMElectric Bell Hammer (on BSJ) Strike FORCE (eF) = x Newton/NBSJ Vibration/Oscillation FREQUENCY (b
) = y Hertz/Hz; = 1,125 Hz;Amplitude/A = 0.003m/0.3cmPM Motion/Oscillation FREQUENCY (p
) = z Hz; = 1,125 Hz;Wavelength/λ = 0.012m/1.2cmPeriod/T = 0.0008888 Seconds/s;Induced Current FREQUENCY (i
) = a Hz; = (N/60) x (p/2); 60 Hz [preferably]p = Number of Poles/Permanent Magnets;2 [preferably]N = Rotor SPEED; 3,600 Revolutions perMinute/rpm(S, A, ABC) Rotor SPEED (rS) = b rpm; 13.5 Meters per Second:m/s[E = B
v; E = E.M.F./Voltage Produced = e Volts (V);
= Length of Conductor =
Meters (m);v = Rotor SPEED = v Meters per Second (m/s); B = Magnetic Field Strength = B Tesla (T) = 1 T;Angular Velocity (AV) = N x 2πrad/60s; Linear Velocity (v) = Radius x AV;

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