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Casa Atabex Ache SOULSTICE 2011 Newsletter Sept

Casa Atabex Ache SOULSTICE 2011 Newsletter Sept

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Published by Casa Atabex Aché

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Published by: Casa Atabex Aché on Sep 03, 2011
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1. We are looking for powerful, courageous, fearless womyn/gender non-conformingpeople of color to support us in creating an environmentally friendly healing andpolitical space where transformation happens through the spirit to volunteer , internor join our board today!2. Are you a healer, artist, organizer? We are rebuilding Casa and need support withproviding workshops, painting a young womyns mural, affirmations and healingsymbols. In addition we are reworking the space to be environmentally friendly andlooking for folks who do carpentry. Let us know if you are willing to donate a few hours to end violence against womyn and creating safe space.3. Make a donation today @ Casa Atabex Ache.org,
. Your financial supportmakes this work possible. Please join our
 to get up to date infor-mation and follow us on our NEW Twitter page..http://twitter.com/casaatabexache 4. For more information email us at
 or call the leader-ship collective at 718-585-5540.
Page 1. Welcome/SUMMER Message fromthe Collective!Page 2.& 3. Casa Wish listEndorse/Sponsor & a Mes-sage from the YoungWomens Cultural Arts Em-powerment & LeadershipProgramPage 4 & 5.CASA IntroducesCarmen Mojica ProgramDirector /Sept CalenderPage 6 & 7 Special EventsComing up in SeptSimon Bolivar FoundationFunds CASA!
I am willing to release allfears, worries and con-cerns about money, my career, safety, and pro-tection.I am willing to release allmy fears and strugglesthat have to do withpower and control. I fully step into my powernow. It is safe for me to be powerful and I acceptmy Goddess-given powerto be used in the serviceof love and light.
CASA Mission Statement
Casa has rich legacy of supporting womyn of color heal from internalized oppression by recon-necting with their individual and collective powers of healing and action so they may transformtheir lives, families and communities. Utilizing a self-
healing and social justice model, Casa’s
mission is to support womyn to identify the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental impactthat their experiences of abuse ,neglect, oppression
(sexism, homophobia, classism, racism and  xenophobia, trans-phobia),
 violence and poverty has on their reproductive and mental health.
Summer AffirmationsSUMMER MESSAGE to our Friends and Family,Special Thanks to the Collective at Casa The Legacy Circle, Manuela Arciniegas, Ines Mangual and Glenda Hernandez , Sojourner McCauley,Monique Kiera, Monique de la Oz and Mia Briones for being courageous,powerful and using Casa to manifest their creative spirits and for beingpassionate and standing for their commitment to heal and empower young women. A Special thanks to Omar Freilla for helping think outside the box.The WOC Healing Arts Collective is excited to bring you a line up of pow-
erful wom(y)n this Fall , Oceana Rising, Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaboar-
tive, Alicia Anabel Santos and your ver y own Carmen Mojica to mention afew. We invite you to join our Womyn of Color & LGBTQ Healing Arts Col-lective , for more information contact Carmen Mojica Program Director @carmenatcasa@gmail.com.
Dear Supporter,It is our pleasure to submit this letter of support on behalf of Casa Atabex Ache/House of 
 Womyns' Power located in New York City’s Mott Haven community. We would like to in-
 vite you to sponsor/endorse our Cultural Arts Empowerment & Leadership Afterschoolprogram for young women ages 10-18. Casa is located in the South Bronx, the poorest con-gressional district of NYS and has been recently been ranked the un healthiest of New  York 62 counties; leaving young women vulnerable to obesity (eating disorders), child sex-ual abuse, drugs, illiteracy domestic violence and HIV/AIDS.
The economic crisis has also left this already under resourced community  with no after school or recreational programming, overcrowded schools withno support, no library and safe spaces for young women to find their voice,self esteem and be the powerful leaders they can be. We are asking for you tonot only donate but build a sustainable relationship with us and sponsor ourprogram this year, ensuring the survival and power of young women.Sponsorship/Endorse by:
Making a monetary donation, Provide gift certificates,goody bag items, promotional goods to support the creation of our space. Donate concretesupplies from our supply list
please see list.
How will you benefit?
By sponsoring our program we will advertise you, your compa-nies , or organizations name on our flyers, programs and website, verbal recognition andspecial thanks given at our events, promotion of your products at any future events, anddistribution of your flyers can be arranged if it's of interest to you. We invite you to alsomake a taxable donation online at www.casaatabeache.org.
 Your sponsorship will make a difference!
Support Casa’s Cultural Arts Empower-
