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Once Upon a Time Ch. 3

Once Upon a Time Ch. 3

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Published by Lydia Gleaves
Chapter 3
Chapter 3

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Published by: Lydia Gleaves on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Once Upon a Time:
Chapter 3- A Chapter Filled With Almosts and Nearlys
By Lydia Gleaves
Recap:But Rachel never heard any of that lengthy monologue. She had already hurried up the stairs toher room, and had finished unpacking by the time Mrs. Weasley realized Rachel had left. Molly lookedaround, bewildered, and rushed off to the kitchen to finish the last bits of the gourmet dinner they wereabout to have.Onwards, to the delectable story inside:Once Rachel got to her room, she found there was a mirror. For the first time in years, sheactually considered whether she looked appropriate. She had on skinny jeans and a Chudley Cannons t-shirt, but her hair was snarled in places. She ran her hands through the drawers in the bathroom andeventually found a very tarnished comb.After she had finished, she quickly put the comb back and adjusted the mirror again so she couldsee her face. A little dark under the eyes, but nothing that really mattered. Her lips were pretty chapped,but that was fine too.She rushed down the stairs, taking care to remember her room. Although she was excited atfirst, the excitement quickly gave way to awkwardness, then fear. She spent a few minutes wonderingwhat these people would think of her until a tall red-headed young man Apparated in front of her, causingher to gasp a little before asking, “God, which one are you?” The redhead looked at Rachel, and she felt like she was being examined again. “The question is,who are
?”  “I asked first. Now tell me which one you are. You’re not Ron, you’re too tall. You’re not Harry,either, I remember Harry and he looks nothing like you. So which Weasley are you?”  “Clever, aren’t you. My name’s Fred. You can call me Fred.”  “All right then, my name is Rachel, and you can call me Rachel.”  “If you don’t mind my asking, why are you here? You look a bit young to be in the Order.”  “The what?” Rachel was smiling mischievously. “The nothing,” Fred replied, looking like he regretted saying that. “Great, now Mum’s going to killme. Do you know about our special guest?”  “Er- no?”  “Never mind then. Forget I ever said that.”  “Said what?”  “Exactly. You’re good at this.” Rachel sighed dramatically. “Jerk.”  “I know I am. Do you like pranks? I was on my way upstairs to work on one for- someone.”  “Who?” Rachel said, knowing that this was a guy she could befriend. “Yes, I do enjoy pranks.” They went on to describe the different pranks they had pulled, criticizing each other’s whileplaying their own up. Finally there was a call from downstairs. “Fred! Rachel! Dinner!” Rachel recognizedthe voice as Mr. Weasley’s. “Would you rather walk or Apparate with me?”  “I don’t have my license. Haven’t ever tried.”  “Side-along.” 

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