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Once Upon a Time Ch. 5

Once Upon a Time Ch. 5

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Published by Lydia Gleaves
Chapter 5
Chapter 5

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Published by: Lydia Gleaves on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Once Upon a Time:
Chapter 5- A Chapter in Which Many Oddand New Things Happen
By Lydia Gleaves
Recap: “Yeah. Daughter of Sirius Black and Eliza Riddle? Yeah.”  “But- but- but Sirius never had a daughter. He never even had a wife!”  “Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong.” Move forward, my Potterlicious friend: “I’ll make you a deal. You bring me to my father and I’ll tell all of you my story.”  “Deal.” Harry said, without so much as consulting his friends. They started searching.Harry found Sirius and Rachel took a short intake of breath. Not because she couldn’t believe shewas seeing him at last, but because he looked so…
. She had expected it; after all, he had spenttwelve years in Azkaban. That could do stuff to a guy. But she hadn’t been expecting him to be… like this. “Who is she? New member of the Order?” Sirius asked, obviously oblivious of any connections. “Must everybody think that? I mean, I don’t even know what the Order is!”  “Apparently not. Harry?”  “Erm… you see… I don’t know much about this myself, but. How couldn’t you tell me? I mean-“ “Just tell him, Harry!” Ron said. “Did you know a woman named- what was it?” Harry looked at Rachel questioningly. “Eliza Riddle.” Rachel supplied.Sirius’ eyes misted over in remembrance. “Yes. Yes I did. Why? Are you family of hers?” Rachel cast Harry a sideways glance. “Yes. I am. I’m family of yours, too.”  “What?”Now Sirius looked “Siriusly” confused. “You remember Rachel? Rachel Artemis Black?”  “Yes- Rachel!”  “I thought you’d never catch-“ she started, but she was cut off by Sirius pulling her into a hug. “Oh god, I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have left you and your mother. She could have lived-“ “Sorry to interrupt a family reunion, but I have some important news. Sirius?” Alastor Moody had joined the discussion. And he was going to end it. “Order meeting?” Sirius asked. “Yes.” Moody replied gruffly. He added, “Rachel, I would invite you to come to the meeting andallow you to fight, but as you’re not of age-“ “What?! Just because I have
two more years
? That is not fair! I-“ “You’re not of age. Go with Harry and the rest of them,” Sirius broke in. “Harry can’t go? Do you even understand? He’s the one that has to go fight him, he should atleast be able to go!”  “Rachel, you don’t understand-“ “
don’t understand? Dammit, you’re the one that doesn’t understand! I’ll go up there with therest of them, but Harry is going to stay down here if he wants to!”  “She has a point. I’ve been trying to tell you guys this since I got here-“ Harry started. “No! Go upstairs, all of you!” Apparently Mrs. Weasley had decided to end the conversation.

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