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Med Surg Questions

Med Surg Questions



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Published by Kira
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thank you very much and your feedback is very much appreciated.
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thank you very much and your feedback is very much appreciated.

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Published by: Kira on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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John J. Teodoro PTRP, RN

1. A home care nurse is preparing to visit a client with a diagnosis of Meniere\u2019s
disease. The nurse review\u2019s the physician\u2019s orders and expects to note that which of the
following dietary measures will be prescribed?

A. low fiber diet with decreased fluids
B. low sodium diet and fluid restriction

C. low carbohydrate diet and elimination of red meats
D. low fat with restriction of citrus fruits
2. A nurse is assigned to care for a client who has just undergone eye surgery. The nurse

plans to instruct the client that which of the following activities is permitted in the
postoperative period?
A. reading
B. watching television
C. bending over
D. lifting objects
3. A nurse is instilling an otic solution into an adult client\u2019s left ear. The nurse avoids

doing which of the following as part of this procedure?
A. warming the solution to room temperature
B. placing the client in a side lying position with the ear facing up
C. pulling the auricle backward and upward

D. placing the tip of the dropper on the edge of the ear canal
4. A client has undergone surgery for glaucoma. The nurse provides which discharge
instructions to the clients?
A. wound healing usually takes 12 weeks
B. expected the vision will be permanently impaired
C. a shield or eye patch should be worn to protect the eye
D. the sutures are removed after 1 week
5. Which assessment findings provide the best evidence that a client with acute angle-

closure glaucoma is responding to drug therapy?
A. swelling of the eyelids decreases
B. redness of the sclera is reduced

C. eye pain is reduced or eliminated
D. peripheral vision is diminished
6. At the time of retinal detachment, a client most likely describes which symptoms?
A. a seeing flashes of light

B. being unable to see light
C. feeling discomfort in light
D. seeing poorly in daylight

7. The most important health teaching the nurse can provide to the client with

conjunctivitis is to:
A. eat a well balanced, nutritious diet
B. wear sunglasses in bright light

C. cease sharing towels and washcloths
D. avoid products containing aspirin
8. When the nurse prepares the client or the myringotomy, the best explanation as to the
purpose for the procedures is that it will:
A. prevent permanent hearing loss
B. provide a pathway for drainage
C. aid in administering medications
D. maintain motion of the ear bones
9. A nurse is reviewing the record of the client with a disorder involving the inner
ear. Which of the following would the nurse expect to see documented as an assessment

finding in this client?
A. severe hearing loss
B. complaints of severe pain in the affected ear
C. complaints of burning in the ear

D. complaints of tinnitus
10. A client with a conduction hearing loss asks the nurse how a hearing aid improves
hearing. The nurse most accurately informs the client that a hearing aid:
A. amplifies sound heard

B. makes sounds sharper and clearer
C. produces more distinct, crisp, speech
D. eliminates garbled background sounds
11. Which nursing action is best for controlling the client\u2019s nosebleed?
A. have the client lay down slowly and swallow frequently
B. have the client lay down and breathe through his mouth

C. have the client lean forward and apply direct pressure
D. have the client lean forward and clench his teeth
Situation: Benjie 59 years old male was admitted to the hospital complaining of nausea,
weight loss of 20 lbs, constipation and diarrhea. A diagnosis of carcinoma of the colon
was made.
12. A sigmoidoscopy was performed as a diagnostic measures. What position Benjie
should assume for hi examination?
A. knee-chest

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