ment & Leadership Afterschool program for young women ages 10-18. this FALL, In Sep-tember we will be bringing in 20 new young women to go through our program, they willlearn how to drum, dance, sing and use social media as a tool for self empowerment asthey build their self esteem. We need your support to create a safe and green environment where these young women will have access to quality sex education and resources to takecare of themselves from the mental and physical trauma they experience as a result of ne-glect and poverty. We will also provide alternative healthcare, nutrition and healthy meal preparation. In addition, we will provide peer support group to break the silence &address issues of anger, fear & self hate & other issues affecting young womyn with theaim of developing individual and group action strategies to address the health needs andsocial issues young women are confronting.
Supply/ Wish ListFall 2011
 Yoga MatsThrow pillows to sit on thefloor every sizebody pillowsBack Jack chairs
Bean bags
Slippers to walk inside thehealing space
Water fountains
Winds chimes
Healing stones, crystals
Stress relief products(worry beads, stress balls,things to throw, massageballs , punching bags, pres-sure point socks , orgloves, etc)
natural cleaning products,for bathroom, kitchen andoffice space (peppermintsoap, lavender soap)office supplies, printingpaper, chart paper, mark-ersPlants
Healing oils all natural foraromatherapyHealing music-meditation,drumsFlorida water/rose water
Candles in every colorIncense/nag champa, char-coal, matches, sageFabrics for altars (yellow,red, orange, purple, silver,blue, black, pink , green)
massage equipments,stress balls, self healingtools (do it on your own)
Self esteem products (saltscrubs etc)
Natural toilet tissue, tam-pons, kotex )
Herbs to make food
Teas for every issue(stress, cold anxiety, repro-ductive health etc)
 Affirmations for walls
Get certificates to spas inNYC to sponsor a trip forabuse victims, youngwomen
Movie tickets
Barnes and Noble gift cardsfor self healing books
Introducing CasaCultural Arts Empowerment and Leadership Program for Young Women!
I walked into CASA that day to hear the laughter and honest banter between Dee and Sheiyee, who I used to know as Toyin. Theywere chatting about their lives, flowing easily into that familiar safe space that characterized the relationships between women/free-spirited beings who frequented CASA. Amped about the journey we were about to embark on, I raced down the steps with mygroceries and headed straight into their welcome... Although new to CASA, I was home.The kitchen soon became the gathering place for imagining our journey towards deeper empowerment. Within 10 minutes I was joined by 3 young women who had grown up inCASA. Their mothers attended activities back when they were 2 and 3 years old.."Whenwe were babies we used to come to CASA...We played with toys and learned how tosage our auras," one of them told me. Eager to help out, they peeled melons, mashed avo-cados, and shared with me their grandmother's recipes for making juice out of pineapple peel. "Who taught you how to make that?" I asked them. I reminded me so much of mygrandmother, a beautiful blue-black ancient wise woman who did everything slowly andintentionally. "My grandmother. She's Dominican too!" We made our first connection aswe realized that we both were part of lineages made of women that spanned endless gen-erations...Later on the mothers and daughters filled our space with their chatter. Carmen, CASA's program director, gently nudged me to gomeditate and prepare myself for emanating our mission of young women's empowerment prior to talking to the crowd. "Thewomen have already arrived. I think we've already begun." We smiled and realized that were already in our moment to be of ser-vice to other women. We ac-knowledged and just TRUSTED our mission--to createa safe space for young women to explore their emotions, learn about their culture of re-sistance and dream up new possi-bilities for lives full of joy and self-knowing.As we went around the room, a shy young woman introduced herself and told all of uswhy she had come. "I am here because I want to stop feeling so miserable." Everyonetook a deep breath and instantly sent her compassion and encouragement. "I am here because I want my daughter to speak up for herself, to trust herself, and know howamazing she truly is." Another young woman admitted, "I am here because my mother forced me to be here." We smiled patiently at her. Later on, we saw her uncross her arms,straddle the drum and smile as she learned how to play the Yuba rhythm in Afro-PuertoRican Bomba.We played the rhythm steadily for a few minutes as our adult ally, Yeli-mara, one othe members of The Legacy Circle Women's Drum Cypher, taught the girls the basicstep for Yuba. Yeli came because, as all of us with The Legacy Circle, we believedin the power of traditional cultural arts to transform our very spirits and communities."Are you coming back?" I asked her, "Heck yes! But don't make me dance. Imight hurt myself, or someone else!" We laughed, and she waved good-bye. Dee,Carmen, and I watched as the other 20 women walked away. We felt proud thatafter our evening of talking, dancing, meditating, and sharing, they knew thatthey were home and that we were here to help them realize their dreams and amplifytheir spiritual, mental, physical and community power.I'm excited about journey this summer. I can feel in my gut something big is going to happento all of us...Trusting,--Manuela ArciniegasThe Legacy Circle & CASA Atabex Ache
CASA Wants to Thank you for such a beautiful Summer CAMP you have left a LEGACY !

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